Cloud Based Solution Provider IndiaLinks Offers 100% Free Web Hosting

One of the largest cloud solution providers and ICANN accredited registrar IndiaLinks offers 100% free web hosting space to those who own their own domain names. This move is designed to boost the cloud penetration in home based small enterprises.

GREATRESPONDER.COM - IndiaLinks announced this week that it is going to offer 100% free web hosting services to those individuals and small enterprises who possess registered domains. This free of charge service will boost the cloud penetration into of professionals and small businesses to increase their internet presence. Small business can enhance their profits by using this hosting service to increase their outreach to their targeted audience. This move will be a great news for those people who own their domains but are restricted not to host due to limitation of budgets.

In his press release statement, the CEO of IndiaLinks, Bhavin said, “Yes, the fact is that people are taking their online identities quite seriously these days and are aware it helps in increasing their reach. We want to encourage people to take their first step into the online world hence we are offering 100% free hosting space for their registered domains”. “Our service will prove to be instrumental for small enterprises and individual professionals to benefit from the power of cloud computing technologies at no charges,” added in the press release statement.

It was further elaborated in the press release regarding this offer that customers will get all fundamental features and capabilities of web hosting services such as – website building tools, plug-in scripts, database support, ticket base customer support, multimedia support and many others.

Talking about the benefits of the offer, the CEO of the company, Bhavin said, “Many would think of having a website but it is a fact that many also do not go for it due to the costs involved. A personal website gives you a more professional look and we are targeting the first time buyers. The aim is to provide them with a cost effective way to get started with their online presence.”

Many strategic experts think that this move will increase the demand of cloud based services once the people get started with their online presence. With the passage of time these clients would start using value added services and VPS cloud servers offered by the company and this free offer will become a strong for customers to remain loyal to this company.

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Web Hosting Fozzy Preferred Partner Program for Forex Brokers

Fozzy web hosting providing ultra-fast Forex VPS services

Web Hosting Fozzy Preferred Partner Program for Forex Brokers

Web Hosting Fozzy Preferred Partner Program for Forex Brokers on Feb.25, 2013:  The web hosting provider Fozzy which provide services to wild-wide customers in United States, Asia, Europe. The web hosting company Fozzy is part of the XBT Holding that is consider as a  network solutions provider and global hosting, with data centers in the States, Singapore and Netherlands. Fozzy web hosting known for their fast hosting for all the plans and able to support all kinds of business from personal hosting to business weather small or big.

Fozzy web hosting announced the Preferred Partner Program for Forex brokers; this global program contains of many options like including discounts for Forex brokers, sales support, ondemand automated provisioning and back-office billing integration. This amaizing program is planed to support Fozzy’s current and future Forex partners grow their businesses with the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive suite of VPS service.

Now the question; what is the advantage of this program for Forex?

Fozzy web hosting exclusive service for Forex will allow Forex brokers to have a dedicated number of Fozzy Forex VPS servers for rapid deployment. A Fozzy-provided API allows brokers to link their back-office software with Fozzy, giving the brokers the ability to provide a VPS as part of their original customer order. VPS servers supplied this way will be automatically provisioned. And now we will come to the point the benefits of Forex which will  include less work for the broker, accurate provisioning, faster customer deployment, and quicker broker revenue. Brokers referring customers to Fozzy under the Fozzy Preferred Partner Program will receive a discount of 25 percent on services purchased.

With Fozzy team of professionals and experts from the world to build a different kind of web hosting which is a real ideal organization focused on honesty and transparency. Fozzy provide the customers with the highest level of secure hosting, very fast web access and cutting edge of technology. Fozzy always clear about the information about the servers, technologies, and data centers. 

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Web Hosting Vexxhost Optimize Platform to Maximize the Web Performance for High-Availability Cloud Hosting

Vexxhost web hosting provider announced the launch of Cloud Sites.

Web Hosting Vexxhost  - Cloud Sites

Web Hosting Vexxhost – Cloud Sites on Feb.14, 2013: The cPanel leading web hosting and cloud hosting provider VEXXHOST announced yesterday the launch of their Cloud Sites.  Cloud sites is a new service powered by cPanel that delivers the best cloud performance and reliability in the industry. Deployed on a state-of-the-art cloud platform and bundled with valuable features, Cloud Sites is highly redundant, ultra-fast, and instantly scalable cloud web hosting.

VEXXHOST Cloud Sites brings an extremely fast cPanel hosting platform, combined with value-adding free features and 24/7/365 monitoring and support. Customers can select from tiered cloud hosting plans to meet the demands of their businesses, and even take advantage of free expert migration to get their cloud site online.

“We have optimized every part of our infrastructure to create the best cloud hosting solution,” says Naser. “In addition, Cloud Sites include powerful software and applications to help our customers find success. We also bundle Cloud Sites with CloudFlare Railgun, which increases website performance, valued at over $200 a month and free to Cloud Sites customers. Cloud Sites customers also receive more than 200 web applications, an automated script installer, and $200 in marketing credits. By choosing Cloud Sites, customers get an optimized, feature-packed service that runs on the best infrastructure in the business.”

VEXXHOST’s new Cloud Sites service is a cPanel cloud hosting solution that runs individual accounts in isolated virtual containers. Cloud Sites offer allocated hardware resources, including RAM, CPU, and disk space, improving the performance of websites and applications. In addition, with massively scalable redundant storage that heals itself in the event of failure, customers can always be confident that their website will always remain online. The entire infrastructure is designed for performance, with optimized web servers that can handle up to 20 times more connections than standard web hosting accounts, high availability file storage, a static content offloading system and more. Using this technology, VEXXHOST provides the fastest, most dependable cPanel hosting solution in the industry.

“Cloud Sites combines the power and reliability of cloud hosting with the convenience of a managed service,” says Mohammed Naser, CEO at VEXXHOST. “Customers can sign up for an affordable Cloud Sites plan to maximize website performance, choosing a service with the cloud cycles required. Our optimized platform then has an immediate, measurable impact on page loading and application processing times. Meanwhile, our expert team takes care of server configuration and management, allowing customers to focus on their businesses, instead of working with their hosting plan. This is the first time technology like this has been available as part of a web hosting plan.”



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