VMware Veterans Starts a Cloud Computing Based SaaS Service on Platform9

This new cloud computing based SaaS platform of Platform9 would allow the developers and IT experts to transform legacy servers into self operating private servers.

vmwareGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by a team of the VMware veterans on Tuesday August 12, 2014 that they started new cloud computing based software as a service (SaaS) platform on its existing cloud platform ‘Platform9’. This newly launched platform will help IT customers and the professional developers to transform their traditional servers into high performance self service private cloud based servers.

The company was earlier founded by a group of VMware veterans with an idea to bring the agility of the public cloud computing environment to the existing infrastructure. The service offered by the Platform9 allows the customers to easily implement the private cloud with self service provisioning workloads on to their cloud computing infrastructure based on OpenStack platform. This service will also enable the customers to track their KVM, Dockers, and vSphere ecosystems through one window. The service also offers cent percent API compatibility too.

While talking about the Platform9 cloud platform, the CEO of the company, Mr. Sirish Raghuram said, “We founded Platform9 because as early engineers at VMware, we observed how customers were struggling to achieve Amazon Web Services-like efficiency with increasingly archaic management software. We believe that just like SaaS revolutionized the world of enterprise applications; it can do the same for enterprise data centers.”

Mr. Raghuram further added that, “Platform9 transforms an organization’s existing servers into an AWS-like agile, self-service private cloud within minutes. The organization can then focus on using their existing infrastructure to run applications instead of babysitting the management stack.”

The official statement further elaborated about the status of this newly launched service that, with the help of more than a dozen small and large enterprises, the service is being beta tested before the release of the commercial version at full scale.

The company’s official statement also announced that the Plaftform9 has bagged as much as $4.5 million of funding from the Redpoint Ventures. This funding has been collected in the A Series category of funding, as informed by the company statement. It was further informed that this funding is meant to be used for enhancing the growth of the cloud computing services of the company. The commercial version of the service is expected to be released later this year.

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Red Hat Launches Cloud Computing Management Certification for Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

The cloud computing management certification would offer a recognized career track to the technical professionals, and confidence in OpenStack ecosystem to the customers.

redhatGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the open source software giant Red Hat on Monday, August 11, 2014 that it is going to start a new career track for the professionals to become certified professionals in the domain of cloud computing management based on the Red Had Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. This was announced through an official press release statement of the company. According to the official statement, this new technical career path would be stated as the part of the largest commercial ecosystem based on OpenStack cloud computing platform called as Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network.

While explaining the purpose of the new career path, it was further elaborated that this program would enable the technical professionals to acquire the structured knowledge and expertise in the domain of cloud computing management based on the fast growing OpenStack based cloud platform. It was further informed that the organized track to acquire the knowledge to manage the cloud ecosystem based on Red Hat supported platform would develop the confidence in the customers and partners across the globe. The professionals certified under this certification would be able to get the priority while seeking the technical jobs in the field of cloud computing.

Meanwhile, it was informed that Red Had is closely working with numerous providers of cloud computing management solutions such as, HP, BMC and many others, which are the partners of Red Hat’s OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network. They have already contributed a lot in developing the certification course to make sure that the certificate serves the desired purposes.

The General Manager at Red Hat’s Visualization and OpenStack division, Mr. Radhesh Balakrishnan, in his statement said, “As OpenStack is becoming a core element of the enterprise cloud strategy for many customers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is architected and backed by the broadest partner ecosystem to be the preferred platform. The growth and maturity of the ecosystem reflects the evolution of the product moving from addressing infrastructure-centric alignment to help with early deployments to now be well-managed, to be part of enterprise hybrid cloud implementations.”

The corporate representatives of both HP and BMC were of the view that this certification would be very beneficial for the entire Red Hat’s cloud ecosystem.

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IBM Obtains a Cloud Computing Security Contract from a Large Chinese Financial Data Provider

IBM’s security contact from a Chinese financial company in the domain of cloud computing would open up new dimensions for the American technology firms in near future.

ibm cloud computingGREATRESPONDER.COM – Normally, Chinese companies are very reluctant to embrace the foreign technologies and equipment in the domain of security, especially in the cloud computing field; but, this new contract achieved by the Big Blue Company would pave the way for other technology companies to strengthen their businesses in this fast expanding economy of the world.

It was announced by the IBM company this week end that, it has acquired a big contract from a security financial data provider company based in Shanghai China in the domain of risk analysis of the data available in the public domain. The statement further elaborated that a large Chinese company named as Shanghai Wind Information would allow its public domain financial information of the company to process for the risk the information faces, with the help of the IBM owned software in the cloud. The financial company would neither install any IBM servers at its premises nor will it disclose the portfolio of the holdings. This entire process of risk analysis would be completed under the cloud computing based software platform of IBM in its data centers.

While talking about the prospects of this futuristic contract, the Director of Risk Analytics at IBM Corporation, Mr. Andrew Aziz, in his official statement said, “This is an innovative deployment model in that IBM never receives client information. IBM will respect Chinese law, and the new business model will continue to comply with the local laws, including data privacy laws in China and in all countries in which it operates”. He further insisted that the company is very committed to the privacy, security, and local laws of the land.

It is very important to note that after Snowden Snoopgate, many countries especially those, which have long history of fluctuating relationship with the USA like China, became so cautious about using the hardware and technology made in USA to avoid any kind of security risk to their public data. The situation even worsened when the USA confirmed that it can spy through the hardware made in USA in any other country and company.

With this new security contract of IBM in cloud computing domain would help other businesses to keep their hopes alive in this big market.

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