VMware Partners with China Telecom to Develop Large Scale Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

The overwhelmed share of private cloud in the Chinese cloud computing market, VMware is eying ambitiously on the hybrid cloud computing services to take the benefit of the most dynamic market of Asia.

vmwareGREATRESPONDER.COM - This was announced by the VMware today that, it is going to establish a partnership with China Telecom, the IT/ Telecom giant of the most dynamic economy of the world to expand its business footprints in the hybrid cloud computing service sector. It was further informed through an official statement of the company that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between the two giant companies in the domain of cloud computing, and information technology.

The statement further maintained that the Chinese cloud market is expanding very rapidly, and the adaptability of the cloud computing and hosting services in the country is more than 70% with a regular growth of the same. Many experts believe that, with this partnership between two big giants the market share of the VMware Company in Chinese market will increase substantially.

The CEO of VMware, Mr. Pat Kissinger, in his statement said, “The overall business income of VMware increased about 20% in China in the last two years, but the increase is not easy. VMware has launched vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) previously and entered the private cloud services, hybrid cloud services market ambitiously. But vCHS didn’t work very well in domestic market.” On this occasion, the VMware president in China, Mr. Song Jiayu, in his statement said, “vCHS purely started from the technical perspective, but wasn’t adapted to China’s enterprise application environment in operation and security, and there are also risks in regulations. So, VMware hopes to get its techniques transported to China Telecom cloud computing company, which can avoid risks, and can also realize the value of its own. In order to achieve this purpose, VMware is willing to cooperate with China Telecom cloud computing company.”

Mr. Song Jiayu further said that, “Our competitors like Amazon, Microsoft and others are having tough time in china just because they don’t have strong partners in China, like we have China Telecom.”

Meanwhile, it was informed through the official statement that, both of the giant companies would engage in developing the “China Telecom Tiayni Hybrid Cloud Computing Services” for the market segments identified by China telecom such as, Education, Finance, Government, Campus and Medical sectors.

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Amazon Cloud Computing Technology Evangelist Simone Brunozzi Joins VMware

AmazonvmwareSimone Brunozzi has worked as Amazon cloud computing technology evangelist for more than 7 years; he will be chief technology officer at VMware from now on.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the former promoter of Amazon cloud computing technology through a blog post yesterday that he has found his dream job with the Virtualization giant VMware. This came as a big blow to the technology promotion of Amazon cloud services, which were being promoted with the help of expertise knowledge of Brunozzi.

It was further informed in the blog post that Mr. Simone would take over the role of Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at virtualization giant. He will take care of hybrid cloud computing portfolio to make it widely adopted in the domain of enterprise businesses.

The core emphasis of his work objectives would lay on the strengthening the vCloud Hybrid Service of VMware, especially in the domain of public cloud computing services, where the enterprise customers can deploy their applications in the public cloud and migrate their on-premises services to the private cloud.

VMware has been trying hard for long to strengthen its public cloud penetration and bring its leverage to thousands of companies who run their on-premises applications in the public domain. This move to hire Brunozzi would be very helpful in realizing the objectives to help enterprise to migrate their on-premises applications into the public cloud.

While talking about his new responsibilities, Simone Brunozzi wrote in his blog post, “The position I was offered … is both a challenge and an opportunity for me: new types of customers (more enterprise, less SMBs and startups), different ways to adopt and buy services, different barriers and incentives at play, and ultimately different players in the game.” According to the CTO of Amazon cloud computing services, Mr. Werner Vogels, “It seems that he (Simone Brunozzi) found a dream job for him.”

The cloud computing industry is noticing a huge reshuffling of the prominent managers and officers due to fierce competition in the industry and new entrants in this domain of business. In VMware perspective, it has camped many prominent figures in the industry to its fold, for example – Tony Scott & Chris Wolf. Tony was working as the chief technology officer at Microsoft Azure, while Mr. Chris has been the chief researcher at Gartner, the IT research company.

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Virtualization and Cloud Computing Infrastructure Giant VMware Declares Completion of AirWatch Acquisition

AirWatch will be an important part of VMware mobile solutions

AirWatch will be a part of VMware mobile solutions

AirWatch will be an important part of VMware mobile solutions based on cloud computing and would work under recently established department called ‘End User Computing Group’.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Finally, VMware cloud computing infrastructure giant announced the completion of the acquisition of AirWatch Company, which was acquired by the virtualization giant more than a month ago. This announcement was made public through a press release statement on Monday, Feb 24, 2014.

The official press release statement also provided the detailed information about the terms and conditions of the acquisition and operational hierarchy of the newly acquired company in the VMware corporate structure. According to the statement, a payment of as much as $1.181 billion was paid in cash, and remaining $364 million payment will be paid in installments. With this finalization of terms and conditions document, cloud computing giant assumed the unvested equity of the acquired company.

The end user computing group of VMware would take the operations and management responsibility of this newly acquired company headed by Alan Dabbiere, AirWatch’s co-founder and chairman. All members of AirWatch staff that includes former CEO and co-founder Mr. John Marshal will now work under this new department. The headquarter of the department will remain in Atlanta, GA and the entire staff of more than 1600 would be now part of VMware end user cloud computing department of VMware.

It was further explained that AirWatch will constitute and additional and expanded portfolio of mobile solutions, which will include mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile content management.

In his press release statement, the EVP and GM of End User Computing Group, Mr. Sanjay Poonen said, “We are pleased to mark the closure of the AirWatch acquisition during the week of the seminal Mobile World Congress event, where we are bringing the industry’s best enterprise mobile management and security solutions to our over 500,000 customers and 75,000 partners – We look forward to leveraging the considerable synergies of our joint engineering and go-to-market organizations, to deliver landmark innovation in enterprise mobility and secure content collaboration, for the post-PC world of heterogeneous devices — be it iOS, Android or Windows.”

This very important to note that AirWatch is a global player with more than 9 offices located across the globe and a substantial customer base of more than 10000 spread across the globe. This customer base would be part of VMware cloud computing mobile solutions.

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