Rackspace, Cloud Computing Service Provider Company Maintains Substantial Business Growth in Q2

The increase in the revenue of giant cloud computing service provider for Q2 boasted the share value by 16 percent with net income of $22 million.

rackspaceGREATRESPONDER.COM – Rackspace, the provider of cloud computing based services announced its financial details for the second quarter of the current fiscal year on Monday, August 11, 2014. According to the announcement made by the giant provider of cloud computing services, the net income for the second quarter soared to $22 million, which is higher than the earnings of the previous quarter. The net revenue of the company contributes as much as 16% of growth in per share of the company.

It was further announced in the official statement of the company that, the Non-GAAP earnings of the company were recorded at 16% per share. This ratio was calculated on total revenue of $441 million. The company further announced that the number of its cloud computing based servers has increased from 106,229 to 107,657 with more than 1400 increase as compared to the previous quarter.

In his official statement, the CEO of the Company Mr. Graham Weston said, “We added thousands of new customers, including one of our largest ever, and we saw solid growth from existing customers like Under Armour, SunPower and Alex and Ani. We generated a company record $20 million in incremental revenue in the quarter and revenue per server was an all time high. Total revenue grew 4.3 percent on a constant currency basis, which was the highest rate of growth that we’ve generated since the fourth quarter of 2012.”

It was also informed through the official statement that the launch of OnMetal Cloud Servers and the next steps for the Object Rockets for MongoDB database were the key contributors to this substantial growth of the company revenue.

While talking about the increase in human resources and other resources of the company, it was maintained that company’s employee’s count was also up by about 55 persons. The total count of current employee strength stands at 5,798.

This is important to note that Wall Street estimated the total earning of the Rackspace at about $436.91 million in revenue with an increase of 16% in each share of the company. But, company recorded a bit more than that expected targets of the company revenue.

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Vexxhost Joins Hands with Baystream Corporation to Offer Document Management Solution to Enterprises

OpenStack based secure and robust cloud computing platform of Vexxhost would be used by Baystream Corporation for its M-Files document management solution for enterprises.

baystream-vexxhostThis was announced by the Vexxhost, the provider of cloud computing solutions to the Canadian enterprises that, it has partnered with the Baystream Corporation to integrate its document management solutions with the OpenStack based cloud computing platform of our company. The M-files document management solution offered by the Baystream Corporation is designed for the companies that are heavily regulated, and require strict compliance of security, integrity and privacy of the mission critical enterprise data.

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company that this move of Vexxhost Company would create a great value for the enterprise customer who are looking for high level of data security, and integrity of their data storage. With this partnership, the heavily regulated enterprise customers in Canada would be able to get the most reliable document management service powered by the secure and reliable cloud computing platform of Vexxhost. The company will host the critical data and information on the Canadian data centers to keep them safe from any external threats.

Meanwhile, the M-Files service would become very flexible and scalable owing to the adoption of the most featured and reliable OpenStack based cloud computing platform of Vexxhost Company.

While talking about the partnership with the Baystream corporation, the CEO of Vexxhost Company said, “We’re extremely happy to have Baystream on-board as one of our partners; our cloud computing services are a perfect fit for their solutions and by working together, we can provide a complete document management solutions by using our secure, scalable and redundant infrastructure and with their feature-rich solutions.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of the Baystream Corporation, Mr. Edward Moore, in his official statement said, “We are very excited to be able to provide our systems on Vexxhost cloud infrastructure”; he maintained further that “The Vexxhost delivers a high quality and secure environment that enables us to deliver our cloud products to Canadian customers with 100% assurance that content never leaves the territory. This is a regulatory necessity in several high profile cases and is something that provides an additional comfort to Canadian companies in general.”

Many business analysts in the domain of cloud computing business believe that this partnership would be very useful for heavy regulated enterprises of Canada and other countries, especially in the aftermath of NSA snoopgate.

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Vexxhost Adds CentOS 7 Servers to Its Cloud Computing Service Portfolios

Vexxhost Cloud Computing Service Provider Company becomes one of the first companies to have launched the latest version of CentOS 7 Server to improve the speed, ease and efficiency of its cloud based offerings.

VEXXHOST Cloud Computing

VEXXHOST Cloud Computing

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the Vexxhost Company yesterday that, it has successfully launched the latest version of open source operating system for the cloud based servers of its cloud computing offerings. This launch of the servers based on the latest version of CentOS would enable the customers to increase the speed, ease to use, flexibility, and efficiency of their cloud computing based servers.

It was further informed by the company through its official website that, CentOS 7 servers are available for all cloud computing based services of the company. The customers can select CentOS 7.0 – on the OpenStack cloud platform – the base image for the cloud servers to create your cloud computing service within less than 30 seconds of time.

The official statement further maintained that the Vexxhost has become of the first companies to have launched this highly featured and most powerful operating system in its cloud computing based services.

While talking about the features of this powerful operating system, the official statement further elaborated that CentOS 7 is capable of handling In-Place Upgrades, which were not available in the older versions of the CentOS; therefore, many customers would feel a bit frustrated in upgrading the older versions. This new version of CentOS also introduces a new version of Kernel – Kernel 3.10.0 – that is more featured and capable in handling optimization function of the servers. This new version of kernel improves the performance of old features and introduces many new ones in the system.

The president of the Vexxhost Company, Mr. Khaled Naser, in his official statement said, “With the introduction of in-place upgrades, CentOS becomes a much easier to use operating system and the adoption rate of CentOS 7 should be much faster because of the easy upgrades. From now on, you should be able to upgrade to the new release of CentOS with the help of documentation available on our official website”. He further added that “the CentOS based servers are very easy to use through the most intuitive control panel of our company; if you are a public cloud customer, you can simply login to your Cloud Console and create a new server from there; you’ll see the “CentOS 7.0? option available under server images. If you are a cloud server customer, you can simply order a new server from our website”.

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