Parallels Supports Small And Growing Web Hosting Firms Through New Partnership Program

Web Hosting Parallels Supports Growing Web Hosting

Web Hosting Parallels Supports Growing Web Hosting on June 16, 2012 : Web Hosting Software Provider Parallels announces its expanded partners program to growing Web Hosting Companies. As of now, all small web hosting providers can benefit from expanded partners program with Parallels Company. It was made public by the vice president of service provider marketing and alliances Mr. John Zanni. In his address Mr. Zanni said “Smaller and growing web hosters and design firms now have access to the best resources available for accelerating their revenue and profitability,” further he described,” Key benefits of our program include expertise on how to implement proven strategies and tactics for improving customer value through better operations and for delivering a broader set of hosted services and applications.”

He added that a new level of membership called Bronze had been added into the program. This category focuses on those high impact web hosting companies who operate in particular local areas. This membership level mainly serves the benefits of small web hosts in North America and Europe. Now, they have access to different supportive tools that improve their efficiency to increase their business bases.

This program is being introduced in the pursuit of Parallels Company to transfer its tools, best practices, expertise, and go-to-market resources to its web hosting customers for providing great benefits of the same to increase their business muscles in this competitive environment.

Parallels program opens all its valuable expertise and best practices to its partners through all levels of membership in its partners program. These resources include tools, research, white paper, business intelligence, and SMB knowledge headquarters. Now customers of Parallels Company who are members of company’s partner program can has access to its interact with Parallels its self and other service provider partners for discussing and learning the best practices, research, case studies, promotional offers, effective marketing plans, best pricing schemes and many more.

This interaction and expertise sharing activity of all successful partners and vendors would result in a great positive impact on the business growth of small and medium web hosting companies.

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Web Hosting Provider SoftLayer Announces Partnership With RightScale

Web Hosting Provider SoftLayer Announces Partnership With RightScale

Web Hosting Provider SoftLayer Announces Partnership With RightScale – 2011-11-09 – On Tuesday, the leading web hosting provider SoftLayer Technologies made the announcement that it has now partnered with the could management firm RightScale. The partnership’s point is to develop the ability to manage and deploy SoftLayer cloud computing services.

The partnership was through the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. This partnership will enable the clients of SoftLayer to choose and deploy workloads on the web hosting provider’s cloud infrastructure in the US, Europe and Asia.

As stated in the press release, the clients of the web hosting provider will now be able to deploy, automate and manage their computing workloads using RightScale’s cloud management on the web hosting’s company public and private cloud infrastructure. With RightScale, customers can manage public and private cloud workloads through a single pane of glass.

“SoftLayer has created an impressive cloud offering with a truly global service. We look forward to the partnership, supporting their growing cloud services and global rollout,” Michael Crandell, co-founder and CEO of RightScale said in a statement. “RightScale is committed to supporting major cloud infrastructure providers such as SoftLayer and offering the highest caliber of management solutions for their customers.”

This announcement was made a few time after the company announced that it has invested $75 million in its European headquarters and data center in Amsterdam.

According to the press release, the web hosting provider is now the first to offer a mainland Europe public cloud through the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. The cloud management company stated that its cloud management platform provides pre-built ServerTemplates for faster cloud on-boarding and automation capabilities for increased efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with RightScale and empower customers to leverage our services’ unique advantages with RightScale cloud computing management,” Duke Skarda, SoftLayer chief technology officer said in a statement. “The benefits that RightScale has brought to the marketplace align directly with our founding mission to provide customers total flexibility and control.”

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Web Hosting Provider PacificHost Announces Partnership With SpamExperts

Web Hosting Provider PacificHost Announces Partnership With SpamExperts

Web Hosting Provider PacificHost Announces Partnership With SpamExperts – 2011-10-31 – The leading web hosting provider PacificHost has made the announcement that it has now joined the leading provider of e-mail security products from Amsterdam’s, SpamExperts, Hosting Partner Program (HPP). The partnership between the two companies was effectuated 6 months after the web hosting provider had been using SpamExperts. According to the press release, SpamExperts’ centralized solutions prevented the web hosting services from any blacklisting issues.

The web hosting company had been losing many clients due to spam as spammers were easily capable to find their way around the spam detection. This caused the IPs to be blacklisted. SpamExperts’ centralized solutions is dedicated to protecting PacificHost and its customers from spammers.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with PacificHost”, states Sam Renkema the CEO of SpamExperts “PacificHost is dedicated to deliver quality hosting at its best, and by entering a strategic partnership with us, PacificHost can focus on providing that quality and feature-rich web solutions to small -and medium-sized enterprises. We take care of all the filtering activities and make sure that the e-mail of their clients will be protected from many malicious -and spam emails.”

SpamExperts’ abilities are in providing professional email security solutions for ISPs and web hosts. Since 2004, SpamExperts has been protecting the e-mail stream of more than 1.2 million domains through their filter mechanisms. They have been filtering more than 50 million inboxes successfully and is halting unsolicited spam emails by locking them up automatically in quarantine. SpamExperts services include Incoming -and Outgoing Email Filtering and Email archiving, both available in Local Cloud or Hosted Cloud.

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