Cloud Web Hosting is The Heal for Hosting Providers and IT Developers and Engineers

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Web Hosting Rackspace Cloud wrote on (2012-03-30) : Cloud web hosting is the new era for hosting and can be considered as the heal for hosting providers from a side and IT developers, server engineers from the other side.

For example, Web Hosting Rackspace is the leader of service provider in cloud computing globally announce their new servery published in their media center web site, that is the most advantage of cloud computing is to save the time for the IT team, which is so understandable and good for IT people. On the other hand it is very useful for companies in this economic difficult time, where companies is saving money and increase their revenue. As the developers and engineers beside the companies are saving time and the money. Then the report mentioned the cost of buying and maintaining servers 40% are voiced by more respondents in both the US and UK now than as reported in the 2009 survey.

Fabio Torlini a VP at Cloud hosting, Rackspace, says: “Problems associated with having to manage and maintain servers are often readily solved by cloud and managed hosting services. In 2009, one-third (33 per cent) of businesses surveyed expected to outsource their in-house servers in the next two to five years. However, over two years later, the new study suggests that many mid-sized businesses are still chained to their servers, and may be spending unnecessary time and money on them.”

In the report I found another interesting part is that “The Bosses want more of IT for less”, is in’t that funny, as large percentage of North America and Europe IT decision makers said they they are under mounting pressure to support business growth and change 89%, up from 65% in 2009, improve flexibility 88%, compared with 66% and help drive internal innovation 88%, up from 61%. In addition, businesses are also facing demands from the board to reduce IT spending, according to 87% of respondents up from 65% in 2009.

Read the survey released by Rackspace white paper….

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New Marketing Director for Enterhost Web Hosting

New Marketing Director for Enterhost Web Hosting

GreatResponder.Com (2012-02-23) : Enterhost is a web hosting solutions and Microsoft Windows software specialist in Texas, USA. Enterhost is a leading provider of Windows-only hosting with an experienced Microsoft-certified team of professionals. They are also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This web host company was found  in January of 2000; they are known for their customized cloud web hosting provider specializing in Windows app.

Courtney Crummel Summers joined Enterhost web hosting as Marketing Director; this is what the President of Enterhost was announced. Crummel  was a senior account executive for Concussion, a Fort Worth-based advertising agency. Kevin Valadez, the President of Enterhost, announced that joining Courtney his company as a young successful leader  in this tuff economic time is very important to strengthen and bound the company web host team in order to fullfit the increasment of their  customers needs and also for new sales network and new online. Courtney Crummel Summers will be in charge of management and direction of all aspects of partner relations, public relations, advertising, marketing for the company.

Who is Courtney Crummel Summers?

Graduated from San Diego University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and a Master of Arts degree in leadership studies/marketing. She stars her career working with Firehouse, a well known advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. Then she joined Concussion; a Fort Worth-based advertising agency;  for four year. Over the years at Concussion, Ms Courtney Crummel Summers; she was responsible about a variety of accounts across a number of industries including  manufacturing, healthcare and gaming.

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Cloud Web Hosting Platform OpenStack Has Announced a New Version

Open Stack Cloud web hosting Partners

Part of OpenStack Cloud Web Hosting Partners

The open source cloud hosting platform OpenStack that is supported by over 80 vendors has announced the release of a new version today.  The latest release that is labeled as “Diablo” has around 75 new features and enhancements to help increase the amount of use cases in order to increase it’s ecosystem, according to their press release.

OpenStack is a set of open sourced applications that allows anyone to create their own private or public account on a highly scalable platform with no vendor lock-ins.  The fact that the code is entirely open source allows anyone to extend it to their own usage scenarios.

The latest release added highly requested features such as support for enterprise storage systems and much needed features within all three elements of the OpenStack software which are compute (codenamed Nova), object store (codenamed Swift) and image service (codenamed Keystone).

All of these services running together allow anyone to create their own cloud web hosting infrastructure just like any of the infrastructures currently offered online.  This allows for enterprises that require locally hosting data for security purposes an easier path to entering cloud computing.

The most common management interface for the application is led by Nebula which creates a self-service portal that allows an easy web interface to deploy, destroy and manage servers within an OpenStack infrastructure.  The OpenStack dashboard project has also seen advancements in order to make use of the new authentication system “Keystone” with the release of the new OpenStack version.

“The OpenStack Dashboard project provides a way to visualize OpenStack and many of its capabilities. The addition of an official web based user interface will help to drive wider adoption of OpenStack,” mentioned Devin Carlen, the technical lead for the OpenStack dashboard project, founder and VP of engineering at Nebula.  He also added: “We want to ensure that the OpenStack user interface architecture is flexible enough to support the requirements of service providers, businesses, and the rich ecosystem of emerging products and services that are compatible with OpenStack.”

The new re-engineered API codenamed “Quantum” also allows for an extremely versatile API that allows the development of an entire ecosystem that surrounds the OpenStack application services.

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