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The Giant IT Vendor IBM Announces Free of Vendor Lock-In Futuristic “Cloud of Clouds” Technology in Its Product Portfolio

IBM Cloud ComputingThe ‘Cloud of Clouds’ is a futuristic cloud computing technology of IT giant IBM that allows migration of data from one cloud to another without any barriers posed by the vendor lock-in. This cloud computing technology would prove to be a pivotal for the service and product portfolio of IBM Corporation in the near future because it offers the most promising cloud computing based solutions that allow redundancy, reliability and free of vendor-in environment.

Greatresponder.com – This was announced through the press release issued on the IBM website that it has applied for the patent for an innovative technology called as ‘Cloud of Clouds’, which is a cloud based technology to offer high security and reliability to the cloud data without being influenced the barriers posed by vendor lock-in. This technology will be conformable with all vendors operating in the domain of cloud computing and will be adopted by any cloud company using any technology or infrastructure.

It was further explained in the press release, stating that the IBM team has developed a very powerful tool kit that will enable the storage systems to integrate with any cloud computing environment to migrate or backup the data from the cloud irrespective of the fact that which cloud computing platform is used in storing the data in the cloud. This tool kit will be able to access any third party cloud system, and will be able to transfer data within different clouds – and also, this tools supports to share the data files within different platforms. This software tool uses the “Object Storage” interface that is capable of supporting the drag and drop migration of data files.

By the virtue of this innovative cloud based technology, the companies using the clouds for their IT operations can seamlessly switchover to other cloud in case of the failure of one cloud platform. The client would not feel any kind of glitches in this switching. This technology will also be able to automatically synchronize and use the data storage efficiently while storing the data in redundant formats.

IBM fellow, Evangelos Eleftheriou said, “Our cloud of clouds invention can help clients avoid service outages and security incidents that impact the reliability and security of individual clouds. We are adding multiple levels of redundancy and reliability by making cloud migration and backup easier and faster than is currently possible.”

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