A2 Hosting Web Host Partners With CloudFlare for CDN

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Greatresponder.com-2011-03-12- A2 Hosting, a popular web host provider, announces its partnership with CloudFare to provide their customers with content delivery network solution for free.

CloudFlare provides websites with excellent optimization of their web pages sent to their visitors. The global network spearheads the overall web page delivery hence visitors will experience faster webpage loading.

A2 Hosting will offer their customers with the CDN Hosting through the cPanel control panel. Once the customer will activate the CDN account in the cPanel, the entire web page content will then be routed to CloudFlare’s global network. This will give customers faster websites at 30 percent more efficient.

A2 Hosting marketing manager Brad Litwin says, “When we tested CloudFlare, we were thoroughly impressed by its features, especially CloudFlare’s clearly evident capability to increase a site’s performance. We are very excited to offer this CDN to our customers, for free no less, and allow them to opt into CloudFlare’s network with a single click.”
Aside from CLoudFlare’s exclusive optimization, customers of A2 Hosting will also get full benefit of less attacks and crawlers. CloudFlare also offers a beneficial service of blocking crawlers that squander the site’s bandwidth and resources. The Project Honey Pot is being utilized by CloudFlare to identify threats and attacks prior to reaching the website. Customers then will have greater security of their website.

To avail of A2 Hosting’c CDN hosting, visit their website in this link: http://greatresponder.com/a2hosting


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