IBM Acquires UStream to Expand Its Cloud based Video Streaming Services

IBM has created a new cloud based video streaming services unit which will help IBM to provide a digital video services platform to the existing customers as well as the  new enterprises.  IBM announces the acquisition of Ustream, which is a cloud-based video streaming service provider. The company provides its services to the organizations and the presenters for the whole thing from business meetings to live music show. The company also streams live and on-demand video to about 80 million audiences each month. It has customers like NASA, Samsung, Facebook, Nike and The Discovery Channel.

The Ustream will connect to the newly created IBM Cloud Video Services unit that coalesces assets from IBM’s R&D labs and planned acquisitions. After the acquisition the IBM will become able to deliver an influential portfolio of video services that spans open API expansion, digital and illustrated analytics, easy management and reliable delivery across global businesses.

“Video has become a first-class data type in business that requires accelerated performance and powerful analytics that allows clients to extract meaningful insights,” said Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud.

“Aligning our expansive video and cloud innovations into an integrated unit will create opportunities for clients to take advantage of this medium in the most strategic way possible,” he added.

“Video is the most powerful and emotional medium,” said Brad Hunstable, CEO, Ustream. “Increasingly it is becoming the favored form of communication, not just for entertainment, but also for business. We’ve built a video platform that is easy-to-use” he said.

The IBM Cloud is bringing together transformational competences into the new Cloud based Video Services unit to help customers across a broad array of industries incorporate video into a premeditated source of data. It will be consist of government services, media & entertainment, education and retail.

The new unit merges assets from Ustream, as well as the recent purchase of Clearleap. It will also make elucidation that will put together technologies from other IBM funds, including Aspera and Cleversafe, as well as IBM R&D advancement.

After uniting these improvements, IBM is making an important Cloud platform that allows customers to effortlessly consume, accumulate and run live and on demand videos. It will also help the company in enhancing its services through analytics, applying privileges management and language capabilities, and distributing them time after time across the world.

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IBM kick-starts the Alert Notification Service for Bluemix

This useful service is a  great addition in the IBM cloud computing services as it is an easy to use and very simple notification system for IT operation team members that use multiple monitoring tools.

IBM alert  IBM has recently launched the “Alert Notification Service” which is the response to the increasing demand of the customers who works on multiple monitoring tools at the same time. This alert service will enable the users to get an instant notification if any kind of issue arises in your IT working environment. This new cloud computing service will help you in optimizing the performance of your business and it will increase the satisfaction level of the customers by providing instant response to any issue.

“It gives IT staff with instant notification of alerts for any issues in your IT operations environment, optimizing your business performance, increasing customer satisfaction, and protecting revenue. Because IBM Alert Notification is provided as a service, the required server infrastructure is installed and managed by IBM, reducing your time-to-value and offering low-maintenance ownership” Dev Ambasna, business programs and social lead for IT Ops at IBM, wrote in his blog post.

“IBM Alert Notification offers easy-to-implement filtering of alerts, for example on the severity of problems, so that you can focus on the real problems and disregard the “noise” in your IT environment” he further said.

This alert service provides you customization options so that you can easily focus on that issues which are severed in nature and avoid those problems which are not important or critical at that point of time. The cloud computing notification service also helps you in creating custom groups so that you can easily reflect the structure of your enterprise. It will enable the system to send right notification to the right staff member who can resolve the problem easily.

IBM made it easy for their cloud computing customers to define which alert notification should reach you. You can create the filters which will enable you to get only those alerts, which are related to your IT operations environment. The unacknowledged alerts will go to the appropriate person after a set period of time.

You can also supervise the status of alert notifications online, you can also perform actions to respond them and track them whether they are resolved or not. This service will also enable you to track the history of the alerts to find any pattern in the problems.

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IBM Acquires the Clearleap’s Cloud Based Video Service

The acquisition of Clearleap cloud based video service provider will improve the cloud users’ access to the videos by integrating IBM Cloud computing Service with Clearleap’s video library delivery platform.

Clearleap  IBM announces that it has acquired the cloud based video service provider Clearleap in a bid which will make the video a strategic source of data at any point of time on any device. To provide their clients with global service and technical support for problem identification and its cloud computing solution, Clearleap video service will be offered through IBM Cloud Data Centers all around the world. Through this service the clients will be able to share data and content across hybrid clouds.

“Clearleap joins IBM at a tipping point in the industry when visual information and visual communication are not just important to consumers, but are exploding across every industry,” said Robert LeBlanc, SVP, IBM Cloud. “This comes together for a client when any content can be delivered quickly and economically to any device in the most natural way.”

IBM will also offer the Clearleap APIs on IBM Bluemix in 2016 so clients can build new video offerings quickly and easily. In addition, the Clearleap platform includes subscription and monetization services and data centers from which to host digital video assets. This service will enable the IBM cloud computing customers to pass the multi screen video experience on to their own clients very easily.

“IBM is focused on being an essential partner to the rapidly changing M&E industry by helping our clients deliver personalized content to the right customer in real time anywhere in the world,” said Steven Canepa, GM, IBM. “The combination of Clearleap with our proven hybrid cloud capabilities will deliver exciting new video solutions.”

He further said that this is the part of its broader strategy to help clients realize the value of video as it becomes increasingly important in business. With businesses increasingly using video for CEO webcasts, conference keynotes, customer care and how-to videos, a secure, scalable and open cloud-based system for managing these services has become a priority.

IBM also announced a new system which will enable the developer to create an app which can be tapped into vast amounts of unstructured data, IBM Object Storage, which is available on IBM Bluemix cloud computing service. According to IBM, 80% of the 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is created every day, which is totally unstructured and most of the content is video.

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