COMODO SSL Certificates provider Started to offer Hacker-proof Incentive Program for Reseller

Hacker-Proof Incentive Program offers the resellers a good revenue opportunity also a better way to drive visitors to e-Merchants for higher conversion.

COMODO, an Internet security provider, introduced Hacker-Proof Reseller Incentive Program which aimed on highlighting its channel to partners and show the value of Hacker-Proof to online e-Merchants and the good new revenue opportunity for resellers. This program rewards qualifying resellers a special way of pricing and a one free year of Hacker-Proof, this show partners the value of this great service. COMODO also declared that this program offer is a part of COMODO’s partner program which is designed to give partners an extensive applications and solutions to help online merchants in his requirement to create secure and trusted transactions.

COMODO also stated that about 50% of online buyers do not trust e-Tailors or trust them a little. To decrease this growing trust gap, COMODO has launched COMODO Hacker-Proof, This e-Merchant service drives visitor with a better conversion by showing that the websites have been tested and meets the stringent security standards. Also COMODO says the websites which pass COMODO’s vulnerability scans and are certified as “free of security gaps” can display the Hacker-Proof trust logo. Also, the Hacker-Proof trust logo has a patent-pending and proprietary technology to facilitate significant brand integrity because the website’s certificate is visible and verifiable with the customer’s interaction.

COMODO SSL certificates provider also promises to give this superior service for free until the e-Merchant feels at least a 5% increase in website sell conversion rates which providing a compelling return on investment by using this solution.

Web hosting provider, Aplus.Net has a new look

Web hosting provider Aplus a leading company in internet solutions and web hosting provider made big changes to its web site which leads to new feel and look, the changes also cover improvements in navigation and layout.

The new web site is put in a way to show a greatly modified navigation to clients and also updating the Aplus.Net site image.

Gabriel Murphy the President and CEO of Aplus.Net  web hosting said “We worked hard to come up with a dynamic and customer-friendly design that reflects the fact that, although our emphasis and our expertise are still firmly based upon helping small businesses succeed online, we’re also entering into an exciting new era for Aplus.Net and our more than 90,000 customers,”.

The new website shows a modernized look and feel but it stayed consistent with the Aplus brand. The colors and Aplus.Net’s logo also remains the same.

DOTSTER web hosting provider announced a special offer.

DOTSTER web hosting announced that all customers who buy Dotster new web hosting packages will receive one free instant domain name and four coupons for another free domain which is added to clients account.

These domains are available for extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz and/or .us. and are not valid on renewals or on multiple domain years, They must be five individual new domains.

DOTSTER web hosting with Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, has established itself among the world’s largest web hosting and domains registrars with more than three million domains under management also a place for servicing hundreds of thousands of web hosting customers worldwide.