CloudPassage Inc Launches Python SDK for Halo® Platform

Python SDK includes many leverage tools such as libraries, documentations and pre-written sample codes that enable users to easily integrate the Halo in some other tools and applications. CloudPassage is a famous for its leading brand Halo. It is only broadly automated platform that is scalable, portable, efficient, on-demand security and compliance. It provides instantaneous visibility and nonstop security for the servers of any combination in the both private and public cloud data centers.

CloudPassage announced Python SDK for its leading product Halo on 20 December, 2016. Halo is a CloudPassage’s award-winning fully automated security platform that is delivered as Software as a service. This release includes many leverage tools within it includes documentations, libraries and sample code that allows users to integrate Halo platform in some other applications and tools easily and efficiently by just adding a few lines of code in the module.

Halo API utilities provide sufficient tools, using those tools any enterprise customers minimize the errors. It basically automates the remediation, create custom dashboards, and also adds security events in the workflow that help more to the users.

Sami Laine, principal technologist, CloudPassage, said: “With this new release, CloudPassage has made state-of-the-art automated security and compliance solutions more accessible than ever before, Halo was already capable of delivering secure innovation and deployment. The Python SDK makes it even easier for developers to integrate the security to their infrastructure.”

Python SDK helps programmers to develop custom integration more easily and efficiently without managing the tradition underlying communication infrastructure. This SDK prepares in the many high-fraction elements for using this Halo API such as authentication, token security renewal, and pagination. This is also helpful in making the API accessible for non-expert developers or users. And the final thing about the SDK is that it’s available in open-source nature. The open-source means any programmer who wants to modify the SDK for personal or company’s needs, he can freely modify the software with its needs.

Python SDK effectively troubleshoot and allows many developers to work together with the integration efforts. All the Halo related and supported tools ones like the Halo Event Connector, are used as standardized for the Halo Python SDK.

CloudPassage recently claimed three patents to its name that extended the scope of its first one original agent based agile security model and Rising as the first company that attain a United State patent for universal cloud infrastructure security. The leading software industries and enterprises like Adobe, Citrix, and Salesforce are using the CloudPassage these days to overcome on their security issues and compliance posture, on the same time, it also enables these enterprises to make their business more agile and secure.