Super 7 Cloud Computing Clients Set Influential Trends on Other Enterprises

There are seven computing giants – Intel terms them Super-7 – whose decisions about the chips and servers influences the other corporate cloud computing enterprise decisions.

Super 7 With highest computing, buying power these seven companies get the very early access to the latest technology and chips of Intel that are not available to any other customer of Intel. These companies also influence the decisions of other large corporate companies about buying the chips and the server.

“An entire new class of companies is coming up behind the Super 7 that are modeling their server and semiconductor purchasing habits of the big guys” Diane Bryant, the head of Intel’s data center business. These companies are the part of Intels’s early shift program and Intel make the latest chips available to them, six months before the release to other customers.

These Super 7 companies are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. These are the companies, which are in the first row of using cloud computing technologies for their business operations. Many of them are building their own equipment to save as much cost as possible.

“When they start buying over 10,000 servers a year, they start optimizing their hardware and they no longer think about buying general purpose servers,” says Bryant. “They start thinking about running their own data centers and buying specialized hardware to fit their unique workloads.”

These larger organizations are taking the advantage of the latest technologies and fast cloud computing speeds to save the cost, so that the best possible speed should be available for web searches, page loads and transactions. As compared to the other large scale companies which replaces their servers after four to five years, these companies replace their servers every three years.

“The trend is that enterprises recognize new revenue streams from cloud computing. But when these new businesses become successful, they want them to run on premise,” she says.

She further says that a huge line of new companies is coming up behind these Super 7 companies which are also modeling their business operations like these seven giants. She said many companies, for their new lines of business, building their own cloud platform. Especially for those services which are linked to the connected devices.

In future, instead of traditional Amazon style infrastructure, customers will prefer the companies with software of services provided in their own cloud.

Oracle Launches Cloud Based Data Visualization Visual-Analytics Service

At Open World Oracle has made an announcement of its various cloud computing program such as data visualization service, which is easy to use and  accessible to all sizes of business enterprises.  Oracle Open World has started on the 25th of this month, a 5 day conference is going on very successfully, and Oracle has announced the launch of its various cloud services up till now. One of these services is the data visualization cloud service, which is one of the most advanced and innovative services introduced by Oracle. Oracle’s analytics offer, a rich and powerful visual analytics, which will be available to the business users.

“Adoption and usage patterns of our 400+ Business Intelligence Cloud Service customers confirm that fast, easy-to-use data visualization is critical to their businesses,” said Hari Sankar, group vice president, Business Analytics, Oracle. “Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service makes data visualization 100 percent self-service, empowering business users to go from raw data to actionable business insights in just a few minutes”.

He further explained that the data visualization cloud service will remove the complications which are related to the blending and correlation of data sets. The automatic data blending will make it easy for users to combine data from different resources like Oracle and other SaaS applications, external or internal systems, personal files and get an impending visual analysis. Another big advantage of this service is its flexibility and easy access; the analytic insights can be created and shared with a number of devices like mobile, tablet or desktop computers

“Cloud is our top priority and we are aligning our resources to that strategic initiative,” said Shawn Price, senior vice president, Cloud, Oracle. “We will work with our partner ecosystem to pivot to the cloud and fully capitalize on the historic opportunity before us”.

Oracle also announced a new cloud program within the Oracle Partner Network. Existing and new Oracle partners will become able to grow their cloud business with Oracle. He further said that OPN is offering a more comprehensive range of cloud programs which will enable its partners to realize the competitive advantage of Oracle’s cloud services. “Cloud Registration Level” a new entry point is also launched by Oracle. It offers an opportunity for the new cloud partners to explore Oracle cloud services and grow their business without an initial investment. Oracle cloud has offered a wide range of Oracle cloud services to its business partners, to help them grow with the market of cloud based services.

Verizon Cloud Computing Services to Offer Oracle DB License on Its Cloud Infrastructure

Verizon Cloud Computing Services to Offer Oracle DB License on Its Cloud Infrastructure

Verizon Cloud Computing Services to Offer Oracle DB License on Its Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and Verizon joined hands together to enable the deployment of Oracle database and middleware on the Verizon cloud computing infrastructure. Customers can now both bring their oracle license or can purchase Verizon cloud services with Oracle license.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced on January 10, 2014 by the Verizon Company that its customers can now use Oracle Fusion middleware and Oracle DB on their cloud computing infrastructure. The customers have double options to use Oracle platforms; they can bring their own Oracle license to use Oracle DB and middleware on Verizon infrastructure or they can also get the Oracle DB and middleware services that are already available with licenses on Verizon cloud services.

In the statement of the company, the commitment of the company to provide the consolidated ecosystem of enterprise level information technology services on the cloud computing based infrastructure of Verizon Company. Verizon has started its cloud based enterprise IT service in the month of October 2013 in beta version. These cloud computing services of the Verizon company are being offered under the auspices of the Enterprise Solution Group of Verizon.

It was further explained about all cloud services offered by Verizon such as – the managed services and the eCloud services, are also capable to support the Oracle software programs. Verizon also offers Oracle DB and middleware license on the basis of hourly cost in which, customers will be charged for what they have used.

The president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Mr. John Stratton said in his statement, “Few companies begin with a complete cloud environment, and the benefits of migrating to the cloud have at times been outweighed by the challenges and costs associated with making a change – Oracle and Verizon have now removed those obstacles.”

This combination of Verizon Enterprise Solution Group and Oracle is a good news for those companies who want to use Oracle assets on the large network of Verizon, where they can not only get the cloud based infrastructure but also strong backhaul network and enterprise level managed services.

Another important thing about Verizon Cloud Services is that the customer is free to use its existing Oracle license, purchase a new one on per hour basis, or purchase on a perpetual basis. This will give freedom to the customers.