Datametrix Chooses Enghouse Interactive for Delivering CCaaS Service

Cloud contact center platform (CCSP) is multi-tenant based architecture and it has a low cost of ownership (TCO) and suitable functionality for market demand. Enghouse System Limited is a Canada based company, it provides many important software and services including attendant console, contact center, knowledge management, outbound dialer, interactive voice response (IVR) and call recording solutions. It supports any type of telephony environment that may be premise or cloud. Enghouse System’s division Enghouse Interactive has thousands of customers around the globe.

Enghouse System Limited announced on December 21, 2016 at Phoenix, Arizona that the Datametrix one of a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Norwegian based multinational telecommunications company Telenor, has chosen Enghouse Interactive’s CCSP for its new offering of the ‘contact center as a service (CCaaS)’.

Frank Svendsen, Business Leader for cloud at Datametrix, said: “By extending our BusinessCloud portfolio with CCSP we have enhanced our ability to provide CCaaS, particularly in small, medium and enterprise businesses, with value-added services that are cost-effective and easily consumable from the cloud on an as-needed basis.”

Datametrix has been remained tenured as a provider of call center solution since last 20 years and still continuing its services to the customers with the latest technologies. Datametrix is also seeking for a cloud centric partner that can extend its services to the Nordic countries of the Europe. The Datametrix business cloud contact center solution provides strategic values to the customers with the integration of Telenor’s voice centric and fixed communication services. Datametrix is willing to offer a complete communication portfolio and a commercial model to their both Norway and Sweden based customers that much helps them in the scalability and flexibility of using the cloud services.

Jacki Tessmer, Vice President of Cloud and Service Provider Strategy, Enghouse Interactive, said “We are honored that Datametrix has entrusted Enghouse Interactive as their cloud contact center partner, Savvy service providers like Datametrix now bundle enterprise business applications with broadband-based data and voice services as a means for differentiation in today’s hyper-competitive environment. We applaud Datametrix for its keen awareness and for investing the resources to meet increasing customer demand for cloud solutions that are powerful, yet flexible and adaptable to changing business needs.”

CCSP 7.2 is the latest version, it extends the Enghouse Interactive with focus on the usability of TouchPoint, including agent and supervisor usable interface with minimal onscreen footprint. It is also delivering a clear and updated intuitive agent experience that is user more suitable for multitasking. This new version also has a feature to connect the Skype® for business purposes. This connection with Skype® also synchronizes the presence of the agents with the enterprise employees and workers that enables agents to look after the whole Skype® business contacts with their presence activities directly on TouchPoint.

CloudPassage Inc Launches Python SDK for Halo® Platform

Python SDK includes many leverage tools such as libraries, documentations and pre-written sample codes that enable users to easily integrate the Halo in some other tools and applications. CloudPassage is a famous for its leading brand Halo. It is only broadly automated platform that is scalable, portable, efficient, on-demand security and compliance. It provides instantaneous visibility and nonstop security for the servers of any combination in the both private and public cloud data centers.

CloudPassage announced Python SDK for its leading product Halo on 20 December, 2016. Halo is a CloudPassage’s award-winning fully automated security platform that is delivered as Software as a service. This release includes many leverage tools within it includes documentations, libraries and sample code that allows users to integrate Halo platform in some other applications and tools easily and efficiently by just adding a few lines of code in the module.

Halo API utilities provide sufficient tools, using those tools any enterprise customers minimize the errors. It basically automates the remediation, create custom dashboards, and also adds security events in the workflow that help more to the users.

Sami Laine, principal technologist, CloudPassage, said: “With this new release, CloudPassage has made state-of-the-art automated security and compliance solutions more accessible than ever before, Halo was already capable of delivering secure innovation and deployment. The Python SDK makes it even easier for developers to integrate the security to their infrastructure.”

Python SDK helps programmers to develop custom integration more easily and efficiently without managing the tradition underlying communication infrastructure. This SDK prepares in the many high-fraction elements for using this Halo API such as authentication, token security renewal, and pagination. This is also helpful in making the API accessible for non-expert developers or users. And the final thing about the SDK is that it’s available in open-source nature. The open-source means any programmer who wants to modify the SDK for personal or company’s needs, he can freely modify the software with its needs.

Python SDK effectively troubleshoot and allows many developers to work together with the integration efforts. All the Halo related and supported tools ones like the Halo Event Connector, are used as standardized for the Halo Python SDK.

CloudPassage recently claimed three patents to its name that extended the scope of its first one original agent based agile security model and Rising as the first company that attain a United State patent for universal cloud infrastructure security. The leading software industries and enterprises like Adobe, Citrix, and Salesforce are using the CloudPassage these days to overcome on their security issues and compliance posture, on the same time, it also enables these enterprises to make their business more agile and secure.

HempTech Launches RemoteEye™ Cloud Based Management System

HempTech Corporation launched this cloud based Remote Grow Management System to facilitate all the large and medium sized cultivator of Marijuana throughout the world with this spectacular technology. HempTech Corporation is a leading provider of agriculture related software to facilitate the agricultural technology. It designs the engineering intelligence to make the efficient industrial grade products using many industries successful techniques such as process control technique, data aggregation, advance environment sensors, wireless sensor network, visualization software, and security solutions.

HempTech Corporation announced on December 15, 2016 at St Petersburg, Florida, that it is launching RemoteEye™ – a fully secure cloud based centralized remote grow management system that is especially dedicated to the Marijuana growing cultivation industries. HempTech is also famous for providing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with user-friendly analytic tools that are specially authorized to legal industries who cultivates Marijuana.

This cloud based management system monitors and manages your field where marijuana is planted in the bounded geographical area from the centralized location. This management system’s operation is built and monitored from the company’s headquarter in St Petersburg, Florida. HempTech’s hosted its servers in large growing and most reputable datacenters. The responsibilities of the centralized management depend on the how they are managing and maintaining their hardware devices, operating systems and guarantee to the uplink of the cloud network or continuity of services. The centralized management center becomes the primary node of particular area from where all the growth management systems spread. The primary node would also be available to manage and monitor those whole regions’ growth systems.

RemoteEye™ solely provides the ability to collect data from the various running systems throughout the region and send them to the center not for aggregating and calculating the result of your planted Marijuana. The system is also enough intelligent to identify the potential problem, whether in the plants or equipment that are providing the facility for instance, lights, sensors, power, chillers or HVAC system. The primary aim of this project is to provide remotes eyes and hands freeness to sanction the issues that are detrimental to plants potentially.

This is not the game of managing field and plants only, but the system will also suggest you about the facility and any physical security breaches related to the plants. There are many features, using that you can remotely touch your field and feel there such as access management and video system, backup and storage of the product profiles, policy enforcement, shared threat analysis, seed to sale tracking and alarm reporting and logging.