Cisco System to Invest Heavily in Expansion of Cloud Computing Services Globally

As much as $1 billion would be invested to expand cloud computing network across more than 50 countries.

CiscoGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by Cisco Systems, a California based IT giant of America that, it is going to invest heavily in the expansion of cloud computing platform across the globe. This investment would be as much as $1 billion, which will be used in establishing new data centers across the globe during the next two years. Meanwhile, it was also informed in the statement that the existing data centers would be upgraded and a strong partnership with more than 30 giant telecom and cloud computing providers would be established to strengthen the target achieving strategy.

While talking about the development of a new and innovative cloud computing network coined as “InterCloud”, the company elaborated that large telecom providers such as British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom and Equinix Inc would help the company to integrate different data centers located in numerous countries into one comprehensive network based on cloud computing platform.

“The network, called Intercloud, will help businesses process and manage data generated from billions of devices and applications around the world” maintained the Cisco Systems in its official statement. While talking about the functionality of the cloud computing platform, the official statement of Cisco quoted, “Businesses in the network aim to bridge the gap between public and private cloud computing and will share cloud infrastructure the same way mobile telecommunications companies have roaming agreements”.

It was further informed in the statement that, a large integrated cloud based network will help the customers located in different countries to store their data in the datacenters of their choice located in their respective local regions. It is important to note that due to NSA spying scandal, the customers form different countries want to keep their data in their regional data centers to avoid any kind of exploitation of their valuable data.

While talking about the bridging of the gap between private and public cloud computing services, it was explained that this futuristic cloud network would be helpful in bridging the increasing gap between public and private cloud to realize the real benefits and power of cloud computing platforms in the domain of information technology business.

It is important to note that Cisco offers hybrid cloud bundle to facilitate the private cloud users to tap into this secure cloud.

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VMware Launches Partners’ Program for vCloud Air Cloud Computing Platform

The ‘vCloud Air’ cloud computing based partners’ program focuses on the ‘Independent Software Vendors’ to smoothly migrate their application on the vCloud Air platform.

vmwareGREATRESPONDER.COM - This was announced by VMware, the virtualization giant in the domain of cloud computing business on Thursday, September 25, 2014 that it has started a business friendly partner’s program to facilitate the independent software vendors ISVs to move their applications to the vCloud Air platform of the company. This program is designed to help ISV customers to run their applications on the most secure and robust cloud computing platform of the company called as vCloud Air smoothly and seamlessly.

It was further informed in the official statement of the company that this program will enable the software vendors to unleash the power of cloud computing platform of the company without doing any additional modifications or changes while migrating from other platforms or cloud computing based servers. This newly designed partners’ program offers wide range of services including customers support, technical guidance and others, so that the ISVs can get full benefits – both technical and commercial – of the power of cloud computing platform.

While talking about the features of the vCloud Air cloud computing based partners’ program, the statement further elaborated that scalability, reliability, security and cost efficiency are some of the key features that this partnership has to offer. Meanwhile, the members of the VMware Technology Alliance Partnership Program are also able to collaborate with VMware in creating and validating their products for interoperability.

The Vice President of Application Services Division of VMware, Mr. Ajay Patel, in his official statement said, “With the VMware vCloud® Air™ ISV Partner Program, we are helping ISVs simplify the process of moving workloads to the cloud. Our robust ISV ecosystem partners can continue to distinguish themselves by enabling customers to move workloads back and forth without modification, all while providing a platform that is secure, scalable and interoperable with customers’ existing infrastructure.”

This program is also able to offer the smooth transition to Software as a Service SaaS models along with a large number of SaaS enabled services, which help the customers to smoothly run, provide, maintain and monitor their services on this platform.

Those prospective customers who opt for this ambitious program will be able to obtain the status of VMware Ready known as ‘VMware Ready – vCloud Air Certification’.

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Cisco Aggressively Works with Red Hat to Make Cloud Computing Services Cheaper

The partnership between two giants to make cloud computing services cheaper would unleash the power of Internet of Things (IoT).

CiscoGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced this weekend by Red hat that both Cisco Systems and Red Hat are aggressively working to enhance the security, performance, cost efficiency and reliability of the cloud computing services. This partnership was agreed upon recently to strengthen the concept of Internet of Things IoT in the domain of cloud computing services based on the OpenStack platform. It was further elaborated in the official announcement this week that the vendors are facing serious challenges in the handling of big data; and they are pursuing different strategies based on cloud computing services to make it easier to handle. The development of Internet of Things would be very helpful for these people to manage their big data in the cloud computing ecosystem.

This aggressive approach of both giants would enable the clients to avail the cloud computing services based OpenStack on very cheap rates. This collaborative approach is being undertaken to substantiate the dream of Cisco Systems related to the ‘Application Centric Infrastructure’ based on cloud environment.

redhat“Red Hat has a very large ecosystem and Cisco does as well, so, when you put those two ecosystems together, that provides a lot of opportunities from a vendor standpoint,” said the general manager of Cloud Product Strategy at Red Hat Company, Mr. Bryan Che in his official statement. He further added, “The partnership will allow Cisco to integrate its UCS gear with Red Hat’s OpenStack and open source distributions. OpenStack will be combined with Cisco’s UCS servers, Nexus switches and management software. The Cisco-Red Hat integrated systems will be available in different editions, including a starter edition for private clouds, an advanced edition for large private clouds and an advanced ACI edition for deploying scale-out clouds”.

It is very important to note that the dream project of Cisco systems based on Application Specific Infrastructure is a comprehensive approach to manage the big data and other applications in the cloud computing environment at very cheap rates. At present the complexity of the network to manage the big data and other company information is very high, and it requires huge money to manage. Although, Cisco is already helping its customer through two different approaches – Software Defined Networking SDN, and Network Function Virtualization NFV –, which costs them a bit higher than the anticipated cost.

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