Dell Enters into Cloud Computing Brokerage Market by Launching ‘Dell Cloud Marketplace’

The ‘Dell Cloud Marketplace’ would help the partners to procure, purchase, and access the cloud computing services of multiple partners at one single point. – This was announced by Dell Corporation, on Friday, November 7, 2014 that it is going to launch a new cloud computing brokerage software platform to facilitate the customers to access, procure and purchase different cloud computing services offered by multiple partners at one consolidated platform. The name of this new cloud computing services was coined as “Dell Cloud Marketplace”, as mentioned in the official statement of the company. This announcement was made at the company event called ‘Dell World 2014’.

It was further elaborated in the statement that this newly developed platform will help the IT to tackle the issues related to cloud governance and its consumption within the businesses across the globe. This program has already been launched as a Beta version in multiple phases across the USA since last June and the partners of this program is regularly increasing. The main companies that have already been added to this brokerage platform of cloud computing portfolios include Amazon, Delphix, Joyent, Google and Docker; many other companies are in process to be added in this platform. The updated list of the partners would be provided within a week’s time, as informed in the statement.

The CTO of Dell Cloud Marketplace, Mr. James Thomson, in his statement said, “The idea behind the cloud marketplace is to address the pain points that IT is currently facing when it comes to the governance of cloud consumption within businesses. We think today, over 90 percent of cloud services that are in use are not officially sanctioned by IT, and IT has no visibility into them”. He further said. “They’re unable to forecast their budget, they spend a lot of their time charging back random people’s credit card to IT budgets, and they don’t have governance, so they can’t guarantee all employee access to company systems and information.”

While talking about the technical aspects of this new cloud computing portfolio, Mr. Thomason said, “Dell believes Docker and containerization enables better reporting between different infrastructure platforms; Pertino, a multi-cloud VPC and VPN solution, will give customers instant access and the ability to provision multi-cloud VPC, which has traditionally been very complex; and Delphix can help businesses focus on data migration and the replication of databases between infrastructures”.


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Telecom Giant AT&T to Jump Start into Corporate Cloud Computing Business Aggressively

To offer the cutting edge technology and fibers in the cloud computing environment to the corporate customers, AT&T has signed agreements with Amazon, Equinix and Microsoft.

AT& – This was announced by AT&T, one of the largest telecom and IT service Provider Company of the world that it is going to jump start into the business of cloud computing with the help of many giant companies already working in this domain of business. The company wants to target the large corporate and big organizations for its cloud computing offerings. The official statement further elaborated that company is planning to pursue its goals in cloud computing domain of business by establishing contracts with large organizations to directly connect through the clouds via dedicated fiber connections of AT&T.

While talking about the future plans of the company, the head of mobile and business solutions division, Mr. Ralph De La Vega, in his official statement said, “Phone switches are in our past. We’re moving to network functions in commodity computer servers. We’re bringing in new players. The next big step for AT&T is to offer direct access to IaaS to corporations using AT&T’s private routes. AT&T has established contracts with Microsoft, Equinix and most recently Amazon in order to allow direct connections into the cloud using AT&T fiber.”

While talking about the importance of the mobile in all domains of business, especially in cloud computing field, Ralph De La Vega maintained, “All of the corporate connectivity is going from desktop computers to smart phones and tablets. We’re looking at an environment where the business mode of operation is changing to ‘mobile first.”

It was further informed in the official statement of the company that a large number of in-house innovations, developments and packaging would be done along with aggressive acquisitions of different startups working in the domain of cloud computing business. The infrastructure enhancement is another important field that is being focused to offer the comprehensive cloud services to its corporate clients, as maintained in the official statement.

Many analysts in the cloud computing and telecom industry believe that the American telecom giant has started a bit late in this futuristic domain of cloud business. Despite its late start, the company has a great potential to compete in this domain of business owing to wide network spread all around the globe and the strong financial position of the company.


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Endurance Web Hosting Company to Hire Over 300 Employees at Burlington HQ

The current strength of Endurance Web Hosting Company at it Burlington headquarters will triple with the completion of this new hiring project.

endurance-international-groupGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the company on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 through an official statement that company is going to hire more than 300 employees at its Burlington HQ office to meet the increasing web hosting work load of the company. Meantime, it was also maintained that the web hosting business of the company is going great due to a large number of small and medium size business are coming to its fold. To cater the increasing demand of web hosting service, the company is also planning to acquire a few more web hosting companies in coming months.

The CEO of Endurance web hosting company, Mr. Hari Ravichandran, in his statement said, “The Company was experiencing revenue growth because of the rise in the number of small- and medium-sized business customers. And existing customers are also spending an increasing amount of money on an increasing variety of services that Endurance provides.”

While talking about the employee’s current and future strength, the CEO further said, “The Company currently has 150 employees in Burlington and 2,600 in offices worldwide will be looking for people to fill between 150 and 300 positions such as product marketing, development, engineering in the next year in its 59,000-square-foot Burlington office.”

The official statement further elaborated that the company’s web hosting business is progressing aggressively in the North American region as well as other parts of the world. The current customer base of the company is more than 3.7 million paid customer across the globe. The revenue of the previous quarter that ended on June 30, 2014 was recorded at over $152 million, which is about 19% more than the revenue generated in same quarter in the previous year. The total revenue of the company recorded in Q2 of the year 2013 was $128.2 million.

It was further informed in the official statement that company is looking for different web hosting companies to acquire that can add the value and efficiency in the current web hosting services of the company. The company acquired the “Directi” web hosting for as much as $110 million last year.

It is very important to note that the Endurance web hosting company is aggressively focusing on small and medium size business with low price offerings.

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