Web Hosting Provider, Host595, Has a Big First Year Discount

GreatResponder.com – September 15, 2008 – Host595 Linux shared web hosting provider, has announced its big promotion, A One Year, One Dollar hosting, This is to allow new clients to get an entire year of shared web hosting, at one dollar only.

”This hosting offer is a bold move, as we are offering new customers an entire year of free service. In essence, we are doubling down on the notion that our customers will see the real value in our service, and ultimately become long-term patrons. Our company has been built on customer service, reliability, and value, and we see this as a trend continuing in the near and long term. From powerful servers to leading-edge new features, we are truly all about our customers. We intend to exceed expectations, and that’s what this promotion is all about.” CTO of Host595, Majid Rasool said.

Clients need to have their domains hosted and registered with another hosting company, so they can participate in this big promotion. Clients need to use this coupon code ‘host595ref’ when they checkout to have the sum of order total automatically to $1 per year. For the second year, the web hosting plan will return to its regular price and billed at $5.95/m. This plan includes unmetered data transfer and unmetered disk space. The $1.00 per Year promotion deal is valid until September 30, 2008.

Host595 web hosting is providing MailFoundry enterprise spam filtering which offers unparalleled protection against all kinds of spam. MailFoundry is installed within the datacenter level on a dedicated appliance to monitor incoming emails with next-generation filtering and real-time anti-spam rules to virtually eliminate and reduce false positives. Host595 web hosting also deploy Litespeed Web server on all of their servers to make sure of a fast page loading and robust server performance. Litespeed Web server is a leading alternative to Apache Web server and it provides all the compatibility and has more secure environment.

Host595 web hosting is founded in 2007, they are a premier provider of shared Web hosting using Linux solutions, and they offer a single web hosting plan which meets most of the needs of a wide range of clients. Host595 web hosting offers 24/7/365 customer support witha wide variety of enterprise features, such as Litespeed Web server and MailFoundry enterprise anti-spam.

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