Power Demand Decreases Substantially in Cloud Environment, US Government Says

The power demand is anticipated to stand at a flat rate by 2020 due to the anticipated ‘hyperscale data center’ implementation.

cloud computing and electric powerGreatResponder.com  Lawrence Berkely National Labs, a reputed research institute of the US department of Energy, conducted a nationwide survey regarding the status of the demand for electric power in the domain of cloud computing industry. The survey found amazing trends pertaining to the power demand in the survey.

According to the survey, a substantial decrease in the demand of electric power has been noticed during the past six years. The current consumption of electric power across the industry in 2014 stood at about 70 billion kilowatt hours (kWh). This power was consumed in maintaining all types of cloud infrastructure, like servers, air conditioning systems, heaters, storage equipment, networking and other devices along with the lighting and other systems associated with the security and safety measures.

The study compares the electricity demand during 2005 to 2010 with the existing one. The demand for power during 2005-10 was quite high. The increase in the rate of demand during that period of time was recorded at about 24% per annum. The main reason for that high growth in demand was due to low adoption of cloud computing data centers.

With the increase in the adoption of the cloud based data centers in the industry, the demand decreased to just a single digit. The study forecasts that the demand for electric power is going to stand at about 4% during 2014 to 2020. It is also anticipated that the demand at the end of 2020 will become static in the cloud computing industry. The concept of hyperscale data center is being considered as the major driver behind this huge decline in the power demand. With the implementation of hyperscale data centers based on cloud computing will provide more energy efficiency for the companies across the USA.

Meanwhile, the study revealed that the current rate of increase in the server shipment stands at about 3% in 2015, which is driving the growth of the power at almost the same level.

This is important to note that a hyperscale data center is the one that has 400,000 square feet or above covered area with huge scale cloud integration. The new concept of data centers will prove to be very beneficial for both the companies as well as the government bodies to decrease the energy cost and reduce the carbon footprints.

Deutsche Telecom Mulls to Acquire Host Europe Group HEG

This acquisition is being considered by the Deutsche Telecom with the support of US based equity firms to consolidate its cloud portfolio.

Duestche TelecomGreatResponder.com  A breaking story has surfaced in different technology news magazines and online portals this week that, the Deutsche Telecom, a big telecom operator in the Europe region is considering acquiring a well known web hosting company named as Host Europe Group (HEG).

It was further informed that Deutsche Telecom is aggressively pursuing its ambitions to spread the cloud based service portfolio not only in the European region, but also in the North American areas, especially in the United States.

To realize its plans, the company is in consultation with numerous equity firms based in the United States. Some sources have quoted Blackstone equity firm as well as Hellman & Friedman private limited to have been involved in the assessment process to help Deutsche Telecom to acquire HEG. Though, there was no person from those firms to comment or confirm about these reports. But, the informed sources believe that something serious is going on about the same.

It is very important to note that the company has already acquired the Strato Web Hosting Company for $310 million in the year 2009. This platform is being expanded with the acquisition of the HEG group with the help of American equity firms. The Strato platform is a minor player in the European market at the present, but it is being planned to grow huge with the acquisition and merger of the company that is four times bigger than itself in terms of its financial turnover.

According to the sources, the owner of the HEG group, Cinven is interested in starting the sale of process of the company within a couple of months. The estimated value of the company is being estimated at about $1.9 billion or 1.7 billion euros.

Two important things should be noted that Hellman & Friedman has worked with the German telecom company in the recent months to control the majority shares of the Scout24 firm. Both companies are in very close business relationship with each other in the present global conditions.

Similarly, the Blackstone company the major shareholder of the Deutsche Telecom itself and working very closely with the company to expand its businesses across the Europe and other parts of the globe too.

If this merger materializes soon, the web hosting marketplace in the European as well as in the North American region will notice another strong competitor.

AWS Launches 6th Datacenter for Asia Pacific Region

New data center in Mumbai will facilitate the customers from the Asia Pacific region to leverage the local data center for the AWS services.

salesforceGreatResponder.com  Amazon web services Company (AWS), a major cloud computing service provider in the world, has announced the start of the sixth state of the art data center for the Asia Pacific region or APAC. This is a state of the art data center to cater a large customer base spread in different countries in the region, especially in India and its surrounding countries. This new data center for Asia Pacific is located at Mumbai.

With this launch of new data center, the number of availability zones (AZ) of AWS will increase to thirty five (35). All these 35 availability zones are demarked within the 13 technological infrastructure zones across the globe. This data center will be more useful for the increasing demands of Indian customers, where a new boom in the startup is expected in the near future due to the government’s aggressive push for the startup companies.

Amazon web service is already having a huge share of over 75 thousand customers from India only. This huge customer base will be able to use the local data center to develop and run their cloud based applications and services in the changed environment of the global IT ecosystem.

It was further informed in the official announcement that this new data center has been started to provide valuable cloud services for governmental, nonprofit, profit and startup organizations in the region.

This newly established data center will consist of two availability zones. They have independent power supplies, locations, cooling systems and other amenities needed for a state of the art data center to cater the increasing demand in the region.

In the official statement, CEO of Amazon web services, Andy Jassy said, “Indian start-ups and enterprises have been using AWS for many years – with most Indian technology start-ups building their entire businesses on AWS, and numerous enterprises running mission-critical, core applications on AWS. These same 75,000 Indian customers, along with others anxious to start using AWS, have asked for an AWS India Region so they can move their applications that require low latency and data sovereignty. We’re excited to make this available today, with the same pay-as-you-go pricing, ability to get started immediately without having to negotiate enterprise agreements or wait days for access, and unmatched functionality that customers enjoy in AWS Regions worldwide – all of which allows customers to go from idea to launch faster than ever before was possible.”

With this new launch, the competition in the cloud computing marketplace will become more fierce.