Cloudistics Inc Joins Hands with Pica8 to Provide Secure Virtual Networking

Cloudistics and Pica8 mainly focus on the secure communication of super-converged Infrastructure Network such as native network virtualization, network function virtualization, and micro-segmentation. Cloudistics Inc is a provider of cloud infrastructure software and virtual applications. Cloudistics Inc has announced that he is allied with Pica8, one of a leading network device operating system vendor company, the announcement has taken place on 1st of December at Reston, Virginia. Cloudistics also announced that the ally of both companies will mainly focus on virtual networking capabilities to include the OpenFlow, one of the leading and the first Software Defined Network (SDN) standards.

This partnership offers a highly simplified manner of deployment and management to all the big and small fellowships. This deployment and management process will ensure security for both the physical and virtual connectivity between different applications such as un-authorized user, identification of the customer and back reinforcement, it will inform you if in case someone illegally want to access an application without user permission.

Najaf Husain, CEO Cloudistics, said: “With just a click, our customers can secure applications within a micro-segmented virtual network, unlike hyper-converged solutions, our networking innovations are built into the platform and not only secure the underlying network but simplify its configuration and management.”

The modern digital transformation has commenced a new trend in application development and application delivery process, to deliver the application to the cloud computing model that is also secure and efficient. The latest developed applications are completely built on the new architectures; these architectures consist of hundreds of different components that are using the micro segmented super-converged modular services.

The new trend of using modern architecture gives free hand to the developers to change and scale up the architecture behavior with the needs of the applications. The changing in application, that can control a developer or user are, such as network requirement and need of layer to control the application security, etc.

Niraj Jain, VP of Business Development at Pica8, said, “Performance and scale for CrossFlow / OpenFlow is unsurpassed with Pica8, We are the OpenFlow leaders and experts in that protocol. We are delighted to partner with Cloudistics to help them deliver a secure enterprise grade networking solution out of the box.”

The company implements different overlay layer such as layer 2, layer 3. By using these layers, the Cloudistics becomes only cloud solution provider that has network virtualization speed rates begun from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps for switching functionality and around 6 Tbps of hardware speed overly routing functionality.