CentOS 6 Now Supported By NetHosting Web Hosting

CentOS 6 Now Supported By NetHosting Web Hosting

Greatresponder.com – 2011-07-04 – NetHosting web hosting company, a well known provider of cloud hosting, unmanaged and managed dedicated web servers, VPS server, and shared web hosting services since 1994 year, has recently announced that its lineup of premier hosting products will fully support the newest edition of the well known CentOS operating system, CentOS 6, which is scheduled to make its official launch on the 4 of July 2011.

CentOS is Fedora Linux based distribution that is very popular over different hosting companies as primary operation system. CentOS operationl system has a great community of developers, system and network administrators, and other Linux enthusiasts worldwide. And that’s one of the primary reason why CentOS is so reliable and advanced operation system today.

According to preliminary information from private sources, the new CentOS 6 operating system will have better performance with file system, better multi core cpu support and advanced support of different virtualization technologies. Also CentOS 6 will have improved kernel security protection.

CentOS has numerous advantages over similar projects including: an active and growing user community, quickly rebuilt, tested, and QA’ed errata packages, an extensive mirror network, developers who are contactable and very responsive, multiple free support avenues including IRC Chat, Mailing Lists, Community Forums, a dynamic FAQ. Commercial support is also available via a number of different vendors.

“Because CentOS Linux is an open source system, the 4-th of July, as a celebration of liberty, seems to be an appropriate release date for CentOS version 6,” joked Mr. Lane Livingston, NetHosting’s CEO ans President. “We are glad to provide an operating system that is made freely available to the public through a devoted network of knowledgeable professionals. We understand that kind of dedication here at NetHosting web hosting company.”

Other systems supported by NetHosting’s web hosting products include Fedora, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, DirectAdmin, cPanel, and Windows.

NetHosting web hosting company is the first provider that announced full support for CentOS 6 operational system.

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AISO Web Hosting Company Launches Solar Powered VPS Hosting Services

AISO Web Hosting Company Launches Solar Powered VPS Hosting Services

AISO Web Hosting Company Launches Solar Powered vps hosting Services

Greatresponder.com – 2011-06-09 – Ecology friendly web hosting company AISO started SolarCloud vps hosting. That’s unique web hosting offer of cloud based servers powered by solar energy.


SolarCloud VPS has all features that regular cloud server usually has. So, SolarCloud VPS is fully featured cloud server that can be easily upgraded and downgraded on fly as other servers based on cloud technology. RAM, CPU, disk space and bandwidth, all this can be easily increased on fly of any SolarCloud VPS with no downtime.

Each SolarCloud VPS server is a virtual machine abstracted from the hardware. AISO use reliable Xen virtualization technology for cloud servers. AISO provides a lot of free 64-bit and 32-bit Linux and Bsd-OS templates, as well as free pre-configured OS/application templates for all SolarCloud vps servers.

AISO web hosting company provides unique hourly plan-based billing system, which ensures that users only pay for the cloud resources they really use. So, overpayment is not possible with such fair billing scheme.

AISO web hosting company provides service since 1997. It’s true industry pioneer and one the leading players in terms of green and eco-friendly innovations in hosting industry. Today its 100% solar powered hosting company. AISO provides various web hosting solution and operates its own solar powered data center in California, US.

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25% off all Xen VPS web hosting plans from VEXXHOST.COM

VEXXHOST Web Hosting announced a 25% discount for its entire VPS web hosting plans. All the virtual servers are using Xen virtualization technology backed up with full hardware and network redundancy with an affordable prices staring from $24.72/month.

All the physical servers that host these virtual servers are located in their premium Data center located in the heart of Montreal downtown, Canada connected to VEXXHOST premium redundant network which is connected to the Internet by four global Internet providers for perfect redundancy also they are using the best network hardware possible such as Cisco routers and switched for 100% network availability.

The physical servers that host the VPS’s also use hardware RAID 10 for data performance and redundancy. Quad core Xeon processors and a minimum of 16 GB RAM.

All VPS physical servers are equipped with dual power supply, datacenter has a redundant electric power supply systems using UPS’s, electric power generators and the national power grid which make the availability of power supply approach to 100%.

The benefit of using Xen VPS web hosting is that all clients are having their own dedicated RAM, disk space & bandwidth. Also Xen VPS web hosting is different than any other method of virtualization as it gives customers complete access with full resources, also Xen VPS isolate every individual VPS and has its own kernel which protect VPS’s from crashes if one of the VPS’s in the same server  crashes .

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