Tangentia Canada Joins Hands with SoftLayer to Strengthen Cloud Computing Portfolio

A long term partnership of tangentia with IBM has been converted into a strong cloud computing based business relationship with the SoftLayer platform, an IBM cloud company.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Tangentia Canada yesterday that it is going to extend its long relationship with the IBM into a cloud computing based relationship with IBM’s cloud computing service provider company, the SoftLayer. It was also informed through an official statement that with this partnership with the SoftLayer, Tangentia would be able to expand its cloud portfolios with the IBM subsidiary in the domain of cloud computing services.

“This partnership with the SoftLayer company is initially for only United States and Canada, later it will be extended to other regions of the world,” as maintained by the company through its press release statement. With this partnership, the Tangentia would be in position to offer a wide range of cloud based of SoftLayer to the customers across the USA and Canada. Tangentia would also help customers to accelerate the implementation of the cloud services based on the IBM’s subsidiary. It will also span the SoftLayer based Software as a Service (SaaS) and middleware solutions to the prospective customers.

Meanwhile, the statement also elaborates that the SoftLayer would enhance the cloud computing services’ portfolio of Tangentia by offering the industry grade services to the customers of its partner.

The managing partner at Tangentia Mr. Vijay Thomas, in his statement, said, “Tangentia brings a strong passion for the cloud, that will help IBM middleware and SaaS customers evolve to better meet the needs of an ever-changing world. Tangentia is uniquely positioned to help customers create, identify and capture SoftLayer opportunities based on our development of proprietary cloud offerings like our Tangentia Commerce Gateway (TCG), and deep expertise in IBM software and technologies. Tangentia’s team of more than 50 IBM-dedicated specialists in the United States, Canada & India coupled with our extensive services team, is poised and ready to work with customers to help them leverage the tremendous cloud market opportunity.”

Meanwhile, one of the major Tangentia customers in Canada, Mr. Dominic Leblanc, in his statement maintained that, “We look forward to working with Tangentia as they are our preferred IBM Business Partner to explore how we could take our IBM software stack to the cloud. Tangentia has a proven record of bringing solutions built on software, services and hardware to a global customer base. With the addition of SoftLayer to Tangentia’s portfolio, we look forward to being able to rely on a single reliable partner for end-to-end cloud implementation.”

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IBM to Launch Public Sector Specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure to Expand Business Area

A network of new data centers, robust security mechanism, and the high speed connectivity would provide solid cloud computing infrastructure specially designed for government sector business.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – Another important announcement related to the public sector cloud computing business was made public by the Big Blue yesterday that it is going to start a comprehensive and consolidated cloud computing infrastructure that will be specifically designed for government organizations. This new project is a part of the huge investment – as much as $1.2 billion – of the company to be invested for enhancing the data centers for cloud computing services under the SoftLayer business subsidiary of IBM.

It was further informed in the official statement of the company that the new cloud computing infrastructure would include a series of data centers and high speed internet connectivity between those data centers. The first data center of this series of data centers would be established in the Dallas, TX. According to the statement, the Dallas data center would be online by the June 16, 2014. While the second important data center for government specific services would be established in Ashburn, Virginia; and, it will be online by the fall of this year.

Talking about the features and capabilities of these data centers and connecting network, the statement further informed that the capacity of the government specific data centers would be about 30,000 servers initially; later on, the same would be expanded as per requirements. The speed of the network connectivity would be able to cater as much demand as 2000 gigabytes per second. Both of these data centers would be certified under FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program), and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Both of these certifications are the basic requirements for qualifying the space for government agencies and organizations.

The official statement of the company further elaborated about the expansion of the cloud computing infrastructure of the company that the capacity of the SoftLayer would be doubled by the end of year 2014 with as many as 40 data centers across the five continents of the globe. The targeted countries for these data centers are Mexico, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, and the USA.

It is very important to note that many companies, such as – AWS, Mirantis, Google, Azure, and others – are trying hard to get substantial portion of cloud computing business in the public sector.

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IBM Starts SoftLayer Data Center in Hong Kong to Expand Its Global Cloud Computing Footprints

Hong Kong data center of SoftLayer would strengthen the global presence of IBM’s for its cloud computing operations in the Asia Pacific region.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Big Blue Corporation at the start of this week that it has successfully started one state of the art data center in the Hong Kong for its SoftLayer cloud computing service providing division. The company further explained that this data center is being established in Asia Pacific region to strengthen its cloud computing business operations across the globe and especially in the Asia Pacific region.

The official statement of the company further elaborated that IBM is aggressively pursuing its ambition to become the leader cloud computing service provider. To achieve the desired objectives, the company acquired the SoftLayer and announced a huge investment in this cruising domain of business. IBM has already allocated as much as $1.2 billion to expand the data centers across the globe; Hong Kong data center is a part of that global expansion project to strengthen the cloud computing services of the company.

This is the first data center out of the fifteen (15) datacenters planned to be established this year. These all 15 data centers would be the most sophisticated and state of the art ones, which will make the cloud computing services of the company more reliable, robust and competitive in the marketplace. More than 25 data centers across the globe have already been made fully operational to realize the ambitions of the company to become leading provider of the cloud computing services globally.

While explaining about the features and capabilities of the Hong Kong based data center, the company’s official statement maintained that this state of the art data center can house as many as 15,000 servers. This would be the third point of presence in the region after, Singapore and Tokyo data centers. It was also informed in the statement that IBM is also opening mainframe Linux and cloud computing center in Mainland China in Beijing city.

With this new data center and point of presence in the Hong Kong region, the company would be able to cater the fast rising demands of cloud computing services of the enterprise customers in the region. This is important to note that, in recent years, a huge growth in the cloud computing service demand has been noticed in the Asia pacific region.

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