Web Hosting 21Vianet Started Construction Huge Datacentre in China for Microsoft

Huge datacentre in China, will be ready this year for Microsoft and a the local Chinese datacentre provider 21Vianet is constructing the building.

Huge datacentre in China, will be ready this year for Microsoft and a the local Chinese datacentre provider 21Vianet is constructing the building. 

Web Hosting 21Vianet Started Construction Huge Datacentre in China for Microsoft
Web Hosting 21Vianet Started Construction Huge Datacentre in China for Microsoft

Greatresponder.com on Feb.08, 2013:  Cloud and web hosting company 21Vianet announced that it had started construction on the datacentre in the Daxing, a southern district of Beijing. The China’s largest datacentres company is building the new project  for Microsoft on a lot size of more than 6 football pitces.

Microsoft will be involved in the project from the outset. web hosting 21Vianet’s CEO, chairman and founder Josh Chen, said in a statement: “We will also utilise this datacentre to power Microsoft’s premier commercial cloud services” — presumably Azure.

Construction of the 42,000 square metre facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2013. During the first phase of operation, it will be capable of holding 3,000 cabinets and will later expand to 5,000 cabinets.

The Shanghai municipal government, web hosting 21Vianet and Microsoft “joined hands” in 2011 to celebrate 21Vianet’s licence to provide Office 365 and Azure cloud computing, storage, database, integration and networking services across the whole China.

web hosting 21Vianet operates the cloud services from a datacentre located on the high-rise filled Pudong side of Shanghai’s Bund, providing a locally hosted alternative to direct Microsoft Office 365 services that are delivered from other facilities across the Asia-Pacific region. Promoting its own Office 365 offering, 21Vianet noted that time: “Services from these [foreign] datacentres will be subject to relevant the laws of regions in which the datacenters are located.”

Although large, web hosting 21Vianet’s Daxing datacentre pales in size to the cloud datacentre IBM and Chinese firm Range Technology are developing in northern China province Heibei. The 620,000 square metre datacentre will be about 96 football fields in size, or as Forbes put it, nearly the same size as the Pentagon. That facility is expected to be completed by 2016 and was touted by IBM as Asia’s largest cloud computing centre.

Cloud Hosting Rackspace Assigned New Director of Technology and Product for the Asia Pacific

Cloud Hosting Rackspace appointed Alan Perkins as its director of technology and product for the Asia Pacific.

Cloud Hosting Rackspace appointed Alan Perkins as its director of technology and product for the Asia Pacific. 

Greatresponder.com on Feb.08, 2013: the cloud hosting provider Rackspace® announced the IT veteran Alan Perkins as a leader of cloud computing evangelist and IT industry  to its Asia Pacific team. Bringing the message of the open cloud innovation to the Australian business community will be central to the role now taken up by Perkins as Rackspace’s Sydney-based Director of Technology and Product for Asia Pacific.

Rackspace Assigned New Director of Technology and Product
Rackspace Assigned New Director of Technology and Product

As firms from small to medium sized businesses right up to larger scale enterprises now increase their adoption of cloud computing, companies in every Australian industry vertical are aligning to Rackspace’s open cloud standards model which ensures maximum flexibility and performance while avoiding single vendor lock in.

“This is an important time for the development of open cloud technology as Australian firms align to truly flexible computing models that will ensure they can perform with maximum agility in both the short and long term. With the launch of an Australian datacentre and the company’s rapid growth in the region, it’s a great time to be coming on board,” Perkins said.

Prior to his accepting the position at Rackspace, Perkins spent more than 10 years at software developer Altium in key leadership and specialist consulting roles, including seven years as the CIO. During his tenure at Altium, Perkins played a pivotal role preparing and implementing strategies to move the entire business systems to the cloud and was directly responsible for driving company-wide efficiencies and innovations.

Perkins was named by The Australian as one of the Top 20 people to watch in technology 2012, and in 2009, was a finalist for the IDC Asia Pacific CIO of the Year Award. In the same year he won an Enterprise Innovation Award for Cloud innovation from IDC.

Rackspace Australian and New Zealand Country Manager Mark Randall said he was thrilled to welcome a leader of Alan’s pedigree and ability to the Rackspace family.

“Alan is widely regarded as a visionary. He comes with a huge reputation as a cloud pioneer, with over 20 years experience in systems analysis and design. At a time when cloud and hosting decisions are becoming increasingly important to business, it gives us tremendous confidence to know that we’ve got someone of Alan’s diverse experience, leadership skills, and deep knowledge of technology on board.”

Web Hosting and Domain Registration Go Daddy Changed the Advertisement Strategy for Super Bowl

Web Hosting and Domain Registry Go Daddy has participate in Super Bowl evening with two commercials that are shockingly tame.

Web Hosting and Domain Registry Go Daddy has participate in Super Bowl evening with two commercials that are shockingly tame.

Web Hosting Go Daddy Changed the Ad Strategy for Super Bowl
Web Hosting Go Daddy Changed the Ad Strategy for Super Bowl

Greatresponder.com on Feb.4 2013:  Web Hosting and Domain Registration Go Daddy has moved to the next step of reputation by moved from sexualized ads to focus more heavily on specific services Go Daddy provides, said Barb Rechterman, the company’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

NASCAR driver and Go Daddy spokesmodel Danica Patrick has cameos in both commercials but is not the focus, as she often has been in the past. “What we see now is that we have tremendous brand awareness,” Rechterman said. “They (focus-group members) knew the name but didn’t know what Go Daddy does.”

That explains the first of this year’s Go Daddy Super Bowl ads, called “YourBigIdea.CO,” which encourages consumers to follow through on their online moneymaking ideas by purchasing a website through Go Daddy. The humorous, 30-second spot cuts to several men around the world, all sitting on couches with their wives, bragging that they have come up with a one-of-a-kind business idea. The joke is that they all have the same great idea, but none of them has capitalized on it.

The commercial ends with a couple drinking champagne on their private jet because the husband followed through on the idea and created a website. Rechterman said the ad is meant to celebrate people who take initiative. The second Go Daddy commercial, which was unveiled Thursday, has been causing the greater buzz, not because it is sexually explicit but because it includes a lingering, extreme close-up of two people French-kissing.

The ad, titled “Perfect Match,” features Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli making out with portly, nerdy character actor Jesse Heiman for what some critics said feels like an eternity. The cringe-worthy kiss is meant to illustrate Go Daddy’s marriage of sexy and smart, Rechterman said. The Perfect Match ad does not specifically tout a particular Go Daddy service, but Rechterman said it fits into a larger marketing strategy to show the company’s customers, products and services in a positive light. “We’re redefining what Go Daddy believes is sexy,” she said.

This will be Go Daddy’s ninth consecutive year buying Super Bowl ads, which reportedly cost between $3.5million and $4million this year for a 30-second spot. Despite their high cost, Rechterman said the ads have helped boost Go Daddy’s market share from 16 percent to more than 50percent since 2005. “We’re going to do whatever works in advertising,” she said.