The Planet “dedicated hosting company “are expanding its Dallas Data Center

A privately held dedicated hosting company, The Planet, today announced the expansion of the Dallas D6 data center. They states that this addition will add about 12,000 square feet to the company’s existing data center, bringing its total footprint to 167,000 square feet. The new data center is expected to be open in November 2008. The expanded data center will be able to accommodate up to 10,000 servers.

The Planet adds that the new space will feature an energy-efficient design that utilizes improved measures to completely separate hot and cold air. This will improve the data center’s “coefficient of efficiency” to about 1.5. The coefficient of efficiency is an EPA- and Uptime Institute-recognized measurement of the total power necessary to operate a data center divided by the critical power, which is the energy required to operate its computers. The “ideal” ranking is 1.6.

The Planet further explains that the enhancement of the energy-efficient measures include extending the returns of the computer room air conditioning units through the ceiling and utilizing the space above the ceiling as a return air path. By using CPI ducted exhaust cabinets in the new phase, it says that it is taking the next steps beyond traditional “hot aisle-cold aisle” setups to completely isolate the hot and cold air in the data center.

The Planet’s Vice President of Facilities Jeff Lowenberg said “As energy costs continue to climb, operating our data centers at peak performance is absolutely critical, both to our company and to our customers,” he also added “Our goal is to use best practices and a practical approach to optimize our operations.”