Cisco System to Invest Heavily in Expansion of Cloud Computing Services Globally

As much as $1 billion would be invested to expand cloud computing network across more than 50 countries.

CiscoGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by Cisco Systems, a California based IT giant of America that, it is going to invest heavily in the expansion of cloud computing platform across the globe. This investment would be as much as $1 billion, which will be used in establishing new data centers across the globe during the next two years. Meanwhile, it was also informed in the statement that the existing data centers would be upgraded and a strong partnership with more than 30 giant telecom and cloud computing providers would be established to strengthen the target achieving strategy.

While talking about the development of a new and innovative cloud computing network coined as “InterCloud”, the company elaborated that large telecom providers such as British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom and Equinix Inc would help the company to integrate different data centers located in numerous countries into one comprehensive network based on cloud computing platform.

“The network, called Intercloud, will help businesses process and manage data generated from billions of devices and applications around the world” maintained the Cisco Systems in its official statement. While talking about the functionality of the cloud computing platform, the official statement of Cisco quoted, “Businesses in the network aim to bridge the gap between public and private cloud computing and will share cloud infrastructure the same way mobile telecommunications companies have roaming agreements”.

It was further informed in the statement that, a large integrated cloud based network will help the customers located in different countries to store their data in the datacenters of their choice located in their respective local regions. It is important to note that due to NSA spying scandal, the customers form different countries want to keep their data in their regional data centers to avoid any kind of exploitation of their valuable data.

While talking about the bridging of the gap between private and public cloud computing services, it was explained that this futuristic cloud network would be helpful in bridging the increasing gap between public and private cloud to realize the real benefits and power of cloud computing platforms in the domain of information technology business.

It is important to note that Cisco offers hybrid cloud bundle to facilitate the private cloud users to tap into this secure cloud.

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CloudSigma, the Provider of Public Cloud Computing Services Joins Equinix Cloud Exchange Platform

With this integration of cloud computing based IaaS services of CloudSigma, the Equinix Cloud Exchange Interconnection customers will be able to access the CloudSigma’s public cloud services.

CloudSigmaGREATRESPONDER.COM – It was announced by Equinix Advanced Interconnection Provider Company, on Monday, August 18, 2014 that CloudSigma, the provider of public cloud computing based IaaS services to its high performance platform called Equinix Cloud Exchange Interconnection. By joining the Equinix Cloud Exchange platform, CloudSigma would be able to offer its cloud computing based services to multiple clients of the platform. These clients enjoy the flexibility and freedom to access and use the cloud computing based platforms of multiple cloud service providers on one single integrated platform.

While talking about the opportunities and benefits that CloudSigma will get from this partnership, it was explained that CloudSigma would get an opportunity to offer challenging business solutions of providing private cloud access to the business customers on a high performance, automated and cost effective ecosystem. This will also allow CloudSigma to develop standard business processes globally through automated and integrated platform.

The Vice President of Global Service Provider at Equinix, Mr. Jim Poole, in his statement said, “We are excited to welcome CloudSigma to the growing number of cloud service providers who have joined the Equinix Cloud Exchange. CloudSigma’s unique flexibility, resource provisioning and private patching capabilities will make it an attractive option for enterprises in the Cloud Exchange. By working with innovative companies like CloudSigma, we continue to expand the breadth of cloud services available across Platform Equinix – ensuring enterprises have the necessary resources and interconnection options needed to confidently meet business demands.”

While the CEO of the CloudSigma, Mr. Robert Jenkins said, “By providing enterprises with direct, private access to our public cloud, we are able to significantly enhance performance and security, while capitalizing on Equinix’s global footprint. We are actively expanding our partnership with Equinix across new geographies and joining the Equinix Cloud Exchange will enable us to extend our reach even further. Now, more enterprises and network service providers will be able to use our services in an even easier and cost-effective way.”

This is very important to note that Equinix is expanding its presence globally. The Equinix Cloud Exchange services are available in more than 19 markets across the globe. The initial connection point for CloudSigma would be SV5 Silicon Valley data center of Equinix.

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Equinix Web Hosting Is Going to Build Third Data Center in Amsterdam

Equinix Web Hosting Is Going to Build Third Data Center in Amsterdam

Equinix Web Hosting Is Going to Build Third Data Center in Amsterdam – 2011-06-11 – Well known web hosting company and data center operator Equinix is going to build a third International Business Exchange data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The announcement comes just half a year after Equinix company opened its second International Business Exchange data center in Amsterdam, which can be seen on their official website as a virtual video tour.

According to press release, AM3, that’s code name of new data center facility, will be the third data center of Equinix in Amsterdam. It will be located in Science Park. Overall Netherlands offer very favorable climate to build network facility. Dozens of world known data centers are working there. From geographical point of view Netherlands is western European country with good networking infrastucture. New Equinix data center will have connection with over 150 networks. And that’s one of the safest places from seismic point of view.

The first phase of AM3 building is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2012. Once it is fully completed, new international business exchange data center will provide over 20,997 square feet of customer floor space.

Equinix is planning to build data center in two phases. First phase will containing about 1,400 cabinet equivalent spaces, while the second and final phase holding 2,800 cabinet equivalents. Such approach will give an ability to start providing service when just first phase will be completed.

The company’s previously announced their investments plans. They are planning to spend from $615 to 665 million in 2011 for company self development and data center building.

For the past few years Equinix was one of the most notiable data center builder. Equinix opened new energy efficient data centers in New York, Chicago, Frankfurt, and Paris.

Today more and more companies are trying to find cost effective energy sources such as solar or wind energy. We have no information on this about new AM3 data center. But its well known that Equinix has rich experience in design of data centers. And new data center design focused to be cost effective in terms of energy consumption.

Summarizing all above we just wish AM3 to be the same good as other Equinix data centers.

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