Amazon Wants to Give Alexa a Pair of Smart Glasses—Report is developing its first wearable product—a pair of “smart glasses” that will allow you to use its digital assistant Alexa wherever you are, according to the Financial Times.

The FT said the new glasses would connect wirelessly to a smartphone and would boast a “bone-conduction audio system” allowing the person wearing the spectacles to hear Alexa’s voice without headphones.

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The move is a risky one, given the difficulty that the likes of Google and Apple have had in making wearables mainstream over recent years. And Amazon itself has had its fair share of expensive failures in hardware in the past —notably with its Fire smartphone, on which it took a $ 170 million write down. However, Jeff Bezos’s company feels it’s worth the risk because it can enhance in a big way a product that has already proved extremely popular. Assistants such as Alexa are an integral part of the suite of smart home products and services that is growing rapidly. The FT noted that Babak Parviz, the founder of Google’s ill-fated smart glasses project, and other former Google Glass researchers now work at Amazon’s labs.

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As the FT points out, a wearable and always-on Alexa allows Amazon to make good one of its key shortcomings. While an iPhone user can call Siri or an Android phone users can summon Google’s Assistant, the current Alexa app needs you to unlock the phone first. The Alexa wearable, meanwhile, would always be on.

The FT said Amazon could launch the new product before year-end.


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AWS Opens Office to Service the Cloud Web Hosting Demands

AWS Opens Office to Service the Cloud Web Hosting Demands

AWS Opens Office to Service the Cloud Web Hosting Demands – 2011-07-14 – Today, international cloud computing company and wholesale giant Amazon Web Services announces to their web hosting costumers that it opened a new office complete with dedicated local staff in Australia. The devoted staff members will be available to service the cloud computing market. Rumors are continuing to swirl around if AWS are planning on establishing a new datacenter located in Australia as well, to meet their costumers demands.
At the classy Sofitel Wentworth hotel in the downtown central business district were Amazon’s Web Services division’s Asia-Pacific managing director, Shane Owenby and global chief technology officer Werner Vogels. They had a half-day presentation about cloud web hosting to a group of costumers similar to an event that was help earlier this week in Melbourne earlier in the week in Melbourne.
In the past, costumers were unsure if they would see a dedicated staff in Australia or either Amazon actually had a dedicated staff there. Conversely, as told to the crowd that the company had launched a local office to support its growing web hosting cloud computing business by Shane Owenby. So when the costumer’s at the presentation asked “Will we see staff in Australia?” Owenby: “The answer is yes.”
The absence of local dedicated staff wasn’t the only reason stopping Australian costumers from joining Amazon’s web services. The absence of datacenters located close to Australia was another reason. Most datacenters are located on the West Coast of the United States. The closest ones are in Singapore. Other main facilities and datacenters are located in America’s East Coast, Europe and Japan. Those operate a number of other smaller fringe facilities as part of its global content distribution network.


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