Microsoft Joins Hands with Workday for Cloud Expedition

Microsoft and Workday jointly work on cloud computing to integrate the MS office 365 in the Workday’s cloud based human resource and finance software. Microsoft Corporation and WorkDay have announced their partnership for the cloud computing services to expedite the cloud adoption. The announcement was made jointly by both of the companies on September 28, 2016.

With this partnership between Microsoft and Workday companies would enhance the cloud expedition in the business operation of both companies. Through this partnership, Microsoft will help WorkDay to make the cloud platform more reliable, and user friendly for the clients. It will also help to improve and enhance the WorkDay’s cloud system. The Workday provides numerous powerful enterprise cloud based applications, which offer comprehensive solutions pertaining to human resource management and finance management software platform.

It was further informed in the official statement of the company that this newly established partnership with Microsoft aims to integrate the Microsoft Office 365 suite with Workday’s cloud based human resource and finance software.

It is very important to note that a few hours before this partnership, Microsoft has also established a very strong partnership with Adobe Corporation. These consistent moves from Microsoft are being viewed as an aggressive cloud policy that the Microsoft is eying on.

With the integration of Microsoft Office 365 with the Workday’s cloud based human resource and finance software, any company can add their new employees to its team using only Workday’s HR software, automatic employee accounts and worksheet very smoothly and seamlessly. All the updates will perform according to the previous formula identified for the official process. All data updated in the WorkDay platform would automatically be updated on the Microsoft Office 365.

While talking about this partnership, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Satya Nadella, in his official statement said, “The impact of this work goes even further, to infuse more intelligence into customers’ organizations. Every company in every industry holds a wealth of information in the form of organizational data. Connecting Office 365 to Workday will provide customers with new knowledge and insights to understand how and when and with whom they’re spending their time, and take action converting data into intelligence.”

Many experts in the industry believe that Microsoft Azure is working aggressively on its cloud platform to provide a fierce competition to its big competitor like Amazon, Google, and others.

HPE Brings IoT Solutions to the Network Edge

The new offering of HPE is the first converged system for the Internet of Things that is capable of integrating data capture and analysis as well as the storage at the source of collection.

HP  HPE announces the launch of Edgeline EL1000 and Edgeline EL4000, as the first converged systems for the Internet of Things, capable of integrating data capture, analysis and storage at the source of collection. Transport and storage of data for analytics are becoming prohibitively expensive, the company claims, so the new products offer decision making insight at the network edge to reduce costs and complexities.

“Organizations that take advantage of the vast amount of data and run deep analytics at the edge can become digital disrupters within their industries,” said Mark Potter, CTO of the Enterprise Group at HPE. “HPE has built machine learning and real time analytics into its IoT platforms, and provides services that help customers understand how data can best be leveraged, enabling them to optimize maintenance management, improve operations efficiency and ultimately, drive significant cost savings.”

HPE claims the new offerings are capable of delivering heavy-duty data analytics and insights, graphically intense data visualization, and real-time response at the edge. Until recently, the technology to drive edge analytics has not been available, meaning data has had to be transferred to the network core to acquire insight. The team has also announced the launch of Vertica Analytics Platform, which offers in-database machine learning algorithms and closed-loop analytics at the network edge.

“In order to fully take advantage of the Industrial IoT, customers need data-center-grade computing power, both at the edge – where the action is – and in the cloud,” said Potter.

Alongside the product launches from HPE, the team also announced a partnership with GE Digital to create more relevant propositions for industry. The partnership focuses on combining HPE technical know-how with GE’s industrial expertise and its Predix platform to create IoT-optimized hardware and software. GE’s Predix platform will be a preferred software solution for HPE’s industrial-related use cases and customers.

HPE also introduced the HPE IoT Transformation workshop (TW), an interactive HPE facilitated workshop that helps customers to define their IoT vision and strategy and gain business technology alignment. This structured discussion takes a fact-based, analytical approach to help customers achieve alignment on their vision, identify current and future states, and determine a set of specific transformational IoT projects.

Cloud Hosting and Data Center Infrastructure Provider RagingWire Acquires Land for New Data Centers

Cloud Hosting Provider RagingWire Acquires Land for New Data Centers

Cloud Hosting Provider RagingWire Acquires Land for New Data Centers on Oct 23, 2012: More than 75 Acres of land area has been acquired by cloud hosting and data center infrastructure Provider Company in the town of Ashburn, Virginia, USA. This was announced through official statement on Wednesday last week.  This gigantic area of land would be used to build state of the art data centers in multiple phases in accordance with the demands in the area. This data center would accounts for a covered area of about 750,000 square foot with cutting edge technologies implemented into the construction and its accessories. This land was acquired at the cost of about 20 million dollars.

It was further informed in the statement that RagingWire is observing a substantial growth in its infrastructure business since last few years; it has also secured more than 140 million of revolving credit facilities few months back. With this new data center in Virginia would strengthen the muscles of the business of RagingWire in entire Easter zone of USA as well as in entire North American region.

In his statement, Mr. George Macricostas, the founder and Chief executive officer of RagingWire cloud hosting and infrastructure Provider Company said, “RagingWire is thrilled to continue its investment in Loudoun County and expand its business coast to coast. We thank the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development for their continued support.”

It was further stated in the company official statement that earlier this year in July 2012, RagingWire constructed a state of the art data center of about 150,000 square feet area in Northern Virginia. Later this gigantic data center was solely tenanted to DreamHost web hosting company. This data center is also known as “The Bolt”. This new data center would be located on west side of Waxpool and Farmwell roads and on the east side of Ashburn village Boulevard.