HPE Brings IoT Solutions to the Network Edge

The new offering of HPE is the first converged system for the Internet of Things that is capable of integrating data capture and analysis as well as the storage at the source of collection.

HP enterpriseGreatResponder.com  HPE announces the launch of Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000, as the first converged systems for the Internet of Things, capable of integrating data capture, analysis and storage at the source of collection. Transport and storage of data for analytics are becoming prohibitively expensive, the company claims, so the new products offer decision making insight at the network edge to reduce costs and complexities.

“Organizations that take advantage of the vast amount of data and run deep analytics at the edge can become digital disrupters within their industries,” said Mark Potter, CTO of the Enterprise Group at HPE. “HPE has built machine learning and real time analytics into its IoT platforms, and provides services that help customers understand how data can best be leveraged, enabling them to optimize maintenance management, improve operations efficiency and ultimately, drive significant cost savings.”

HPE claims the new offerings are capable of delivering heavy-duty data analytics and insights, graphically intense data visualization, and real-time response at the edge. Until recently, the technology to drive edge analytics has not been available, meaning data has had to be transferred to the network core to acquire insight. The team has also announced the launch of Vertica Analytics Platform, which offers in-database machine learning algorithms and closed-loop analytics at the network edge.

“In order to fully take advantage of the Industrial IoT, customers need data-center-grade computing power, both at the edge – where the action is – and in the cloud,” said Potter.

Alongside the product launches from HPE, the team also announced a partnership with GE Digital to create more relevant propositions for industry. The partnership focuses on combining HPE technical know-how with GE’s industrial expertise and its Predix platform to create IoT-optimized hardware and software. GE’s Predix platform will be a preferred software solution for HPE’s industrial-related use cases and customers.

HPE also introduced the HPE IoT Transformation workshop (TW), an interactive HPE facilitated workshop that helps customers to define their IoT vision and strategy and gain business technology alignment. This structured discussion takes a fact-based, analytical approach to help customers achieve alignment on their vision, identify current and future states, and determine a set of specific transformational IoT projects.

HPE Launches New Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions for SMBs

HPE launches the ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Solution that will help the small and medium sized businesses by providing on-premise servers with the cloud flexibility.

HPEGreatResponder.com  HPE announces the launch of ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Solution, with this offer, clients will get an on-premise server, and public cloud computing facilities through HPE. The plan is to first from the company’s Easy Connect portfolio that will ultimately be an assortment of product offerings with the goal of making cloud implementation easier for smaller businesses.

“Small businesses want to focus on growing their core businesses, not spending their limited resources on deploying and managing IT,” said McLeod Glass, GM for SMB solutions at HPE. “This new solution is part of a broad HPE initiative, inspired by the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses, to deliver innovative solutions that are easy for our channel partners to sell and easy for our customers to use.”

The ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid is advertised on the thought of ease of use for the clients; however, it is not clear how big or important the Easy Connect portfolio will be on the total.

“Organizations of all sizes are transforming their IT to a hybrid mix of private and cloud technology,” said Nick East, co-founder and CEO of Zynstra. “Together with HPE, we’ve done the heavy lifting for SMBs and their IT partners.”

HPE also announced the HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 server featuring the Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v5 processor, designed as an affordable, quiet, compact server to fit the needs of small businesses. The ML10 completes HPE’s portfolio of Gen9 10, 100 and 300 series SMB servers for the small and midsize business. HPE is presenting new ProLiant options that increase performance, protection and total price of ownership for small and midsize customers. These new options along with updates to support the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors make HPE ProLiant servers the right choice to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses.

The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect also consist of break/fix services and provide small businesses the chance to take benefit of a subscription model as a substitute for paying for up-front software licensing expenses.

The HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid solution will be accessible through HPE channel partners on April 28, 2016 in the US and UK. Subscription Pricing will differ according to the solution configurations. Associates can purchase subscriptions from their distributors.