Web Hosting Provider Myhosting.com Introduces VPS Reviews Checklist

Web hosting provider Myhosting.com introduces VPS Reviews checklist

Web hosting provider Myhosting.com introduces VPS Reviews checklist

Greatresponder.com – 2011-07-19 – Web hosting provider Myhosting.com has recently launched a tool that will help companies that choose cloud hosting. The VPS web hosting providers initiated this tool in order to confront the developing problem related to cloud hosting. The problem being that because cloud hosting services are very scalable costumers and companies need a more precise way to evaluate what they really need.

The tool, VPS Reviews checklist can be used by clients to know more precisely their needs. All users have to do is simply fill in several simple answers about their present sites, their application needs, their desired features, capabilities and the level of customer support.

Myhosting.com’s VPS Review tool finds out the client or company’s needs by comparing platforms and hosting packages all of which were specifically designed for small businesses, enterprises, resellers and developers with a growing client base. The score will then determine the need for everything from hosting controls panels, site builder tools, billing applications to reseller capabilities.

“We are demystifying the process of assessing VPS Hosting packages with a simple scorecard that tells users exactly what they need. Our VPS Review Checklist replaces the need for an IT professional, so beginners and small business owners that don’t have a technical background have everything they need to select the right package from the start. In the end, it’s about customer satisfaction and making it easier to select the services businesses need.” Says Jeremy Adams, Product Manager at Myhosting.com, explaining the purpose of the VPS Review Checklist saying.
Choosing a web hosting can be overwhelming with all the choices to choose from. From large selection of Business VPS, Reseller VPS to Developer VPS plans there are many choices. Nonetheless, myhosting.com is doing all it can in order to help customers get what they need, while still having affordable pricing.