VEXXHOST Web Hosting Unlimited Plan For $2.55

VEXXHOST Web Hosting ( introduces a new “Unlimited Web Hosting Plan” which is discounted to $2.55 monthly. This web hosting plan is targeting home, small and medium-sized businesses. The plan also provide more than $320 worth of premium ad-credits, marketing and web design tools to help business owners in growing their online presence, all these services are provided at no additional charge.

The Unlimited Hosting Plan which comes with a very generous amount of resources includes unlimited data space, Unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited email accounts, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited MySQL databases and also unlimited hosted domains. VEXXHOST provide Other business plans like reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting for those websites that need more resources. Additionally, a free site builder and a one-click installation method using Fantastico that adds blogs, content management systems and other important website. This enables businesses to get online quickly by significantly reducing the amount of time needed to design a great looking and professional website. The plan come with 24/7 customer support giving customers peace of mind knowing that support is there whenever they need it.

Businesses who are hosting their web sites with VEXXHOST Web Hosting will be able to leverage the power of its state-of-the-art virtual-cluster server technology which improves website performance, stability, reliability and capacity. Additionally, VEXXHOST Web Hosting locates its custom-made servers in multiple data center locations for a higher security and performance. VEXXHOST also use a storage RAID arrays which highly increases redundancy and performance of data. By using very powerful Xeon servers of up to 16 CPU and 32 GB of RAM customers of VEXXHOST are insured of the ultimate performance available.

VEXXHOST Web Hosting Company, based in Montreal, Canada, provides a full scale of professional services including shared and reseller web hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting, domain names registration and quality customer support. VEXXHOST’s ready-made solutions enable home, small and medium-sized businesses to generate great success from their web presence and online activities.

VEXXHOST Web Hosting Provider Anounced Their Summer Sale Plan

VEXXHOST an affordable web hosting provider announces yesterday his big summer sale plan. The discount is about 75% of the original price which makes the summer sale plan priced at only $3.95 a month. VEXXHOST said also that this discount is for a lifetime, which means the price will not change when the renew time comes.

Summer sale plan is very rich in features, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited mysql database. The plan also is FFMPEG ready which means it can be used as ffmpeg hosting plan for video sharing websites also. Free site builder and R1soft backup system is also included in this plan. Fantastico service is added to this plan also to make it easier for customers to install more than 50+ scripts like WordPress, Joomla and so on…

Summer sale plan include a free domain name for new websites and up to $15 transfer credit for customers who need to transfer their websites from other hosting providers.

VEXXHOST added that this big discount comes with a very reliable service, all account will be hosted on a RAID storage systems for greater reliability and performance, Xeon Quad Core servers with at least 8 GB of RAM. Servers are hosted in their top of the line datacenter with UPS/generators grid protection high security systems and fire fighting systems and prime redundant internet network.

VEXXHOST Web Hosting Provider is a debit free privately owned company based in Montreal, Canada. They offer a full range of web hosting product such as shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting, they also provide domain registration, domain protection and SSL certificates. Their rocket expansion and success come from their good customer service, top of the line hardware and software used and the wise management.