Two Cloud Computing Industry Awards Go to PagerDuty Cloud Platform

The company rated as 10th in the Glassdoor list of 50 highly rated cloud companies to work at, and included in the Forbes Cloud 100 list for continued excellence in the cloud. It was announced by the PagerDuty, a cloud-based incident management and software development platform that it has been recognized as the top rated company in the list of 50 highly rated cloud computing companies to work for in the Glassdoor’s list. The company achieved the 10th position in the list of Glassdoor’s top rated cloud companies. The Glassdoor list is generated in collaboration with the Battery Ventures.

Meanwhile, the Forbes has included the PagerDuty Inc in the list of top 100 cloud companies that qualified for their continued excellence in the cloud computing based service provision. It was also informed in the official statement that it was the first time that the company made to achieve this award in its history.

While talking about the procedure and criteria of the selection, the Battery Venture specialist, Mr. Neeraj Agrawal said, “This list provides a window into which private, business-focused cloud companies are generating the most excitement among employees — one key proxy for company health, and part of the broader business trend we see today around transparency on the Internet”.

Meanwhile, the vice president of People at PagerDuty, Sophie Kitson said, “This recognition from Battery Ventures and Glassdoor is particularly meaningful because at PagerDuty, we not only pride ourselves in having one of the best technical solutions on the planet and a deep commitment to our customers, but we also have a culture that enables the passion required to make that happen. At PagerDuty, each employee is instrumental in building culture – everyone has this ingrained sense of shared stewardship of the culture, and a deeply personalized commitment to making PagerDuty a great and inclusive place to work. We are thrilled and honored to be recognized.”

This is very important to note that the PagerDuty Inc is one of the fastest growing SaaS based cloud company that is offering state of the art solutions to numerous clients in the domain of information technologies. It has successfully helped over 7700 clients in transforming their digital platforms and business processes successfully.

Recently, the company has announced that it is targeting over 95% of growth in the enterprise businesses for many years. The awards are a clear reflection of progressiveness and the industry excellence of the company.