ADP DataCloud Awarded with Cloud Computing Innovation Award For ‘Positive Impact’ on Business

ADP DataCloud has presented by ‘Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards’ for good and positive impact on business. Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards 2016 has selected ADP DataCloud for an innovation award in the category of Business Technology Innovation. The annual Ventana Research Technology Awards are given to those honor technologies whose work remains the most admirable regarding the positive impact on business during the whole year of time.

Ventana Research also acknowledges a number of innovators in the worldwide who have powerful ideas or potential to work for advancement in technology and has brilliant knowledge of technology to change and increase the organizations power.

Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research, Said: “ADP DataCloud was selected for the Innovation Award for the overall scope of its cloud computing solution. It brings insights by applying analytics on its Big Data technology that utilizes aggregated and anonymized HR and payroll data from 30 million U.S. payroll recipients. Congratulations to ADP for its Cloud Computing Award and for providing organizations with data that can reveal workforce trends and provide deeper insights to make human capital management a reality.”

There are many small and big companies in the worldwide rely on ADP DataCloud. The ADP DataCloud software that helps organizations to manage HR, payroll, compliance, and more to work together to make a healthy workforce.

The annual Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards is one of the largest awards in the industry. The Ventana has 30 different award categories, awards recipient companies or technology hubs were selected on the behalf of their contributions in the IT industry business and technological based areas.

“ADP is honored to be recognized for helping organizations achieve deeper insights that enable smarter decision-making,” said Stuart Sackman, ADP corporate vice president, Global Product and Technology. “Our goal is to continue to help business leaders and human resource professionals unlock the power of their organizations by leveraging ADP’s Big Data. With the actionable insights gained from our Benchmarking and Turnover Probability solutions powered by the ADP DataCloud, businesses can enhance productivity, talent development and retention.”

Ventana Research is a business benchmarking and advisory firm which provides guidance to the industries through a unique set of research and its findings. It helps industries in some ways, including benchmark research, educational workshops, technology evolution assessment, advisory services. Ventana Reseach’s guidance is one the most powerful document for the industries.