AWS Launches Revamped EC2 Dedicated Cloud Hosting Services

This new feature  from Amazon Web Service will enable the users to get a comprehensive knowledge about their dedicated cloud hosting and the server location to know where their Virtual Machines are running.

Amazon cloud  Amazon Web Service announces the launch of a new service EC2 Dedicates Hosts. This new service will not only provide the knowledge of the server, which will be running the machines of the users, but it will also include many management features to help the users in reducing the licensing costs. The reason behind this new services EC2 Dedicated Hosts is that the users of dedicated cloud hosting feel unease because they never know that where their virtual machines are running.

“You can bring your existing server-based licenses for Windows Server, SQL Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and other enterprise systems and products to the cloud. Dedicated Hosts provide you with visibility into the number of sockets and physical cores that are available so that you can obtain and use software licenses that are a good match for the actual hardware” AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr said.

He further said that this new service has improvements in four main areas of their user’s concern which are licensing costs, compliance, usage tracking and better control over the instances through their virtual machines. The Dedicated Hosts (DH) service will allow users to port their existing server-based licenses for Windows Server, SQL Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and other products to the cloud.

Among other exciting features of EC2 Dedicated Hosts is that feature which will provide the ability to see the number of sockets and physical cores that are available to a customer before they invest in software licenses, it will reduce the chances of overpaying because users can pre-plan the usage of its dedicated cloud hosting service. Another management improvement is created by the Control Instance Placement feature, that promises ‘fine-grained control’ over the placement of EC2 instances on each Dedicated Host.

“EC2 automatically monitors the health of each of your Dedicated Hosts and communicates it to you via the Console. The state is normally available; it switches to under-assessment if we are exploring a possible issue with the Dedicated Host” Jeff said.

He further said that the provision of physical server will be welcome by the cloud hosting users and remove and doubts about compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Web Host Ranking Adds Cloud Hosting, Dedicated and VPS Providers Services to Their Page


Web Hosting Ranking

Web Hosting Ranking on May 16, 2012 : Web host ranking web site which was founded since the last 1990s; which has the best reputations since the beginning; to rate web hosting companies providers in all web hosting fields. In ranking the web hosting companies Web Host Ranking depends on real and reliable customers feedback. Also the company provide a useful articles on Cloud Articles, Dedicated Servers Articles, VPS Articles and many other articles beside many other categories like CMS Articles, Domain Names Articles, eCommerce Articles, Host Comparisons Articles, How-To Articles, SEO & Marketing Articles, Types of Hosting Articles, Web Hosting Awards Articles, Web Hosting Coupons Articles and Web Hosting Reviews Articles. also on the web site there is a continues updating for web hosting providers prices , offers and coupons and espacially their partners   who are BlueHost Coupon, Free Web Space and iPage Coupon.

The most interesting part is the BEST WEB HOSTING REVIEWS, where you will enjoy BlueHost Review, iPage Review, HostMonster Review, GoDaddy Review, HostGator Review and DreamHost Review.

Web Host Ranking added new cloud hosting category to to their web site to provide users with additional resources about cloud hosting and reviews some of the best cloud hosting providers in the industry. as well as, Web Host Ranking expanded their VPS and dedicated hosting categories with reviews of the best web hosting providers.


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Web Host Turnkey Supports WebMatrix Site Builder

Web Host Turnkey Supports WebMatrix Site Builder (2012-02-06) : TurnKey Web hosting announced that they added support for Microsoft’s WebMatrix website building app, a tool which carry a couple of built-in advantages for hosting supplier, when it comes to winning clients. The actual tool includes functions from an open source developing resources, which includes DotNetNuke, WordPress and Joomla.  TurnKey said that the company’s Windows web hosting plans for pre-installed with WebMatrix, including its dedicated, VPS and cloud server solutions. WebMatrix is one of the website builders highlighted two weeks ago in the “5 Popular Site Builders for Web Hosts” .

The WebMatrix software provides customers a great offline development environment, therefore they are able to create their own web sites off-line, after that add these to their host company. It could end up being provided by the web hosting suppliers by themselves, as within the case of TurnKey Web, however it can also be accessible as a totally free download from Microsoft, therefore by supporting the tool, web hosting providers might place by themselves inside a placement to attract new company from customers which favor to develop utilizing the tool, or perhaps have web sites created and prepared to post.

TurnKey Web hosting has promotional offer of 50 percent discount with celebrating the launch of support for Microsoft’s WebMatrix website building software plus free three-month trial.

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