New VEXXHOST FFMPEG Hosting Pricing Increases Access To Advanced Video Sharing Features

VEXXHOST, one of the leaders in FFMPEG hosting industry, has announced an important modification to their shared web hosting pricing.   They have changed their pricing to one set price for one fully featured web hosting plan.  The new price changes make them one of the lowest priced hosting services at $2.55 per month.  They continue to offer all types of advanced features within this hosting service such as FFMPEG.

Their new only plan offers a fully featured unlimited plan that offers everything from unlimited space, bandwidth and hosted domains at a very low rate.  It also includes video sharing features such as FFMPEG and MEncoder/MPlayer.  All of this remains in their facilities hosted in Montreal, QC, Canada where they run a fully redundant systems.

VEXXHOST was one of the first web hosting companies to adapt the FFMPEG features into its web hosting services so anyone can start their own proper video sharing website, there are numerous scripts that are made for video sharing sites and they are all supported by VEXXHOST.  They also provide assistance in setting it up on any of their other products.

The introduction of the new pricing scheme allows a larger audience to be able to start their new video sharing websites.  With no limits at all, they are assured to have the best platform ready for their constant expansion and they can also always upgrade to better performing dedicated or virtual servers.