Oracle Acquires Dyn Inc to Strengthen Cloud Services Oracle Corporation on of the leading company in cloud based computing, announced that, he signed an agreement to get Dyn Inc, on 21st of November at California. Dyn is a leading company in providing the Internet performance management solutions. Dyn offers solution to monitor the product like control the product, optimizes the online infrastructure of a product, domain registration services and email products. These services will make faster the process of application delivery and access time, reduce page loading time, and make sure the end-user satisfaction.

Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development at Oracle said: “Oracle already offers enterprise-class IaaS and PaaS for companies building and running Internet applications and cloud services. Dyn’s immensely scalable and global DNS is a critical core component and a natural extension to our cloud computing platform.”

Dyn company’s solutions are driven by a global network that handles and provides around 40 billion of traffic related optimal solutions to 3,500 enterprises and their customers, including, most famous digital brands like Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn Corp., Pfizer, Reddit, Salesforce Inc., Sodexo Inc, Spotify, and CNBC. The Dyn’s best DNS solution, has shaped a great place in the market and also expand the Oracle cloud computing platform vastly throughout all the small and big enterprises. It also provides a one-stop solution shop for both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) customers.

Oracle Corporation is known for selling software to the giant corporations, and now has been trying to shift their sale for more on cloud based products to encourage customers to start their time and interests in Oracle cloud computing based products.

Kyle York, Chief Strategy Officer at Dyn, said: “Oracle cloud customers will have unique access to Internet performance information that will help them optimize infrastructure costs, maximize application and website-driven revenue, and manage risk. We are excited to join Oracle and bring even more value to our customers as part of Oracle’s cloud computing platform.”

Oracle Corporation is making a world’s most comprehensive cloud computing platform from the scratch that is why the Oracle is showing more interest in acquiring Dyn’s most powerful tools such as cloud-based Internet performance and domain name system (DNS).

Oracle Cloud Platform Launches Easy to Scale Cloud for SMBs

Oracle Cloud Platform serves both small and medium sized companies to scale up their business using ‘easy-to-deploy’ cloud solutions. Oracle Corporation announced last day that both the small and medium sized business companies and organizations are encouraged to join Oracle’s cloud platform for their strategic collaboration to settle down on the cloud. Both the small and medium sized businesses are applying the advantages of enterprise-grade capabilities presented by Oracle Cloud Platform. It helps organizations in many aspects including, rapid application development procedure, predictable and fast performance, security, reliability, and elastic scalability to support and scale the business.

Oracle Cloud Platform offers integrated cloud solutions to the businesses and enterprises those offerings are as follows, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), these both cloud platforms have a very important role in information technology. These platforms enable developers and leaders to work more rapidly in this environment where you can plan, develop, and deliver applications securely. Oracle Cloud Platform also offers some strategic platform where leaders can plan and solve business challenges to assure time to value with the cloud platform.

Here are some individual companies that are jointly working with Oracle including, MCH Strategic Data, Pragmatyxs Inc., IQMS ERP to enhance their product worth.

MCH Strategic Data is data services American based company, joins Oracle database cloud services for smooth transitions into the cloud. MCH Strategic Data has key experience in collecting and compiling data from the different institutions, including, education, government and religious sectors.

Brian Vogelsmeier, director of IT, MCH Strategic Data, said: “The power of data in the Cloud is in the ability to rapidly leverage it for business insights that drive our customers’ success, As collecting data is paramount to our business, we needed to pick a vendor that has best-in-class database Cloud technology that makes the back up to the database seamless, hence our choice to leverage Oracle’s services.”

Pragmatyxs Inc. uses Oracle database cloud services, PaaS and IaaS for security, efficiency and availability. Pragmatyxs Inc. works with Fortune 500 customers to ensure their seamless communication between the supply chain and finance system.

Paul Van Hout, CEO and Founder, Pragmatyxs, said: “We launched our Cloud based label printing service for our partners and remote facilities which was a strategic initiative for our business. We have 15 employees, so we needed a solution that was the most efficient and secure with 24/7 availability using an Oracle Database Cloud Service, PaaS and IaaS”.

IQMS ERP is an MES and ERP system software manufacturing Company. It selects Oracle cloud platform to offer cloud backup and industry leading security.

Gary Nemmers, CEO and President, IQMS, said: “For its reliability, price point, and strong security, the real value of Oracle Cloud Platform is being able to offer customers more services along with added simplicity, If any component fails, factories stop and that can’t happen. With Oracle Cloud Platform, our customers have benefits like more extensive data encryption than they run in house and some have even freed up resources previously tied up with on-premises datacenter maintenance.”

Oracle to Adopt Allout Approach toward Cloud Computing Business

World’s largest business software company to aggressively shift its business paradigm about cloud computing services from fad to futuristic. Oracle corporation gave very clear cues during OpenWorld Conference organized by the company in San Franscisco. Many executive level participants of the company and its partners along with the CEO of Oracle Corporation have clearly advocated the aggressive approach toward cloud computing.

It is very important to note that, a few years back, the company coined a term ‘fad’ about the cloud computing buzz, but now it is falling in love with the cloud computing solutions. The company is aggressively focusing on the artificial intelligence and super fast speed cloud based services fully optimized for the oracle software platforms.

In a direct onslaught on Amazon web services, the CTO of Oracle corporation Larry Ellison said that AWS was over 20 years behind the Oracle cloud platform in terms of many features and optimized performance.

In his official statement, Larry Ellison said, “Amazon Web Services are simply not optimized for the Oracle Database. I’ll go further than that: Amazon Web Services aren’t optimized for their own databases either, as you will see.” While talking about comparative analysis of the innovative approach and service optimization of both Oracle and AWS, he said, “Amazon services will not get better, but they will get worse”. He further said, “Oracle cloud is 24 times faster for analytic workload, 8 times faster for OLTP workload, 105 times faster for oracle database than the Amazon web service platform.”

While talking about the artificial intelligence in the cloud, Diane Bryant from the Intel Corporation, which is the partner in the Oracle’s pursuit towards artificial intelligence platforms in the cloud, said in her statement, “Cloud computing is a fundamentally more efficient way to deliver all kinds of machine-learning services. It’s now cost-feasible to store and compute massive amounts of data, which is allowing for many of the advances we’re currently seeing in artificial intelligence.” She further said, “Data is the game-changer. It is the differentiator for business. AI is all around us, not just in science fiction, and it is transforming the way businesses operate”.

It is very imperative to note that Oracle has recorded huge growth in the cloud revenue earlier this month, which is a very encouraging sign for the company to aggressively focus on this powerful domain of business in the future.