SiteGround Web Hosting Provider Selects The Planet Server Cloud – 2010-08-02 – The Planet, the global web hosting leader, announced that SiteGround web hosting, one of its largest reseller partners has selected the company’s Server Cloud as the new standard for its cloud offering. According to SiteGround web hosting provider, The Planet Server Cloud uses the best virtualization technology on the market to deliver a service with outstanding reliability, redundancy and flexibility, which is suitable for business websites of all sizes.

“Server Cloud was expressly designed for our existing customers, with a platform that’s purpose-built for web-based businesses,” said Carl Meadows, senior product manager for Cloud Services with The Planet. “For resellers like SiteGround, their customers operate websites that depend on platform stability. They’ve got to be up and running around the clock, providing the performance guarantees that keep their customers coming back.”

“We were early beta participants in The Planet’s Server Cloud testing, which provided us with opportunities to offer feedback on the platform,” said Tenko Nikolov, CEO of SiteGround.  “Our customers rely on us to provide them with the best options to support their businesses, so we’ve thoroughly evaluated cloud options on the market. We were looking for pricing predictability and ample bandwidth allocations, in a no-surprises package for our customers. The Planet Server Cloud behaves like a dedicated server by guaranteeing our fair share of space, traffic and CPU, at a cheaper cost.  It’s great for small and big sites that want to cut costs while at the same time get a reliable service.”

About The Planet Server Cloud

The Planet Server Cloud provides a broad range of features for customers looking to expand their hosting profile:

Sun SAN Backend: The Planet Server Cloud is powered by a high-performance, high-availability Sun Storage Area Network (SAN). Many cloud solutions operate on local disks from the host server, leaving customers vulnerable to hardware failures that can result in down time and even data loss. Server Cloud is always available, since computing and storage resources are separate and independent. In the event of a complete host server failure, data is always protected.

Operating System Support: Customers can select operating system support from both Linux and Windows platforms, including Windows Server 2008 R2.

Next-Generation Virtualization: The Planet built its Server Cloud on the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) Hypervisor, the primary platform supported by both The Linux Foundation and the top Linux distributions, including Canonical’s Ubuntu and Red Hat. KVM supports the latest virtualization technologies, including live migration, RAM de-duplication, para-virtualized storage and network capabilities, which combine stellar performance and efficiency. While other offerings require operating system (OS) modifications, KVM does not. Customers run unaltered/native versions of their chosen OS without any requirement for development modifications. As a result, they benefit from better security since new patches and updates are immediately available without the requirement for load development intervention.

Dedicated Resources: All resources for The Planet Server Cloud are 100% guaranteed. Customers receive completely dedicated CPU, RAM, storage and network capacity, which ensures performance isn’t negatively affected by another customer’s usage.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure: The Planet Server Cloud is powered by the latest technologies. From the Sun Microsystems SAN, to network gear supplied by Juniper and Cisco, and Dell servers equipped with Intel’s fast Nehalem processors, the company has developed this robust platform to be resilient under the most difficult loads.

Seamless, Rapid CPU, RAM Upgrades: Customers buy only what they require to get started and grow their performance seamlessly as demand expands. A single system reboot from the server host recognizes any added resources.

Managed Services: The Planet offers a full array of service upgrades, including managed server monitoring and remediation, server security management and managed backup.

About The Planet

The Planet is the leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting more than 18,000 small- and medium-size businesses and 12 million Web sites worldwide. Customers have the power to choose from the broadest range of hosting solutions in the industry, from dedicated servers, Managed Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting and data center colocation, all backed by 24x7x365 support. With the best choice of servers, software tools and world-class service, backed by state-of-the-art data centers and an enterprise-class network, The Planet turns IT into a powerful competitive advantage that enables customers to grow their businesses.

About SiteGround Web Hosting is a leading provider of web hosting services that hosts more than 250,000 domains worldwide. The company offers shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, managed dedicated hosting solutions and cloud hosting. SiteGround offers a powerful system infrastructure and superior 24/7 technical support that guarantee reliability, uptime and quality of service. For more information about SiteGround

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New cloud web hosting service launched by SiteGround

Web hosting leader and innovator,, announced the release of their new cloud web hosting service based on KVM, one of the industries best virtualization technologies.  KVM is able to offer the control of guests in an OpenVZ-like manner with the isolation of Xen.  Also, it includes numerous free extras with the service which makes it extremely attractive

Cloud web hosting service is the best solution for large websites that see a large vast amount of traffic because of its ability of providing large amounts of computer resources.  Their cloud service is also powered by redundant storage on the Sun Powered Cloud Storage which ensures the reliability of your files and documents.

The virtualization technology utilized by SiteGround is KVM.  It is one of the best virtualization technologies at the moment and one of the rares ones that are being utilized in a cloud platform, it has a very good ability to split and share equally resources between clients as noted by Nikolay Todorov, CTO of SiteGround

To learn more about the new web hosting platform by SiteGround, please visit the following link:

About SiteGround:

SiteGround is one of the leading hosting providers in the web hosting industry, they host over 250,000 domains from all over the world.  They have a large offering starting from shared hosting and working their way up to business, reseller managed dedicated hosting and the recently introduced cloud hosting.  They offer a very powerful infrastructure and 24/7/365 technical support which assures you uptime and reliability.

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SiteGround Web Hosting Provider announces Holiday specials

SiteGround has started a great holiday prices. The discounts are on the prices of the web hosting plans and other popular services provided by the SiteGround. The main hosting plan now comes at a special price of $20.10 for a full year. Also there is a 50% discount on extra features is also part of the Holiday discounts.

The discount price of $20.10 chosen by SiteGround is clearly inspired by the upcoming new year 2010. It will be valid for one year accounts ordered in the period between December 16th, 2009 and January 4th, 2010. “We wanted to greet the new customers who will actually use their first account with us during the whole 2010 with a special price” – says Lilyana Yakimova, SiteGround marketing manager.

Another group who will benefit from this holiday special are existing customers as they can enhance their service with an extra features. During the last two months SiteGround has launched 4 new services: SSH access, business hosting upgrade, advanced SPAM and virus protection, and premium support. They are now provided at half price together with the most popular domain services like domain registration, transfer and WhoIs privacy.

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