Choosing A Web Hosting Company, What To Look At?

After finishing the first stage of preparing your web site online which is designing the your website in a way that knock out all the competition, the second step in creating your online presence is to decide on the way of choosing the best web hosting company that will fit your needs.

This decision needs many different factors that can make your final decision a success.
We will summarize here the most important factors that effect your decision and you must look for when choosing a web hosting company.

How reliable is the web hosting company.
Up time is important no matter what e-business you have for your website, up time is very important that you need to have as much uptime as possible.
The worst thing is to get your customers click on pages that say not available or website is down. You have only one chance to show your customer how reliable your web site is and how serious you are taking your business but if your customer see that your web site is down, they will never come back.

Do they have top notch customer support?
The next important factor in choosing your web hosting, as sometimes things do goes wrong in the middle of a night and/or you have a serious question about your web hosting service, now the question is: will your web hosting provider be able to give help when you really need it and in the proper time.
There are a lot of web hosting companies who offer customer support on a 24-hour basis. And the best web hosting companies always never use of an automated answering system and always connect you to a real live technician.

Price verses features
In my opinion price is the third factor to choose your web hosting company because some have a good budget to spend on marketing and also maintenance needs for a website but others need to have to cut a few here and there. It is not always a good decision to try to cut a few bucks on web hosting; there are many ways to fulfill your needs when searching for a good web hosting company. It is always important to consider other hosting companies before accepting the first deal, it is very important to always research the entire specifications of many different web hosting deals, including features and price. Also ask yourself: is this a great price and for this price, will all my needs are satisfied.

Is your plan upgradeable?
As your business grows and bring more and more traffic, will the web hosting company you choose be able to continue keep up with this growth. By choosing the web host that can give your future expansion is highly needed. This also includes increasing the bandwidth, upgrading your storage, also additional e-commerce spec., such as essential marketing tools, spam protection, and virus scanning.

RBackup 2007 by Remote Backup

Supports incremental, complete, differential also sub – file backups of client data sets, further offers premium protection which can be a great support to web hosting companies.

Remote Backup Systems, Inc., a developer and distributor of RBackup online backup software, yesterday said that it has released RBackup 2007.

RBackup supports incremental, complete, differential and sub – file backups of client data sets, also offers premium security. The product can further keep a restorable data set within a client’s secure LAN. RBackup 2007 release are native support for open files, mirroring capabilities which can automatically back up RBS Server information to a minor location, message – level support for live Microsoft exchange databases, multiple – instance support for live SQL databases, also automatic remote updates to the RBackup client software, says the company.

” RBackup 2007 is an exciting and dynamic product, and has become the industry standard in commercial grade remote backup software, ” commented Brenna Potter, RBS ‘ Chief Intelligence Officer. ” RBS has led the online backup software market for over 20 years, and RBackup 2007 ‘ s advanced feature set once again raises the bar for the entire industry. “

SWsoft Offers Virtuozzo (VPS web hosting) Discounts

June 8, 2007 — SWsoft (, a Web hosting control panel provider, announced on Friday that they are offering discounts for the service providers who buy select SWsoft Virtuozzo (VPS software) and SWsoft HSPcomplete licenses in the month of June. These discounts are available also for SWsoft Plesk clients who need to renew the expired Plesk Software Update Service contracts.

The Virtuozzo discounts are good for Web hosting providers who require over thirty “virtual server” per server while the HSPcomplete discounts are for Web hosting companies who require licenses with over five hundred accounts.

Plesk SUS contract discounts are for clients who have contracts which expired and need to be renewed in June. Customers can also purchase these licenses – Plesk for Linux clients and Plesk for Windows clients – directly from SWsoft online software store store.

SWsoft announce also that it provides server virtualization and server automation software to more than ten thousand client, who rely on the company’s proven performance and management power to optimize their IT infrastructures.

SWsoft recently announced it achieved a revenue growth of more than 140% over the first quarter of 2006, surpassing the rate of 134% for all of 2006.