PTisp Web Hosting And SpamExperts Became Partners

SpamExperts Became A Partner With PTisp Web Hosting

SpamExperts Became A Partner With PTisp Web Hosting – 2011-06-13 – SpamExperts, NL based leading IT provider of web mail security solutions for web hosting business and other internet network and service providers, and PTisp, one of the most popular web hosting companies and domain registrars in Portugal, announced on Friday their partnership aimed to deliver quality anti SPAM and e-mail security products to all PTisp clients.

With mentioned partnership, PTisp will be qualified to provide fully featured professional email security solutions to its customers. Additionally its customers will be protected against SPAM with accuracy over 99.8%, phishing, and virus attacks.
SpamExperts deliver a wide range of different email security solutions for web hosting companies and internet service providers.

By partnering with authoritative SpamExperts company, PTisp will be able to noticeably expand its position in the web hosting and domain market.

“We are thrilled to be working so closely with SpamExperts, and we think this partnership represents a great opportunity to collaborate and innovate around delivering the best managed hosting and cloud services we can to our customers,” said Luís Inverno, CTO of PTisp. “The core mission of PTisp has been to create the most scalable, reliable, and feature-rich solutions to meet the demanding needs of todays’ clients and the partnership with SpamExperts acknowledges our dedication to and success in achieving this mission.

”PTisp has proven to be one of the most valued brands in the hosting industry in Portugal, and we are excited to support them in their mission and growth!”, says Sam Renkema, Chief Executive Officer of SpamExperts. “This beneficial partnership will offer exciting and unique opportunities to both companies.”

Summarize on SpamExperts company:
SpamExperts company was born in 2001 year. Email protection and SPAM fighting was declared as primary company target. SpamExperts wanted to protect corporate domains with thousands of users against SPAM. For the year from the moment of foundation, SpamExperts became one of the market leaders in Europe in terms of SPAM protection. Today company continues to expand and provides its quality email security solutions for other markets including United States, Germany, United Kingdom and other countries.

Summarize on PTisp company:
PTisp company is one of the biggest player on web hosting and domain registration market of Portugal. Company was founded in 2001 and for over 9 years its become one of the known domestic web hosting companies that offers full list of hosting solutions including shared web hosting, windows hosting, vps and dedicated.

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