Mirantis Launches Improved Private Cloud Computing Services Based on OpenStack

Mirantis Cloud ComputingHighly improved, featured and simplified private cloud computing service of Mirantis would allow the users to implement the VMs without any high level of expertise, and at a very flexible price scheme.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Mirantis Company, the provider of the cloud computing services today that it is going to launch a highly improved and revamped private cloud computing services based on the OpenStack Express. This newly developed private cloud service would be very easy to use with any high level of expertise of implementation of the virtual machines.

While talking about the ease of use, the official statement elaborated that the private cloud services have always been very complicated due to large number of modules and other technicalities – but, the private cloud services offered by Mirantis are based on the OpenStack Express platform, which is more easy to install and implement the cloud computing services without any much expertise.

It was also informed that the pricing schemes of this newly introduced service would be highly competitive based on “pay as you go” formula. The company claimed that any person with a little knowledge of IT can order and implement the private cloud on the Mirantis platform on any one of the three major data centers of IBM/Softlayer located in San Jose (Silicon Valley), Singapore, and Amsterdam.

The CEO of Mirantis cloud service provider company, Mr. Adrian Lionel, in an interview, said, “This is a top-down OpenStack cloud at the click of a button, running in the data center of your choice, you select from a drop-down menu how big a cloud you want, where you want it deployed and you pay as you go”. He further maintained that “There’s no long-term contract and you can stop any time you want”. “A customer can, for example, order 2 bare metal servers that support up to 60 virtual machines for $59.98 a day or up to 50 bare metal servers (up to 2,940 VMs) for just under $1,500 per day” he added.

While commenting on this new move of Mirantis, the analyst of Group 451 Mr. Carl Brooks said, “t looks easy and fun but it’s actually a giant pain in the rear and super complicated under the hood. It requires direct expertise that doesn’t come with other types of IT operations.”

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Canonical and Mirantis Join Hands to Enhance OpenStack and Ubuntu Based Cloud Computing Adoption in Marketplace

mirantisThe leaders in cloud computing platform providers, Canonical and Mirantis would jointly offer highly secure, robust and fully supported private cloud platforms to their enterprise customers.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the two market leading open source platform providers in the domain of cloud computing business – Mirantis and Canonical – on June 4, 2014 that they are going to establish a business partnership to help the enterprises to adopt the private cloud solutions based on the product portfolios of the company. It is important to note that Canonical is the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu open source platform for cloud computing business, and the Mirantis is an OpenStack cloud platform evangelist company.

canonicalIt was further informed through an official statement that both of the companies will invest largely in the development and testing of the highly reliable cloud computing platforms based on the OpenStack and Ubuntu Linux version of the operating system. This investment would be used to provide the most secure, seamless, reliable, fully supported and highly featured cloud based service portfolio that fully matches the requirements of the enterprises for their private cloud solutions.

The statement further anticipated that this collaboration of the two major companies in the domain of open source cloud computing domain of business would help increase the enterprise OpenStack adoption in this domain of information technology.

While providing the details of this collaboration, the VP of Cloud Alliances at Canonical, Mr. John Zannos said, “As the leading provider of scale out and open cloud solutions we are committed to interoperability and freedom from vendor lock-in. We support Ubuntu in the Ubuntu OpenStack distribution and, as part of this strategic relationship with Mirantis, will support Ubuntu in Mirantis OpenStack. This collaboration will further encourage adoption of OpenStack in the enterprise, and working together is a testament to our belief in interoperability and customer choice.”

Meanwhile, the co-founder and CMO at Mirantis, Mr. Boris Renski maintained that, “As OpenStack adoption moves from proof of concept trials and pilots into production, offering support for operating systems becomes critical. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux platform used in OpenStack and we expect this partnership to give Mirantis OpenStack customers additional confidence in production use cases.”

It is very clear from this collaboration of two important companies that the commercial bundle offered by the companies would prove to be more reliable, flexible and secure for the customers.

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