Cloud Computing Based Desktop Virtualization Solution Launched by Cisco Systems

Cloud Computing Based Desktop Virtualization Solution Launched by Cisco Systems

Cloud Computing Based Desktop Virtualization Solution Launched by Cisco Systems

Cisco system teams up with VMware and Citrix to integrate their cloud computing based technology into the Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) for developing a virtual desktop service. This targeted market for this service will be both the cloud providers and enterprises.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – IT giant Cisco Systems announced this week that it is going to start a cloud computing based desktop Virtualization solution to its customers. The targeted market for this product will be both the enterprise sector and the cloud computing based service provider companies. The service was developed by using major cloud products of VMware and Citrix and the Unified Computing Systems UCS of Cisco Systems. This newly developed service will be based on its existing virtual desktop infrastructure (on-premises), which will be enhanced to convert into futuristic cloud computing based service of Cisco called as Desktop as a Service DaaS.

It was further elaborated that the Cisco DaaS service would be highly secure and industry grade robust, in terms of its availability, reliability and consistency. Cisco is offering two versions of this DaaS service – one is based on the VMware’s Desktone Virtual Desktop technology and the other one is based on the virtual desktop technology of Citrix.

Explaining about the technical features of these services, the vice president of engineering at Cisco Systems, Satinder Sethi said, “ As many as 252 virtual desktops can be offered on a single UCS blade server and supports 3D graphics. Many other features through solution accelerator packs will also be available with this service. While talking about the commercial benefits and prospects, Mr. Sethi said, “Many organizations are looking for ways to achieve the benefits of desktop Virtualization without the need to install and maintain equipment or make capital investments – and for cloud service providers, the solution will help them achieve rapid time-to-market while economically scaling their business”

The DaaS loud computing based service of Cisco systems will allow the customers to access desktops, data and apps from anywhere and at any time. It will be highly secure, reliable and pay as you use model of expense. This is highly scalable and cost efficient, which will be able to eliminate the upfront cost of having on-premises equipment for using VDI services.

It is very imperative that AWS has also announced its VDI solutions in limited preview phase last month. Thus, the VDI market is going to see a new height of competition in very near future.

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Citrix Announces its Acquisition of Cloud Web Hosting Provider

Citrix Announces its Acquisition of Cloud Web Hosting Provider

Citrix Announces its Acquisition of Cloud Web Hosting Provider

GreatResponder.com2011-07-12 – Citrix Systems announced today its acquisition of is a market leading provider of software infrastructure platforms for cloud providers. It’s groundbreaking state-of-the-art CloudStack™ product line will be used by Citrix, as the company made it clear that it wants to build on this existing technology to offer large-scale clouds for big companies. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The product line does not own any traditional enterprise server virtualization platform with cloud management layered over it. It is an extremely powerful cloud web hosting solution built and designed from ground to support providers in building clouds the same ways the most efficient cloud hosting’s are build: Simple and automated.

Furthermore, Citrix re-emphasized its pledge to open source computing, demonstrated by its support to OpenStack cloud infrastructure developed by Rackspace.

Both developed in parallel, CloudStack and OpenStack, Citrix claims to identify areas in which both can be collaborative as well as increasingly compatible. Citix also said that it would continue its support toward the project Olympus, the project that was created to be a tested and certified version of OpenStack. has organized about 60 large-scaled cloud web hosting a lot of which are built on XenServer around the U.S.A., Asia and Indonesia, Cirtix also offers now “Cloudmaster Webinars”. The main purpose of those seminars is to educate costumers on the principals and concepts of this next-generation clouds, all this in hopes of increasing the number of cloud web hosting around the world. Those “Cloudmaster Webinars” will also include a two-day “Build-a-Cloud Workshops.”

Citris also announced that the former CEO of VMI ogix, Sameer Dholaki, who is currently the group vice president and general manager of the new group, will be heading the group to create new Cloud Platforms products. Continuing to lead the design, architecture and technology of the CloudStack product line, Sheng Liang, CEO of, will be reporting to him.

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Registration Now Open for Citrix Synergy 2010

Session Topic Sneak Peek and Early Bird Pricing Available at

12/17/2009 » Fort Lauderdale » Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS), today announced registration for Citrix Synergy™ 2010 is now open. Citrix Synergy – where virtualization, networking and cloud computing meet – has evolved into a global event offered in two key geographic locations: Synergy San Francisco will take place May 12 to 14, 2010, at the Moscone West Convention Center, and Synergy Berlin will be held Oct. 6 to 7, 2010, at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center.

