The Planet Web Hosting Provider Offers Virtual and Private Rack Promotions

The Planet web hosting provider has good offers on virtual and private racks; this was announced on November 2nd. The Planet, with its slogan “the global leader in IT hosting”, has now new three offers that will enable clients to upgrade their hosting plans.

The Planet’s clients now can add servers to their virtual or private racks at a big discount of up to 50% for the first two months. This discount is not applies on all of The Planet’s plans, Only certain plans including the Core2 Duo 4500, the Dual Xeon 5405and the Xeon 3040 has this discount. New private rack clients with more than three servers will receive even a big a 70 % discount on “shelf” prices. Moreover, The Planet has offers for about 50% discount on RAID cards for virtual and private rack clients. These discounts will stay until November 30, 2008, or “while supplies last”.

General Manager of the The Planet, Bryce Edwards explained “Ecommerce continues to grow, requiring businesses to have a strong online presence for complex infrastructure solutions,” he also added “The Planet’s private and virtual racks help businesses accommodate increased demands on IT infrastructure, with the benefits of unlimited server-to-server transfer, pooled bandwidth and advanced security technologies. With these promotions, our customers can prepare for growth during the holidays and beyond, while keeping capital expenditures to a minimum.”

The Planet web hosting is the place of more than 25,000 small and medium-size businesses by hosting about 13.3 million sites globally. The Planet’s Planet Alpha plans also offer self-managed dedicated servers while its plans “Planet Northstar” which are a managed hosting plans offers a fully managed web hosting plans.

SiteGround web hosting provides low-cost and environmentally friendly Intel Atom 330 servers

SiteGround web hosting provider announced the new launch of the environmentally friendly dedicated servers “Intel Atom 330”. SiteGround is the first shared web hosting company to provide such an environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, powerful, and still a low cost server solution to their customers.

“Intel Atom 330” server is an energy-saving product that was gladly chosen by the company team. The server is designed to be both very powerful and nature-friendly yet still keeping a very competitive price. “Intel Atom 330” sharply reduces the energy consumption about 75% when compared to other dedicated servers with the similar profile. The servers also use the dual core technology, which guarantees a better response time and speed of the server when compared to its low-cost competitors.

SiteGround web hosting provider customers compare the “intel Atom 330” with the Pentium 4 that has been by now the company’s best-selling, low-cost dedicated server and also an industry standard. The “Intel Atom 330” has excelled as compared to the Pentium 4 in both features and price, and has already become the most preferred dedicated hosting solution at SiteGround.

“When we first heard about this server at SiteGround, we all loved it. The Intel Atom 330 gives us the chance to act in an environmentally responsible way without losing power or having to raise costs. It has a low voltage processor that saves so much energy and is yet so powerful”, says Tina Kesova, the Marketing Expert that was responsible for the launch of the new machine. “Our system administrators had run lots of tests to check its speed, durability, and the energy consumption levels. The results are impressive – the Intel Atom 330 has beaten any other server in its class we have ever used.”

SiteGround web hosting has adopted this technology so quickly and proves once again they are the kind of web hosting company that actively update its servers to offer the best and the latest technologies to its clients.

The Planet dedicated web hosting provider, reward his customers a 57 percent in server discount

Global leaders in IT dedicated hosting, The Planet have added big discounts on web servers optimized for customers who require technology test beds for examining new programs.

Just now, chose Dual Xeon and Pentium servers are priced from $70 /m and up, with discounts of up to 57 percent.

Starting now on, the Dual Xeon 3.2 SCSI and SATA are priced at $149 /m, which was $299. The Pentium4 2.4 is priced $79 /m, the previous price was $109. clients who purchase double or more of these servers by on order get the second Dual Xeon 3.2 SCSI or SATA discounted 57 percent, this is $170 less per month. The other Pentium4 2.4 can be purchased at $70 /m, a 36 percent savings.

These recent less expensive prices make a cost-effective way for customers which have interest in purchaing a second server to use as a business test bed or to pilot a new system offering,” said Urvish Vashi, The Planet’s general manager for dedicated hosting. “As with all Planet Alpha servers, customers will benefit from The Planet’s world-class network and 24/7 support.”

This offer is valid through Aug. 24, 2008. For more information, please visit the Web site at The Planet.

About The Planet

The Planel web hosting provider is the first provider web servers, they are hosting nearly 22,000 small – and medium-size businesses and 7.7 million website globaly. The Planet Alpha division provides the widest array of self-managed dedicated servers and modern services backed by 24x7x365 technical support. The Planet Northstar Managed Hosting division brings all together a proactive methodology and seasoned IT experts to deliver the optiumum managed hosting solution. With the best choice of servers, programing tools and the best support, backed by state-of-the-art facilities and an enterprise-class network, The Planet hosting makes IT into a big competitive gain that makes customers to grow their businesses.