Web Hosting Provider “The Planet” Launches Virtual Rack

Web hosting provider, The Planet, one of the global provider in IT web hosting, announced its new Virtual Rack Solution Bundles, this is a pre-configured solutions for web hosting with two and more servers. Virtual Rack is available in three kinds of packages, these bundles are featured to meet various hosting requirements, and it starts from basic till advanced hosting. This Virtual Rack solution is good for clients who need a flexible, scalable infrastructure to contain rapid growth.

The bundles are available in three types which make purchasing process very simple:

  • The Performance Bundle is The Planet’s highest robust solution. It added to the Advanced and Essential Bundle an additional quad-core Web server for a total of three servers, they are fully managed with dedicated Cisco ASA 5510SP firewall, also a wide array of managed services, like backup, security and server monitoring.
  • The Advanced Bundle has all the features of the Essential package, and a RAID 1 database server with 15,000RPM SAS drives to make database access very fast. This also includes superior load balancing, with three times the capacity and speed of the Essential Bundle.
  • The Essential Bundle has two Intel quad-core servers with load balancing. This system is ideal for mission-critical applications.

Bryce Edwards, The Planet’s general manager for complex infrastructure said “Many SMBs require the ability to grow their hosted environments quickly and easily, yet aren’t sure where to start,” he also added “With our new Virtual Rack Solution Bundles, we’ve prepackaged three of our most popular virtual rack configurations, making it an easy choice to meet particular business requirements. All of our bundles feature drive-level redundancy, 1Gbps connection speed and bandwidth pooling, and customers receive additional value by taking advantage of low introductory pricing.”

There is also an offer from The Planet that ends on Dec. 31; they are the Virtual Rack Solution Bundles with unbeatable prices. The Advanced Bundle is priced now for $1,329.60 per month, this is a 20% savings. The Performance Bundle is priced at $2,048.85 per month; it is discounted for more than 25%. The Essential Bundle now has a price of $801.55 per month, normally the price is $943 per month.

The Planet Web Hosting Provider Offers Virtual and Private Rack Promotions

The Planet web hosting provider has good offers on virtual and private racks; this was announced on November 2nd. The Planet, with its slogan “the global leader in IT hosting”, has now new three offers that will enable clients to upgrade their hosting plans.

The Planet’s clients now can add servers to their virtual or private racks at a big discount of up to 50% for the first two months. This discount is not applies on all of The Planet’s plans, Only certain plans including the Core2 Duo 4500, the Dual Xeon 5405and the Xeon 3040 has this discount. New private rack clients with more than three servers will receive even a big a 70 % discount on “shelf” prices. Moreover, The Planet has offers for about 50% discount on RAID cards for virtual and private rack clients. These discounts will stay until November 30, 2008, or “while supplies last”.

General Manager of the The Planet, Bryce Edwards explained “Ecommerce continues to grow, requiring businesses to have a strong online presence for complex infrastructure solutions,” he also added “The Planet’s private and virtual racks help businesses accommodate increased demands on IT infrastructure, with the benefits of unlimited server-to-server transfer, pooled bandwidth and advanced security technologies. With these promotions, our customers can prepare for growth during the holidays and beyond, while keeping capital expenditures to a minimum.”

The Planet web hosting is the place of more than 25,000 small and medium-size businesses by hosting about 13.3 million sites globally. The Planet’s Planet Alpha plans also offer self-managed dedicated servers while its plans “Planet Northstar” which are a managed hosting plans offers a fully managed web hosting plans.

Web Hosting Provider, “The Planet”, Reports Record Second Quarter

Dedicated Server Web Hosting Provider, “The Planet”, a privately held dedicated web hosting company has announced its records for the quarter which ended in June 30, 2008, this report update to customers, business partners and prospects has information relative to new progress and initiatives.

The second quarter highlights:

Touch Support Acquisition: The Company acquired Indiana-based Touch Support, as a way of introducing a fresh portfolio of advanced services for its self-managed dedicated server customers who are with the Planet Alpha brand. Those customers can select now from either a bundled or modular suite of services, like monitoring, server administration and security. Other services will be added during the balance of the year.

High Customer Activity: The Planet added more than 1,700 customers in the second quarter. The biggest growth in the second quarter came from its current customers, as they continued to expand their servers.

Expansion of Dallas Data Center: The Company began construction on an extension of 12,000 square feet in Dallas D6 data center, bringing the total data center area to 167,000 square feet.

New Virtual Racks: The Planet added new virtual racks for clients who need advanced solutions that offer a smaller footprint and also cost-effective with as few as two servers.

Data Center Award: Vice President of Facilities Jeff Lowenberg awarded by TechTarget’s SearchDataCenter.com by its prestigious data center Manager of the Year award. He was recognized for his hard work that can save the company more than $1 million on energy costs in 2008 alone.

Executive Appointment: The Planet appointed Robert Walters to manage its newly established storage and backup business unit, his responsibilities is to start new strategy and developing new products to extend the company profile.

Headquarters Award: The Planet won the Landmark 08 award for Best Corporate Headquarters Relocation by the Houston Business Journal.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Douglas J. Erwin noted, ”We had another significant quarter of annualized double-digit growth, accented by continued operational improvements, and again exceeding our plan. From our product portfolio, private racks continue to accelerate and contribute significantly to our revenue growth. Concurrently, our largest customers continue to grow with us at double the company’s overall growth rate, which underscores their satisfaction with the depth of our products, services and support. This quarter we made our first acquisition, with the purchase of Indiana-based Touch Support. We have already begun incorporating these services, which provide additional capabilities for our dedicated server customers. We will continue to build-out our infrastructure and services, providing customers with the power to choose precisely what they require from the broadest range of products and services in the industry.