BlueHost Web Hosting To Tear Down An Anti-Gay Website

BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost Web Hosting – Following the massive earthquake in New Zealand, BlueHost web hosting decides to pull down a US-based Christian website after blaming the recent disaster to gays and lesbians. The US-based ChristchruchQuake.Net declares that the earthquake in New Zealand is a sign of God’s vengeance to homosexuals and their explicit actions.

Christchurch experiences a dreadful event causing over 147 people dying as well as about $15.1 billion of damage. The ChristChurchQuake.Net posted a message on their website stating that “quake was a warning from God”.

BlueHost, a Utah-based web hosting provider, hosted the controversial anti-homosexual website thus receiving a number of complaints from all over the world. Given the circumstance, BlueHost web hosting decided to pull down the website. Visitors of the said website will now come across this notice: “The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon.”

What triggered the ChristChruchQuake.Net to post unsolicited messages is the fact that the ChristChurch gay ski week is to be launched on the same day the earthquake happened.

The message runs as follows: “Do we really want to tempt fate and risk another quake? The morning of the Christchurch earthquake was the opening of ‘Gay Ski Week’. The highlight of the week was a party featuring two of NZ’s ugliest and butchest lesbians as the main event in Queenstown. Squadrons of “imports” were to have been brought in for the week — from Sydney’s now booming gay and lesbian area around Oxford St, between the CBD and Kings Cross.”

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BlueHost Earns Web Host Provider of the Year – 2011-02-17BlueHost wins for the second time one of the most prominent awards in the Internet Industry, the Best Web Host Provider of the Year. offers an annual commemoration to outstanding web providers in the past years. Selected web hosts and other web providers compete on bringing home the glory of becoming the number one in the Internet Industry. selects the most distinguished and excellent web host provider out of the thousands other hosting websites. Criteria in choosing the best Web Host Provider would include the web hosting tools, customer service, web hosting packages, technical support, pricing and features.

Among the thousands of hosting services, BlueHost has achieved excellence in all fields of consideration hence becoming the top Web Host Provider this year. Outstanding web host features are provided to cater to small and large scale websites. Web Hosting Support and Tools are offered for a simple personal website as well as upscale and high end technologies are implemented to large scale business and e-commerce.

BlueHost also established excellence in web hosting support and customer service. The 100Best team has encountered working with one of the most trusted and friendly support team in BlueHost. Queries and concerns are addressed in utmost solutions to deliver quality results for customers. In fact, customers can seek recommendations and assistance for their own website from the reliable support team of BlueHost.

One of the criteria that earned BlueHost the title, The Best Web Hosting Provider of the Year, is in fact its reasonable pricing. Compared to other hosting services, BlueHost offers affordable prices for web hosting but still guaranteeing first-rate services and features. Exclusive BlueHost coupons and promos are also implemented several times each month to deliver added value and savings to its customers.

The 100Best team deliberately takes into account the unique advantage of experiencing BlueHost as compared to other web host providers. Given the qualified and exceptional features and offers BlueHost provides, no doubt BlueHost wins the Best Web Hosting Provider of the year.

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A Mass Injection Attack Targeting Web Hosting Networks – 2010-09-27 – In accordance to the data that’s published by Websense (an e-mail and web security solution service provider company), a bulk injection attack aiming web hosting companies is becoming a significant worry. Clients going to these hacked web sites are going to be redirected to rouge anti-virus (AV) web sites.

The security service states that the target web hosting providers are four well-known hosting firms – BlueHost, Bizland, Go Daddy and also DreamHost.

Websense also states that in the 1st 7 days of September 2010, the quantity of affected web sites inceased from 22,000 to nearly 39,000 based on the day. Based on the information collected by Websense, BlueHost was by far the most affected web hosting provider and accounted for 38% of compromised web sites. It was followed by DreamHost having 28%. Go Daddy and BizLand   acquired the fourth and third spot with 12% and 19% respectively.

Explanation of the attack method, security research workers declared that the cyber-crooks utilized similar injections to place in a PHP tag link in the script tag at end of each hacked page as shown:<script src=””></script></body>.

The external code check if the consumer was attacked previously or not. If the consumer wasn’t attacked, it redirects him to web sites in the domain space, that show many bogus antivirus warnings typically linked with scareware campaigns.

As per the security specialists at Websense, the reason of those false warnings is to influence customers to install rouge antivirus software, that further floods their computers with false alerts to trick them into paying license charges.

Both malicious domain names (i.e. and linked with the attack were also responsible in a similar bulk compromise within July 2010.

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