Red Hat Adds a New Software Marketplace to OpenShift Cloud Computing Platform

Red Hat Adds a New Software Marketplace to OpenShift Cloud Computing Platform

Red Hat Adds a New Software Marketplace to OpenShift Cloud Computing Platform

This newly developed tool for OpenShift public cloud computing platform would enable the customers to use the complementary third party solutions in their application development and services.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – A value added feature of Red Hat OpenShift public cloud computing platform was announced by the company on Monday, April 14, 2014. This announcement was made public in the Red Hat Summit 2014 held in San Francisco in California. According to the announcement made through an official statement, this new feature is a software based marketplace solution, which is developed by the Red Hat development team to strengthen the capabilities of its public cloud computing platform for its customer base including the software developers on this platform.

While talking about the early partners who are participating in the Red Hat public cloud ecosystem, the statement mentions that primarily,, MongoLab, SendGrid, New Relic, BlazeMeter, Shippable, and ClearDB have already joined the cloud computing ecosystem of the company. The Red Hat solution is able to offer many managed services to these partners. These services include messaging queue, email delivery service, application performance monitoring, and database management are few to name.

The director of the OpenShift Ecosystem Group at Red Hat, Mr. Julio Tapia, in his statement said, “The OpenShift Marketplace is the next step in Red Hat’s evolving cloud PaaS strategy. The idea is to provide customers “the widest variety of choice when it comes to technologies that complement their OpenShift experience.” He further added that, “As the OpenShift partner ecosystem continues to expand, we expect the Marketplace to provide developers and customers a more streamlined, secure experience to choose the best third-party solutions for their productivity and business enablement needs”.

This important to note that the first version of the OpenShift public cloud computing was released by the Red Hat as a beta version in 2011. This platform is developed by the Red Hat Company, and it focuses on the open source application development for the developers. This platform is highly featured and possesses enormous capabilities to allow the developers to focus on the coding; other activities like operation, maintenance and stack setup are managed by this cloud computing platform with the help of auto scaling and built-in management capabilities. This platform supports a wide range of software programming languages, such as – Python, PHP, Ruby on Rail, Node.js, Perl, and Java.

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Web Hosting SoftLayer Partners With SendGrid

Web Hosting SoftLayer Partners with SendGrid

Web Hosting SoftLayer Partners with SendGrid – 2011-06-29 – Worldwide known web hosting provider and data center operator SoftLayer Technologies announced yesterday that it has partnered with SendGrid email solutions company to launch its SoftLayer unique Email Delivery Service.

Last month SendGrid company partnered with well known web hosting Rackspace for an email infrastructure ideal for huge amounts of email.

Available with almost any SoftLayer solution including dedicated or CloudLayer Computing environment, SoftLayer says its new email solution comes in four various packages, including a free one.

Referring to the SoftLayer web hosting company press release, the new email solution integrates into applications and services easily to allow clients to avoid the time, efforts and cost of developing a proprietary solution or licensing a third-party service.

“Practically almost every online application has email built into it in some fashion. So we wanted to provide an advanced email delivery service our customers can easily merge and manage with their entire SoftLayer environment,” Nathan Day, chief scientist for SoftLayer web hosting company said in a statement. “SendGrid’s platform was the ideal foundation for doing just that. Its extensive capabilities, performance, and features dovetail perfectly with our commitment to automation, reliability, and empowerment.”

The new SoftLayer Email Delivery solution is capable of scaling up to millions of email messages and provides complete real-time analytics.

“Application providers want to focus on pursuing their business objectives, not on creating and managing email delivery infrastructure,” Isaac Saldana, president and co-founder for SendGrid said in a statement. “We’re proud to partner with SoftLayer web hosting company to offer that benefit directly to their customer base. As SoftLayer customers ourselves, we know firsthand that being able to integrate and control your whole solution in one place provides enormous efficiency advantages.”

The packages are priced based on volume of emails and other features. The free package offers up to 25,000 emails per month while the enterprise solution allows up to 250,000 emails every month.

Small summary on SoftLayer web hosting company:
Founded in 2005 year, SoftLayer web hosting and data center operator provides global, on-demand data center and web hosting services from facilities across the U.S. SoftLayer delivery best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry-leading, completely automated solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, advanced control and security, great scalability. With this insightful company strategy and talented technical execution, company gained great reputation worldwide.

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