AWS Introduces a New Enterprise Workload for Public Cloud

This new enterprise workload has a series of tools that will help customers to automate the migrating process of the application to the cloud and also help to manage earlier stored applications. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Inc., Is a subsidiary of the Amazon incorporation AWS is one of the leading provider and inventor of cloud computing based tools that makes their users free hand to prepare and deploy modern applications faster and easily.

Amazon recently announced its new cloud based product for the public cloud, its main focus to create the relaxation in the migration of the application towards the cloud and also the management of the previously stored applications.

AWS Managed Services is one of a series of the infrastructure operations that are very useful for the users and developers to manage the ongoing management, support, monitoring and security of the cloud environment. This application is jointly delivered by AWS employees and Certified AWS partners.

Gartner Vice President Lydia Leong said that the whole workloads would be distributed in two different categories, firstly tradition and secondly is cloud-native. It is also known as mode 1 and mode 2 for general understanding. This product consists of various tools that hopefully help Fortune 100 customers by automating the process of migration to the cloud and also managing the earlier placed applications. Its whole structure based on ITIL best practices for growing the IT management services.

Euan Reid from CleanReach, is a partner with the AWS in the building of this application explains: “It locks down the environment to a level simply not possible otherwise, guaranteeing that all changes and deployments are performed through a dedicated change management API, (AWS Managed Services create) a comprehensive log trail sufficient to satisfy even the toughest auditors. It’s this unprecedented level of security and control that makes Managed Services the key enterprise corporations will use to open the door to AWS.”

Here are some very important features of the newly born AWS application Change Management (It automates the approving process for any change happened on the AWS environment), Incident Management (It investigate the each occurrence in the application and resolve the errors), Provision Management (Deploy the pre-defined stacks sharply), patch management, access management, security, continuity management or backups, continuously reporting the monthly performance and also looks at the detailed logs of the environment.

AWS Managed Services are available now in the US East, West regions, Ireland, and in the Sydney region. AWS not disclosed the price of the product, customers may contact with the company to purchasing the product.

Ultimate Inc Ranked as No.1 Highest Rated Public Cloud Computing Company

Ultimate Software Group, Inc ranked No.1 rating has given to the companies on behalf of their employee reviews and sharing rate on the Glassdoor and Battery Ventures websites. Ultimate Software Group, Inc is one of the leading company that provides Human Capital Managements (HCM) solutions to their cloud customers. It has announced that it became the one of the highest ranked #1 public clouding computing company in the list of the top 25 highest rated public cloud computing companies.

The determination of #1 highest rated company was taken on the behalf of its employees’ reviews and company’s sharing rate on the Glassdoor and Battery Ventures websites. Glassdoor is a leading online job and a career recruiter company.

Ultimate Software Group, Inc recently employee satisfaction rating is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on Glassdoor. It means ninety-four percent of employees or reviewers are going to friend Ultimate Group to commence their career out of hundred people. It is a great result, while the company is caring about thousands of people online.

Ultimate’s CEO Scott Scherr, has a ninety-nine percent approval rating in the list of Glassdoor highest rated CEOs list, he is on the number 2nd in the list of U.S top rated company leaders. This report is based on anonymous and voluntary reviews given by company employees and reviewers.

Vivian Maza, chief people officer at Ultimate, said: “This ranking means so much to us because it comes from our people, our employees—our top priority, our ‘People First’ approach drives all we do at Ultimate, and it starts with taking care of our employees and their families, every day. That commitment extends to our customers through the innovative cloud solutions and comprehensive services we deliver, which are all designed to simplify and improve the work lives of professionals everywhere.”

Ultimate, Inc is a leader in the Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. Ultimate group results around 30 million peoples records on the cloud. Ultimate Software Group’s award winning solution product UltiPro provides different features to the customers, like Human Resource, Payroll, Time and Labor Management Solution and Talent.

These features connect people to share specific information that is essential to perform their tasks more effectively. Ultimate Inc is founded in 1990 and headquartered in Weston, Florida, and the 3,500 professionals and employee are working in the company currently. You can also visit to view the detailed list of top rated companies, CEOs, and business-outlook.

Over 57% Organizations Have No Hybrid Cloud Strategy, Says VMTurbo

Verizon and VMTurbo are conducting a survey series collectively that will establish a baseline for organizations and a framework that proceed to the hybrid cloud over next three years.

Hybrid  The research shows that 57% organizations don’t have any kind of multi cloud strategy. It is also revealed that 35% of the organizations don’t have a private cloud strategy while 28% organizations are lacking in public cloud strategy.

Even though the hybrid cloud is considered one of the increasing trend within the cloud industry, the research proposes that the clatter at the back of multi-cloud strategies is coming from either a fewer number of clients, or from the seller organizations themselves. Other than those who can be considered in the functional multi-cloud Owner group that only embodies 10.4% of the respondents, approximately half were using a two-cloud model, and merely over a quarter were using a three-cloud model. The multi-cloud strategy was preferred by bigger organizations in common.

“A lack of cloud strategy doesn’t mean an organization has studied and rejected the idea of the cloud; it means it has given adoption little or no thought at all,” said Charles Crouchman, CTO of VMTurbo. “As organizations make the journey from on-premise IT, to public and private clouds, and finally to multi- and hybrid clouds, it’s essential that they address this.”

He further said “Having a cloud strategy means understanding the precise costs and challenges that the cloud will introduce, knowing how to make the cloud approach work for you, and choosing technologies that will supplement cloud adoption. For instance, by automating workload allocation so that services are always provided with the best performance for the best cost.”

With no strategy, businesses will be reproving themselves to higher than estimated costs, and a cloud that never performs to its full prospective.

The survey also verified the total cost of possession is not completely understood within the businesses itself, and it reduced more in smaller organizations. Small and medium enterprises are developing to make private cloud environment estimated their budget to be in the region of $150,000 (average of all respondents), whereas the total bill for those who have already completed such projects averaged at $898,508.

The statistics support the thoughts of a number of organizations who think there should be more of a business case behind the transition to the cloud instead of just dropping CAPEX and OPEX.