EasyCGI Web Hosting Provider have hosting plans with Window Server 2008

Easy CGI web hosting, a Microsoft Partner, said that it has become one of the first web hosting providers that started to offer Windows Server 2008 webhosting for all shared webhosting plans.

The company states that Windows Server 2008 webhosting features IIS 7 which builds upon the previous IIS 6 release can provide an enhanced security with performance for webhosting. The new server platform also allow hosting customers to have the flexibility to set up their hosting plans on Windows 2008, or Windows 2003.

Microsoft says that IIS 7 is the most ambitious Microsoft Web server it has yet offered and by having such features as FastCGI, which runs powerful PHP applications at high performance levels, and feature delegation, which lets users modify many website settings quickly through the web.config file. By offering more and better controls to developers, Windows Server 2008 enables them to develop applications locally, and then transfer them to the live server, without having to make updates to the server site.

“Easy CGI is proud to be one of the first providers of Windows 2008 hosting” said Ted Beckwith, vice president of Easy CGI. “As a Microsoft Partner, EasyCGI has the ability to learn, implement, and deploy new Microsoft technologies before other providers. We then use this expertise to offer optimal web hosting products and support to our customers.”

“Windows 2008 and IIS 7 have many new features that will reduce total cost of ownership and improve manageability; these benefits will be passed on directly to our customers” said Dan Richfield, President of Easy CGI. “For example, technologies such as FastCGI pre-compile an image of the PHP script being used. This gives our customers the ability to develop robust PHP applications that will perform at the highest level and not cause to much overhead on Easy CGI’s servers. It’s a win – win situation for both.”

Easy CGI web hosting added Plesk 8.2 to its VPS plans

Easy CGI web hosting has added Plesk 8.2 Web Hosting Control Panel to its VPS web hosting plans. The Plesk 8.2 upgrade adds to Easy CGI web hosting clients more comprehensive and better security server management for their web hosted websites and web applications. Now users that have a very little or even no technical knowledge can use domains and create emails.

Dan Richfield, President at Easy CGI web hosting said. “Easy CGI’s virtual dedicated servers provide a logical upgrade path for customers wanting advanced hosting solutions on a dedicated system,” and he added “With Plesk 8.2’s improved stability and fully automated features, we can offer affordable, advanced hosting to our customers. We are thrilled to have this latest version of Plesk.”

With Plesk 8.2 control panel service providers can share server resources which reduce their operating cost. Plesk 8.2 Hosting Control Panel make clients access a too many management tools and web applications to manage many virtual private servers on a single physical server – with Virtuozzo. The virtual servers look like they were a stand-alone servers but they can share the hardware, the systems, and applications through the host server.

Easy CGI web hosting is a leading Windows Web hosting provider for more than 6 years, they provide quality web hosting with good customer service. Since 1998, Easy CGI web hosting has become of the well known Web Hosting Provider, by hosting over 20,000 Web sites.

Web hosting provider Easy CGI joins Better Business Bureau Seal

Easy CGI web hosting, a provider since 1998, joins the Better Business Bureau and puts its Reliability Seal on his website, to show the highest standards of its company. As it was announced, The Better Business Bureau accepted Easy CGI as a member.

That’s put the BBB.ORG Reliability Seal on their website to reflect the Easy CGI customer-focused committed and their dedication to the highest standards of customer service and product offerings.

“Reliability is the name of the game when it comes to serving customers over the Internet” Dan Richfield, President and C.E.O. of Easy CGI, said in a company press release. “We believe in providing our customers with the most feature rich products at an affordable price. Our customer’s trust in our service is very important to us, and as our customer base continues to expand, we will continue to offer the same high level of service.”

Easy CGI web hosting provides a full set of web hosting services containing many shared web hosting plans, virtual private server plans and domain names registrations with very affordable prices, high quality and great support.