Announcement by Hostgator: More than Fifty Percent of Growth in 2009

HostGator one of the top well-known web hosting providers in the hosting industry which already was ranked 21st on the 2008 Inc. list, once again reports great growth in 2009.

Global Industry News, in a meeting with Hostgator web hosting provider, is announcing a great amount of growth in the past year. Douglas Hanna, the Customer Service Manager, stated: “The number of customers we have increased by more than 50% over the course of 2009”.
In explaining the growth Douglas Hanna said, “A large portion of our growth is a result of word of mouth advertising that comes from our existing customers. We really pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and spend a lot of time and money ensuring that we’re providing the best service we can and that we’re always improving in areas where we might be falling relatively short. That is something our customers seem to appreciate and as a result, they continue to refer us to their friends, family, and co-workers.”
Brent Oxley, CEO and founder of Hostgator, explained why they are outpacing their competitors: “Our customer service is definitely an important differentiator. There aren’t many companies that provide 24/7/365 US-based support over the phone, email, and live chat in the web hosting industry, much less at our price point. We also have a competitive set of product and service offerings that give our customers the tools they need to succeed on the Internet and get the most out of their web hosting. A good product lineup coupled with good customer service is something that has worked very well for us so far.”
About Hostgator:
Established in 2003 from a dorm room in, Florida by Brent Oxley who was a freshman in college at the time, he grew the company mainly by word of mouth, to become now one of the major web hosting providers, and also HostGator became one of the fastest growing companies in America ranking 21st on the 2008 Inc. 5000 List, They have now over 200,000 customers.

Web Hosting Provider, HostGator and SmarterTools have a Partnership

HostGator web hosting provider a company that offer shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting, has partnered with SmarterTools Inc., this partnership add a new line of hosting software to Windows dedicated server clients.

The new service includes SmarterMail Windows mail server; SmarterStats Web log analytics and SmarterTrack customer service software solution. This three software are valued at $750 but it will be added to every Windows dedicated server for free.

Founder and CEO of HostGator, Brent Oxley said ”At HostGator, we’ve always prided ourselves on giving our customers additional value for their money. Our partnership with SmarterTools is going to give our Windows hosting customers just that – a wide variety of high quality features and services that they would have a much more difficult time getting elsewhere.”

Unlimited web Hosting Plan only $4.49 per month: Quality web hosting, Xeon Quad Core, 8GB RAM, RAID storage, premium network, unlimited domains, unlimited MYSQL, unlimited emails, unlimited FTP, 4000GB disk space, 40000GB bandwidth.

SmarerMail is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange but less expensive, The email agent has enterprise functionality and can serve ISPs, Web hosting and businesses. it has a lot of features such as events/notifications, detailed reporting, email archiving, throttling, advanced synchronization, intrusion detection/prevention and antispam and antivirus. HostGator web hosting customers will enjoy all these user-friendly and effective mail server functions.

Vice president of business operations for SmarterTools, Jeff Hardy said, ”SmarterTools is excited by our partnership with HostGator. HostGator has a reputation for providing reliable Web hosting and quality service, and we are proud that they trust our products to continue to deliver value to their Windows hosting customers.”

SmarterTrack is a help desk software which is built to manage, track and report about communications and customer service, such as support and sales issues. This include a live chat, ticket system, WhosOn, branding and language support, data mining, cost analysis, reporting, surveys, and also a knowledge Base.

SmarterStats is a nice web log analytics application that handles many kinds of log file, including Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache, this can be applied on Linux and Windows operating systems. Also, SmarterStats report a detailed Web statistics for both small and large businesses and can reduce disk space utilization to up to 85%.

Host Gator Web Hosting Provider, starts to provide WHMCS

Web hosting provider Host Gator started to add billing software “WHMCS” to the reseller and dedicated hosting clients.

“WHMCS” software is available now to existing and new clients with no additional cost. The software provides flexible, automated and easy-to-use billing and management for web hosts and other online businesses.

Host Gator’s President and Founder, Mr. Brent Oxley explained “Billing is a critical part of the hosting business and we want to do everything we can to streamline this process for our resellers,”. “WHMCS is a top of the line billing solution that will make life easier for many of our reseller partners.”

WHMCS software has a nice range of helpful features like knowledge base, support ticket, downloads and server status overview. The software also automatically opens, suspends and terminates client’s accounts and provides nice automated billing method that has accounting reports and features.

Host Gator web hosting also has reduced the cost of its shared web hosting plans and increased bandwidth and space.

Mr. Oxley added “host Gator continues to show why it offers the best value in the industry” “Customers were begging for more disk space and bandwidth to accommodate their growing online needs, and that’s what we gave them.” Host Gator web hosting has also started to offer reduced prices on prepaid accounts.