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Web Hosting Ex-Rackspace CFO Welcomed To iWeb Board

Web Hosting Ex-Rackspace CFO Welcomed To iWeb Board

GreatResponder.Com (2012-02-21) :  iWeb is one of the biggest providers of dedicated web hosting and managed server in the Nun’s Island of Montreal. Their head office is on The Nun’s Island operations a four data centers over 90,000 sq ft of the most up-to-date technology data centers worldwide. iWeb is recognized globally for their highly top quality facilities and good prices; providing services for more than tens of thousands of customers worldwide over the continents; also In spring 2012 iWeb will have a new significant Cloud Facilities Service.

Who is The New iWeb CFO?

Bruce Knooihuizen; a recent Chief Financial Officer of Rackspace; has joined the Board of Directors of iWeb and named as CFO. He welcomed by Eric Chouinard , iWeb’s CEO and co-Founder; who mentioned that they are happy to have him as part of iWeb team and appreciated his experience in building probably the most rewarding, successful and profitable cloud in telecom infrastructures which will add new Verizon to iWeb powerful management team. Mr Chouinard “iWeb CEO” referred to Knooihuizen as he shares the same values and vision for the online business and industry; as he understands what they are doing and has decided to join them in a vital time.  At the end he summarized how lucky they are to have Knooihuizen as part of the team and how they are thrilled and to be able to count on Bruce’s expertise, knowledge, information and intuition.

Who is Bruce Knooihuizen?

An experienced gentleman in the telecommunications Industry since 1980, Bruce was announced as CFO of Rackspace in 2008. He performed a very important role in bringing the Company to public on the New York Stock Exchange later on that year, with what was the largest IPO in the history of Web Host on line Industry. During the time of his departure, Rackspace had seen its value grow to almost $4.9 Billion USD.

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1and1 Web Hosting expands to Canada

1&1 Internet

1&1 Internet

Greatresponder.com-2011-03-24 – 1&1 Internet Inc. will expand its web hosting services to all small and medium business markets of Canada. With the use of the Canadian country code of .CA, website owners will receive a special discount price of $9.99 Canadian dollars for one whole year. Now, small and medium business markets can enjoy excellent web hosting solutions including domain registrations, competent dedicated servers and online marketing services at a very reasonable fee.

As of now, 1&1 Internet Inc. caters to seven major markets in Europe and North America. There are about 11 million domain names and 10 million customers that the company administers since the founding in 1988. Its expansion of its web hosting services to Canada will increase its global reach and serve more customers with top grade web hosting solutions especially in the small and medium business sectors.

“While the fundamental needs of a small business are fairly consistent in all countries, the Canadian SMB market brings with it an additional set of requirements, and we relish the opportunity to satisfy these. Our recent study of this market provided us with valuable insight into preferred business practices in Canada.” says Oliver, CEO of 1&1 Internet Inc.

Only 41 percent of the overall Canadian business markets have a current website to offer their customers as according to the 2010 research by Industry Canada. The remaining percentage of the market is still trying to cope up with the demands of increasing their market reach online. With 1&1 Internet Inc web hosting solutions for Canadian businesses, all business sectors in Canada will be able to reach full potential of their market segment on the internet.

The offer of 1&1 Internet Inc. will enable businesses to address specifically to their Canadian customers. Studies even show that two thirds of the Canadian respondents will find .CA domain registration a great requirement in their hosting providers.

“In order to better serve our Canadian customers, we built a business platform using only their local currency to ensure their experience with us suited their business preferences.” Oliver added.

Avail of 1&1’s .CA domain through this link, http://greatresponder.com/1and1

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A2 Hosting Web Host Partners With CloudFlare for CDN

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Greatresponder.com-2011-03-12- A2 Hosting, a popular web host provider, announces its partnership with CloudFare to provide their customers with content delivery network solution for free.

CloudFlare provides websites with excellent optimization of their web pages sent to their visitors. The global network spearheads the overall web page delivery hence visitors will experience faster webpage loading.

A2 Hosting will offer their customers with the CDN Hosting through the cPanel control panel. Once the customer will activate the CDN account in the cPanel, the entire web page content will then be routed to CloudFlare’s global network. This will give customers faster websites at 30 percent more efficient.

A2 Hosting marketing manager Brad Litwin says, “When we tested CloudFlare, we were thoroughly impressed by its features, especially CloudFlare’s clearly evident capability to increase a site’s performance. We are very excited to offer this CDN to our customers, for free no less, and allow them to opt into CloudFlare’s network with a single click.”
Aside from CLoudFlare’s exclusive optimization, customers of A2 Hosting will also get full benefit of less attacks and crawlers. CloudFlare also offers a beneficial service of blocking crawlers that squander the site’s bandwidth and resources. The Project Honey Pot is being utilized by CloudFlare to identify threats and attacks prior to reaching the website. Customers then will have greater security of their website.

To avail of A2 Hosting’c CDN hosting, visit their website in this link: http://greatresponder.com/a2hosting


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