Oracle Database Cloud to Provide Marketing Intelligence to Surdell and Partners Inc

The innovative step of Surdell and partners Inc will enable it to provide real time marketing intelligence to its clients that are top brands with the help of Oracle Database Cloud.

Oracle  Surdell and Partners that is a well known advertising and marketing agency, is using Oracle Database Cloud. It is the part of Oracle Cloud Platform that will help the company deliver near real-time intelligence to its customers. In the extremely competitive advertising and marketing environment, Surdell and Partners required using its limited IT resources on tactical actions that allow it to differentiate its services from much bigger groups.

For superior utilization of its IT resources, Surdell and Partners transfer its on-premises Oracle setting, to the Oracle Cloud. This permits Surdell and Partners to get better processes, decrease procedure costs, deliver its SaaS service faster, and make business expansion for its clientele.

“Oracle Database Cloud is a perfect solution for us,” said Adam Kanzmeier, Director of Customer Intelligence and Strategic Consulting, Surdell and Partners. “It offloads resource-intensive infrastructure and database administrator work, enabling us to focus on our core business, and that has allowed us to provide better service and more flexibility for our clients.”

“Many of our clients are marketing lines of business in retail companies, and the struggle they often face is getting the information they need to make key business decisions, whether it’s about inventory, pricing, timing of a campaign, etc. They need to make real-time decisions and often their internal IT departments don’t have the bandwidth to support their needs” he added.

As all of the client’s data is in the Oracle Cloud, not on the premises of the company, Surdell and Partners has been comforted of issues about security audits and procedures that were normal when the data was in the building. The company is showing more carefulness, Surdell and Partners seemed at other cloud solutions and even though Amazon hosts Oracle Database, only Oracle gives the package of database services, professional administration and database back-up they required.

The included Oracle Cloud Platform solutions that are chosen by the company are consisted of Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Application Express and Oracle Database Backup Service and the service is in use since summer 2015. As a Part of Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud give wide data managing competencies and great performance options in the cloud for operations of important business workloads.

CEO of Rackspace Cloud Hosting Company to Retire After 8 Years in the Top Slot

CEO of Rackspace Cloud Hosting Company to Retire After 8 Years in the Top Slot

CEO of Rackspace Cloud Hosting Company to Retire After 8 Years in the Top Slot

The Rackspace cloud hosting company is shifting its focus after discouraging financial results in fiscal year 2013. Former CEO will take over the charge of the top position.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Rackspace cloud hosting company on Monday, Feb 10, 2014 that the chief executive officer CEO of the company Mr. Lanham Napier is retiring from its position. In the official statement of the company, it was further informed that the new CEO of the company would be Graham Weston, who is the existing chairman of the company. It was also informed in the statement that Mr. Weston would be interim CEO till the new successor of the Napier is selected by the board of the directors later this year.

This is very important to note that Graham Weston was CEO of the company during 1999 to 2006 and he handed over the charge to Napier, who led the organization in the top slot for about a little less than 8 years. The financial results for the fourth quarter are not encouraging for the company and the share of this cloud hosting leader failed to more than 13 percent in recent days, although the revenue of the company has increased during the past fiscal year.

It has also been anticipated that the OpenStack leader cloud hosting company is shifting its business portfolio to development of cloud software platforms. Although, the company reiterated that it will continue its private cloud business and cloud storage service for enterprises.

In his statement, the chairman and new CEO of the company said, “We’ll continue to build our capability in the software, build more software that helps our hybrid cloud operate better – we’re going to continue to run more and more private clouds for companies on-premise”. It was also informed that the outgoing CEO would work as the consultant for the company to help smooth transition of the company to the new domain of the cloud hosting and cloud computing services.

While talking about the permanent CEO of the company, the statement pointed out that the company HR team is search of a suitable guy to lead the company on a permanent basis. The new CEO would be found out very soon with the consultation of the board of directors.

Web Hosting Fozzy Preferred Partner Program for Forex Brokers

Fozzy web hosting providing ultra-fast Forex VPS services

Web Hosting Fozzy Preferred Partner Program for Forex Brokers

Web Hosting Fozzy Preferred Partner Program for Forex Brokers on Feb.25, 2013:  The web hosting provider Fozzy which provide services to wild-wide customers in United States, Asia, Europe. The web hosting company Fozzy is part of the XBT Holding that is consider as a  network solutions provider and global hosting, with data centers in the States, Singapore and Netherlands. Fozzy web hosting known for their fast hosting for all the plans and able to support all kinds of business from personal hosting to business weather small or big.

Fozzy web hosting announced the Preferred Partner Program for Forex brokers; this global program contains of many options like including discounts for Forex brokers, sales support, ondemand automated provisioning and back-office billing integration. This amaizing program is planed to support Fozzy’s current and future Forex partners grow their businesses with the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive suite of VPS service.

Now the question; what is the advantage of this program for Forex?

Fozzy web hosting exclusive service for Forex will allow Forex brokers to have a dedicated number of Fozzy Forex VPS servers for rapid deployment. A Fozzy-provided API allows brokers to link their back-office software with Fozzy, giving the brokers the ability to provide a VPS as part of their original customer order. VPS servers supplied this way will be automatically provisioned. And now we will come to the point the benefits of Forex which will  include less work for the broker, accurate provisioning, faster customer deployment, and quicker broker revenue. Brokers referring customers to Fozzy under the Fozzy Preferred Partner Program will receive a discount of 25 percent on services purchased.

With Fozzy team of professionals and experts from the world to build a different kind of web hosting which is a real ideal organization focused on honesty and transparency. Fozzy provide the customers with the highest level of secure hosting, very fast web access and cutting edge of technology. Fozzy always clear about the information about the servers, technologies, and data centers.