Auro Launches a New Cloud Computing Application Marketplace

This new cloud computing application would enable the users to automate and remove many tasks related to the configuration, implementation and operations.

Auro  It was announced by the Auro Canada, the provider of only enterprise public cloud computing platform powered by OpenStack on April 5, 2015 that it has kick started a new cloud computing application marketplace to offer numerous automated process and task management capabilities to the customers.

It was further elaborated that this newly developed application would be able to remove many tasks related to operations, configuration and deployment and would replace with the automated processes that are already integrated into this exciting applications marketplace. This application includes almost all OS distributions such as CentOS, Fedora, Windows, and CoreOS; it has more than 50 libraries of leading open source packages for the developers to better benefit from the capabilities to deploy them on the Canadian cloud computing services.

The cloud computing platform of Auro is compatible with the Amazon AWS and GCI with the full API control. Auro offers a complete set of cloud related services such as cloud hosting and IT infrastructure provisioning in the Canadian data environment that is supported by the supportive regulatory laws of Canada and its local administrative units. Auro also offers cloud services that are 100% based on Canadian laws and regulations to offer great security and privacy to the customers.

While talking about the main capabilities of the Auro App Marketplace, it was informed in the official statement that the application includes many open source applications such as content management tools, infrastructure application, customer relationship management CRM and developer tools. All these applications are ready to deploy and include numerous additional features like MySQL image, Github image, Ruby, Magento hosting, Jenkins and Redmine etc.

Meanwhile, all popular content management systems CMS like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are also the fundamental part of this app marketplace. The whole platform of Auro enterprise cloud is based on open source platforms and is compatible with the Amazon Web Services AWS.

Many industry experts believe this new app marketplace would be very useful for the customers to reduce their operational and deployment costs and save substantial time. It will be much beneficial for users to choose this app due to flexible data security and privacy laws of Canada.



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HP Launches Helion Rack – A Comprehensive Private Cloud Solution

This preconfigured, tested and tuned cloud computing solution consists of HP ProLiant DL Servers, Cloud Foundry and OpenStack platforms to offer high performance, speed and cost efficiency.  A comprehensive private cloud computing solution based on HP ProLiant DL servers was officially launched through the company statement here on March 30, 2015. According to the official statement, the newly launched private cloud computing solution will offer a wide range of capabilities and flexibilities to the vendors and providers to launch the private cloud computing services very fast, easily and efficiently. This server rack is fully configured, tested and tuned for some of the standard cloud computing configurations.

It was further elaborated that the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack platforms have already been integrated within this new product, which will provide the best features of the most dynamic cloud computing platforms in the marketplace. This platform will offer flexibility management tools, workload hosting, support for multiple languages and development frameworks and cost of the services. The software development platform of Helion Rack supports numerous languages and platforms such as Ruby, Java, Erlang, ActivePerl, PHP, ActivePython, Node.js, Clojure, and Scala and others.

It was further informed regarding the converged infrastructure solutions supported by this new product that the supported solutions are preconfigured for PaaS and IaaS cloud platforms to support the native cloud applications.

In his official statement, the senior vice president of HP Helion product management division, Mr. Bill Hilf said, “Enterprise customers are asking for private clouds that meet their security, reliability and performance requirements, while also providing the openness, flexibility and fast time-to-value they require. HP Helion Rack offers an enterprise class private cloud solution with integrated application lifecycle management, giving organizations the simplified cloud experience they want, with the control and performance they need”.

While talking about the benefits of this new cloud computing solution, it was informed that this product will allow fast provisioning of infrastructure for different software development projects and will offer an optimized hosting environment for a wide range of applications from developing and testing to deployment of the same. This solution can be directly deployed on site by the HP engineers without doing any kind of configurations very quickly; thus, reducing the cost of the project and increasing the speed of the deployment.

The prices of this solution will be based the level of configuration of the Helion Rack and the solution will be available in the market within one month.


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Microsoft Launches Comprehensive App Service on Azure Cloud Platform

This newly launched App service will combine three services – mobile app, web app, and logic app – on Azure cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Azure App Service This was announced by Microsoft Corporation on March 25, 2015 that it has launched a very futuristic and comprehensive App service on its Azure cloud computing platform, which will allow the businesses to develop, integrate and run multiple applications such as mobile apps, web apps and logic apps in both SaaS and on-premises environments.

It was further elaborated in the official statement that this new feature of Azure platform will allow technical professionals, businesses and experts to automate the numerous business processes through a very attractive and easy visual designer. While talking about the features of this new service, the statement further informed that a wide range of SDK clients such as iOS, Windows, Android, and many other multi-environment platforms are supported for the mobile developers on this new service.  Among such environment, Cordova and Xamarin are a few to name.

This application would enable the businesses to achieve many capabilities such as active directory integration, hybrid connectivity and others.

While talking about this new app service, the corporate vice president of Azure App Platform at Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Bill Staples said, “App Service is an integrated solution that streamlines development, while enabling easy integration with on-premises and SaaS systems, while providing the ability to quickly automate business processes.” He further added, while talking about the individual apps integrated in this new service that, “Logic Apps connectivity is built on the foundation of API apps, meaning you can easily bring your own services and functionality to the party. And for enterprise-grade integration needs our connector library include capabilities from Microsoft Azure’s integration platform, BizTalk Services; including built-in API apps for message validation, transformation, a rules engine, trading partner management and hybrid connectivity, all built-in.”

It was further informed in the statement that this service, which integrates three different services is available in public review version and official commercial launch will be finalized very soon. The pricing of this App Service is the same that is applicable for the Azure website services. It is offering additional features at the same prices such as service from mobile, API apps, Logic app and others.

This service will offer full freedom for developers to develop both web apps and mobile apps for any device or platform very easily.


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