Synergy offers an open, expansive array of technical and business breakout sessions, as well as hands-on learning labs, presented by leading technical experts. Presenters will examine key issues impacting IT, such as breaking away from the costs and complexities of the distributed computing status quo; building a simpler, more cost-effective computing environment to position organizations at the forefront of the on-demand IT services era and utilizing available technologies to achieve and exceed business goals.

Synergy will feature timely virtualization, networking and cloud computing content, including sessions such as:

  • Need a simpler, low-risk path to Windows 7? Desktop virtualization makes it a snap!
  • Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) is ready for prime time: How Citrix did it and what we learned.
  • Dear CFO, I know how we can save big bucks with desktop virtualization…
  • Virtualization and application networking. Learn how one plus one equals three.
  • HDX, the user experience “champ,” takes on the contenders.

Synergy is the industry’s premier conference focused on the growing convergence between virtualization, networking and cloud computing. Session content will address how these technologies can solve real IT business problems in an open and dynamic atmosphere and will be divided into the following three tracks:
Desktop Virtualization
This track provides a comprehensive examination of desktop virtualization, covering the full breadth of desktop virtualization technologies, including client virtualization (local virtual desktops), desktop streaming, VDI (hosted virtual desktops), self-service on-demand applications, application virtualization and user profile management. You’ll get case studies of successful implementations, best practices, technical sessions and a roadmap to help you reduce costs, simplify desktop management and deliver high-definition desktops to all users now.

Server virtualization, networking and cloud technologies are converging to enable dramatic improvements in datacenter efficiency, flexibility and reliability at an affordable cost. You’ll learn about the latest innovations in server virtualization, datacenter infrastructure management, and networking and application delivery controllers. This fast-paced technical track will examine all three areas with special attention to options and merits of private and public cloud solutions.

IT Business and Strategy
Senior IT management face unprecedented challenges, needing to reduce costs, while simultaneously delivering innovation to drive efficiencies for their users and effectiveness for their business. This track is designed for senior IT leaders, providing new sources of IT-led innovation and competitive advantage to position their business for success today and in the future. Insightful, interactive sessions will feature prominent industry executives who have produced impressive bottom-line improvements for their businesses.

Synergy will also feature hands-on training. The instructor-led, hands-on learning labs provide the in-depth experience required to master new Citrix technologies. These high-value, unique labs are designed for administrators and architects responsible for managing or designing an environment that consists of Citrix technologies including XenDesktop, XenApp, XenServer and NetScaler.

Citrix Summit 2010, the premier training conference designed for members of the Citrix Partner Network, will be combined with Synergy – both in San Francisco and Berlin. Summit, which begins two days prior to Synergy, is the main event where the company’s partners can learn about the latest trends in virtualization, network optimization and cloud computing solutions. Summit provides intense educational sessions and offers valuable technical knowledge, selling skills and competitive strategies for attendees.

Registration for Synergy and Summit San Francisco, as well as Synergy and Summit Berlin is now available at A discounted, early bird registration is available for Synergy San Francisco through Feb. 2, which provides a $400 savings off of the normal conference fee.

About Citrix Synergy 2010
Born as a user conference more than 10 years ago, Citrix SynergyTM is the only event where virtualization, networking and cloud computing meet. Interoperability and openness are central to the event. Its sessions will focus on the coming convergence of these critical technologies and how they can be used today to address real world IT business challenges. Synergy addresses topics that have simply become too critical and widespread for one event on one continent. IT professionals now have two opportunities each year to attend this important industry conference. Citrix Synergy San Francisco will take place May 12 to 14, 2010, at Moscone West Convention Center. Citrix Synergy Berlin will be held at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center, Oct. 6 to 7, 2010. More information is available on the Citrix Synergy web site at

About Citrix
Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is a leading provider of virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions for more than 230,000 organizations worldwide. Its Citrix Delivery Center™, Citrix Cloud Center™ (C3) and Citrix Online product families radically simplify computing for millions of users, delivering desktops and applications as an on-demand service to any user, in any location on any device. Citrix customers include the world’s largest Internet companies, 99 percent of Fortune Global 500 enterprises, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses and prosumers worldwide. Citrix partners with over 10,000 companies worldwide in more than 100 countries. Founded in 1989, annual revenue in 2008 was $1.6 billion.


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