Adaptive Insight Inc, Receives Big Data Quality Award at SVC Awards, London

Adaptive Insight, Inc got this award in the category of Big Data Analytics as a Service solution for the best performance of its software as a Service software module named CPM. Adaptive Insight, Inc is the one of the leading and recognized company for its famous cloud computing based Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. It is famous for its most prestigious SaaS product named Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution.

Adaptive Insight announced that the Adaptive Suite, a cloud-based corporate Performance Management Software, also known as (Enterprise Performance Management) EPM has won the one of the most honored award in the category of “Big-Data Analytics as a Service Solution of the Year” at SVC Awards held somewhere in London during this month. This award is given to the Adaptive Suite because of its incredible features like planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and dashboards, these features continuously help business performance grow up too high.

Sean Rollings, vice president of product marketing, Adaptive Insights, said: “While data has the potential to establish a competitive advantage, the analysis of that data and the resulting insights are where the real value lies, With our powerful, yet easy-to-deploy and use solution, finance and business users alike are able to analyze business-critical data within the context of their active planning process. This allows for multiple scenario planning and enables our customers to rapidly adapt to changes in their business, industry, and the economy.”

The Storage, Virtualization and Cloud (SVC) Awards deeply study the performance and product services that SaaS delivers to the customers and organizations to make them grow in their respective industries. It also looks at the competitive advantages and the features that software provides to the industries to help them out in the forecasting and analyzing the complexities that can be nearly happened in the business. It takes much time to judge and probably analyze each and every aspect of the product, including the survey to understand the impact of the product on the market and customers. Finally, after the shortlisted products finalized by the analyzing firm, it is further openly voted by the public to finalize the winner.

Jason Holloway, director of IT publishing at Angel Business Communications, publishers of the Digitization World stable of titles, said: “Nominations for the SVC Awards 2016 were of very high quality and there was also a significant increase in the numbers of votes cast. The SVC Awards recognize the users, manufacturers, and suppliers operating in the storage, virtualization, and cloud sectors and are voted for by the readers of our wide range of print and online publications, All finalists did well in reaching the high standard shortlist but Adaptive Insights was the clear winner in the category Big Data/Analytics as a Service Solution of the Year.”

Adaptive Insight has been continuously achieving back-to-back recognitions as a leader in the CPM from the various evaluation vendors and researchers organizations since the last year. Here are some recent nominations earlier in this year: Leaders Quadrant by Gartner, 2016 Magic Quadrant for Strategic CPM Solutions report and Leader in the Forrester Research, Inc. October 2016 report.

Hortonworks Inc Launches Data Cloud for AWS Platform

Horton Data Cloud with Amazon Web Service allows AWS clients to use the nimbleness and elasticity of Apache® Hadoop™ and Apache® Spark™. – Hortonworks Inc, is one of the leading cloud data service provider, which creates open and connected data platforms, has announced the accessibility of Hortonworks Data Cloud or Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables Amazon Web Services clients to work in the fast, secure and potential environment where new workloads and analytic applications are being used.

The new cloud based service is powered by the open source community, which delivers the most popular enterprise grade capabilities of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with both the billing rate of per hour and per annual options available on the AWS Marketplace.

At this time, businesses are demanding for real-time decision making, growing competitive advantage, feasible and manageable costs are revealing three new primary trends in the information technology industry, that are as follows:  Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics and the Internet of Things. Hortonworks has a particular type of connected data architecture approach, for every trend that gives optimal footprints, elasticity, agility, cost and one most important drive real-time analytics. Using the Hortonworks Data Cloud Platform for Amazon Web Services, now companies are able to achieve the data faster and with greater flexibility that was not possible as before.

Shaun Connolly, chief strategy officer, Hortonworks, said: “We are enabling modern applications on a connected data architecture and believe customers should have a consistent data experience across the cloud and the data center, Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS gives customers an on-demand cloud service for a prescriptive experience for the most common Hadoop, Spark and Hive use cases with community support and the flexibility of hourly and annual billing through existing AWS Marketplace accounts.”

Hortonworks Data Cloud is particularly configured and optimized to operate on Amazon Web Services for consuming the enterprise ephemeral workload. It is also designed to integrate further more AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon RDS and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

“Hortonworks is a true innovator when it comes to open source data platforms, which is why startups and enterprises alike depend on their solutions to deliver the analytics needed to power real-time business insights,” said Barry Russell, general manager of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “AWS has many customers who want powerful open source-based applications like Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS available in a managed software catalog, and this listing on AWS Marketplace gives them the ability to immediately purchase and deploy to start accelerating decision making right away.”

These features of new cloud services make easier the life of clients to use cloud data platform as a service with pay as you go billing model. This is the fastest kind of way to running the Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Hive workloads in the cloud platform.