Verizon and VMturbo Team-up to Provide Smart Cloud Control Services

This collaboration is starting its service, which initially includes the connection with Amazon Web Service, IBM SoftLayer ,and Microsoft Azure. It will also provide complement to the Verizon’s Cloud Computing Service.

VMTurbo &  US Telecom giant Verizon and VMTurbo a control system provider jointly announced the launch of Intelligent Cloud Control, which will greatly help the customers of Verizon to migrate their workloads to the most efficient and effective public cloud cervices. This system works in an intelligent way and after calculating the performance and needs of the client, suggest the best cloud service provider match for the clients. They claim it’s the first automated system of its kind in the marketplace.

“Intelligent Cloud Control is different from today’s cloud brokers and managers as it factors in application performance and price,” said Endre Sara, VP of advanced solutions of VMTurbo.

Previously, the practice was totally different and it was all manual, the brokerages used to recommend the work load placement to the public cloud service provider manually. The new Intelligent Cloud Control will give an automatic system to the Verizon’s customers, which will instantly calculate the price, performance and placement. It will also make all the sizing and configuration decisions which are needed to install and transfer all workloads to the public cloud service providers.

This intelligent Cloud Control Service will allow the users to attain three main benefits: control public cloud workloads through a single Verizon interface; budget and control the public cloud use to help avoid billing surprises; and guarantee the performance and compliance of workloads beyond CSP-specific cloud monitoring.

Verizon director of enterprise networking Victoria Lonker said: “With Verizon’s Intelligent Cloud Control, we are removing the complexities and myriad trade-offs between price, performance and compliance in various public cloud services and enabling them to focus instead on the applications and services that their end-users demand all within a secure environment.”

The partners also claim that this automated system will be easy to use because of user friendly interface and it will help the users to remain on top of performance and compliance through exact cloud monitoring.

VMTurbo’s Application Performance Control system is used by 1200 enterprises to guarantee the quality of service for applications and to make full use of all resources in cloud and virtualized environments. The ‘Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control powered by VMTurbo’ service will launch during the first quarter of 2016.

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IBM Announces a Series of Innovations to IBM Spectrum Storage

IBM Spectrum Storage is cloud storage solutions software of IBM, these innovations will help the largest enterprises with storage management, data security and reduced data cost.

IBM Spectrum cloud  IBM recently announced a series of innovations to its software defined cloud storage family IBM Spectrum storage. IBM said that the new features of the IBM spectrum storage include IBM Spectrum Virtualized storage virtualization for improved security and management of large amounts of data and storage. It will help the customers of IBM Spectrum Storage in the security of their data and the cost of handling the big data will also reduce.

“As organizations transform into digital business, they increasingly require a solution to store data safely and cost effectively,” said Jamie Thomas, GM IBM Storage. “The advancements in Spectrum Storage will help clients by increasing data security and improving data storage management.”

A survey of organizations of all sizes shows that the data security is the priority of all organizations and a research reveals that the data encryption feature is the most considerable point of IT managers this year. IBM is offering a new software feature which will remove the need of purchasing of new infrastructure for data encryption; it will provide the data encryption on the existing heterogeneous storage system.

“Data encryption has become one of the top priorities for our clients as they face more stringent corporate security requirements around data storage,” said David Howard, of Key Information Systems. “Now, with IBM Spectrum Virtualize and its ability to encrypt external storage, customers have a single, standard storage encryption solution that protects their current storage investments eliminating the need for islands of encryption or the purchase of new storage systems.”

The new IBM Spectrum Scale software and the IBM Elastic Storage Server integrated system are able to help the clients in reducing the capital and operating cost of handling of large volume files used by cloud storage applications. Along with the above mentioned features IBM is also adding new cloud services with a fast speed to help the customers deploy apps in the cloud.

For a running business a short downtime can increase the number of dissatisfied customers. These new features of cloud storage along with apps will help in updating the software without any downtime. The new services help developers avoid disruption to app when deploying updates, eliminate complexity from manual processes, and integrate data from sources of real-time information.

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IBM Introduces Intel’s Chip Level Security to SoftLayer Cloud Computing Severs

SoftLayer is the first company in the ‘Cloud Computing Service’ domain to incorporate Intel’s chip based security in its services.

softlayerGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the SoftLayer Company on Monday, September 08, 2014 that it has implemented the most secure and robust security modules based on the Intel’s chips in its cloud computing services. The chip level security of Intel Corporation is based on the most cutting edge technology of the company called as Trusted Execution Technology (TXT). The TXT is the most powerful monitoring and security tool, which will be used in the cloud computing services for the SoftLayer enterprise customers. It was informed in the statement of the company that many companies that require very high level security will be able to get the level of security they are looking for such as, semi government, government and other organizations.

In his official statement, the chief technology officer at SoftLayer Cloud Computing Company, Mr. Marc Jones said, “TXT can offer a “chain-of-trust” from the SoftLayer servers back to an organization’s internal auditing and compliance monitoring processes. TXT also provides a validation that the device hasn’t been tampered with, and that there isn’t any man-in-the-middle spoofing. We can offer a chain-of-trust from the customer’s on-premise environment to the SoftLayer environment.” While talking about the features and capabilities of the TXT technology, Jones added that, “TXT also offers the ability to identify the exact location of a server through geolocational tracking, so the customer can be assured that its cloud server is located where SoftLayer claims it to be. Many government agencies require that their external cloud operations take place within their own jurisdiction. With TXT, I can know where my servers are in the cloud.”

It was further elaborated in the company statement that, the TXT is proven technology in terms of monitoring and security that will be very beneficial for many kinds of organizations such governmental, financial, and healthcare organizations. The chip is incorporated in Xeon processor; it verifies each and every cloud computing service components such as, hypervisor, operating system, and firmware to make sure that they are authentic and secure to be allowed in the cloud computing platform of SoftLayer. This technology is available in different Soft Layer’s bare metal servers such as, Xeon E-5 4600, Xeon E-5 1200-V3, and Xeon E-5 2600-V2. The more processors would be added with other releases.

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