Mike's Hard Lemonade: Measuring Digital That Drives Retail Sales

It’s refreshing when the head of marketing for a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand opens up and shares his insights on best practices around tracking and measuring the impact of digital marketing that drive in-store sales. For years, this has been a challenge as the ecosystem between retailers, data providers and manufacturers has been relatively immature.

This summer, I had the opportunity to speak with Sanjiv Gajiwala, VP of Marketing at Mike’s Hard Lemonade and I asked him about how he had effectively streamlined his company’s ability to directly measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. In addition to this article, you’re welcome to watch the full interview on YouTube.

Matching Facebook Ads to Credit Card Purchase Data

“We work with Oracle and their data provider, Datalogix which actually looks at our Facebook ads and the users that are exposed to those Facebook ads and connects that back to their credit card and purchase behavior,” says Gajiwala. “Datalogix has a way of matching users to their actual purchasing and what we’ve really been able to learn from that has been incredible.”

Gajiwala explains that Datalogix fits within Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s social listening ecosystem. “We’re looking at brand health and what people are saying, but it helps us complete the picture with their purchase behavior,” he says.

Key Learning From This Purchase Behavior Data Layer

“We’ve learned some really incredible things,” says Gajiwala, “People who are exposed to our [Facebook] ads that are Mike’s users are spending 5% more. And 84% of people exposed to Facebook ads on Mike’s definitely would or are very interested in purchase Mike’s after seeing the ad or our content we’re promoting. You start to see that both of these numbers start to synch up, which helps validate what we’re seeing in the soft data versus through the register data.”

Digging in a bit further, Gajiwala acknowledges that this work with Datalogix does not allow Mike’s Hard Lemonade to segment by individual retail store since the data provided is driven by credit card purchases. “Instead of looking at [individual] retailers, we are able to look at the segments of our consumers between heavy, medium and light users and understand what kind of content and what kind of behaviors we can expect from that different type of consumer.”

Breaking Down Geographical Relevance

As Mike’s Hard Lemonade is sold nationally, I asked Gajiwala about how they review the geographical relevance of the sales data driven by their digital marketing efforts. “Datalogix and Oracle are doing the mashination including geographic and penetration data,” he said, with the understanding that some of these insights are a combination of Facebook geographic data and credit card transactional data.

This gives Mike’s Hard Lemonade an additional layer of insights that help with better understanding purchase habits by consumer segmentation (i.e. heavy to light) overlaid with geographical penetration insights to help with better understanding geographical flavor profile preferences and where marketing budgets are best spent on a local geographical level.

Insights Leading to Incremental Investments in Social Strategy

“Through this work we uncovered that there were a whole group of people that, profile-wise, were like our Mike’s heavy users that we weren’t reaching,” Gajiwala said. “They were heavy [Flavored Malt Beverage] users, but they weren’t really engaging with Mike’s. That lead to an incremental investment in our social strategy.”

This allowed Mike’s Hard Lemonade to then track back to see if they are getting the same sort of lift from this new target of previously ignored heavy non-Mike’s users and determine if the incremental investment is performing in a similar fashion to their core marketing investments.

“Our prospecting and our farming strategies are both different on social but just as measurable,” Gajiwala said. That is to say, with a relatively small team, everyone at Mike’s Hard Lemonade is accountable to the data.

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

The bottom line here is that with the addition of the Datalogix reporting, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is finding new opportunities that it had previously ignored while, at the same time, seeing the direct impact on retail sales from its digital marketing efforts. This is the growing trend at retail. With a growing number of options to track and measure marketing impact, your ability to interpret data gives you a competitive edge. The most effective content and social media ads will receive increased and even incremental budget to ensure brand health and continued sales growth at retail.

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Web Hosting Provider FatCow Donated Portion of Sales to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Web Hosting Provider FatCow Donated Portion of Sales to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Greatresponder.com – 2011-10-20 – On Tuesday, the leading web hosting provider FatCow Web Hosting made the announcement that it will be donating a portion of its sales to the American Cancer Society to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As stated in the press release that was released by the web hosting provider, FatCow will be donate a part of the sale proceeds from each new web hosting account sign-up in the month of October to the breast cancer division of the non-profit organization.

“This cause means a lot to our staff members,” Paul Bukhovko, marketing manager for FatCow said in a statement. “Many of us have had our lives personally impacted by breast cancer, and we want to do everything we can to raise awareness and hopefully find a cure. Every year, when we plan our calendar, we already know what we’re doing in October. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and FatCow will be a part of it.”

FatCow claims that all clients that will sign-up with the web hosting provider will not only be making a donation too to the breast cancer research foundation, education and awareness, but the clients that will do so will also be receiving a free domain with unlimited storage, bandwidth and mailboxes.

“We’re always looking to grow our FatCow community and we want customers to join us in this awareness campaign, which is why, for the fifth straight year, we’re setting aside a portion of the proceeds from every new customer who signs up in October and putting it toward breast cancer research and advocacy programs,” Bukhovko said in a statement.

The web hosting company is inspiriting its clients to do the same and raise breat cancer awareness ad well as donate money of their own. FatCow are also encouraging them to share their own stories, Bukhovko invited them to visit the Facebook page to post their stories.

“The FatCow herd has been very supportive of this cause in the past and we look forward to having them get involved again this year,” Bukhovko stated. “We know that many of them are running their own awareness campaigns, whether it’s raising money or simply including a pink ribbon on their FatCow-hosted website, and we want to hear about it. Visit us on our Facebook page at facebook.com/FatCow and tell us your story.”

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