Spotify Switches Its Operations onto Google’s Cloud

The Swedish startup that was using the data centers of AWS in UK and USA has announced the shift of their entire services onto the cloud computing services of Google. On the news blog of Spotify, it is officially announced by the company that they have chosen the Google Cloud Platform as their infrastructure partner to run the famous music streaming service. Before finalizing this decision the company was providing their services by managing their own hardware and other data centers including the AWS.

Nicholas Harteau the vice president, Engineering & Infrastructure Spotify said, “Google has long been a thought-leader in this space, and this shows in the sophistication and quality of its data offerings. From traditional batch processing with Dataproc, to rock-solid event delivery with Pub/Sub to the nearly magical abilities of BigQuery, building on Google’s data infrastructure provides us with a significant advantage where it matters the most.”

Spotify plans to shift its center computing infrastructure, where the company stores, retains and analyzes the very huge data it gathers, from its personal amenities to Google’s. The music-streaming service policy is to keep on storing its music files on Amazon Simple Storage Service. With this, the company will go on with the distribution of music to its distant clients via numerous content delivery services, which consists the Amazon Cloud Front also.

He further said “We have a large and complex back-end, so this is a large and complex project that will take us some time to complete.  We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with you as we go, so watch our engineering blog for more information on what we learn, build and break along the way.”

Spotify state that it’s a huge deal for them to work with a cloud giant like Google, but it’s also a gigantic contract for Google that an industry boss in the streaming group would prefer them. Surely, Spotify could have selected to spread out service with AWS or even chosen Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering to be on the basis of their service.

The reason behind choosing the Google for this service is the experience of using the Google’s data platform and tools. Good infrastructure is important to keeping things up and running, but the thing that is more important is to make all of the groups more competent and more successful, and Google’s data stack are doing this for our company.

Oracle Database Cloud to Provide Marketing Intelligence to Surdell and Partners Inc

The innovative step of Surdell and partners Inc will enable it to provide real time marketing intelligence to its clients that are top brands with the help of Oracle Database Cloud.

Oracle  Surdell and Partners that is a well known advertising and marketing agency, is using Oracle Database Cloud. It is the part of Oracle Cloud Platform that will help the company deliver near real-time intelligence to its customers. In the extremely competitive advertising and marketing environment, Surdell and Partners required using its limited IT resources on tactical actions that allow it to differentiate its services from much bigger groups.

For superior utilization of its IT resources, Surdell and Partners transfer its on-premises Oracle setting, to the Oracle Cloud. This permits Surdell and Partners to get better processes, decrease procedure costs, deliver its SaaS service faster, and make business expansion for its clientele.

“Oracle Database Cloud is a perfect solution for us,” said Adam Kanzmeier, Director of Customer Intelligence and Strategic Consulting, Surdell and Partners. “It offloads resource-intensive infrastructure and database administrator work, enabling us to focus on our core business, and that has allowed us to provide better service and more flexibility for our clients.”

“Many of our clients are marketing lines of business in retail companies, and the struggle they often face is getting the information they need to make key business decisions, whether it’s about inventory, pricing, timing of a campaign, etc. They need to make real-time decisions and often their internal IT departments don’t have the bandwidth to support their needs” he added.

As all of the client’s data is in the Oracle Cloud, not on the premises of the company, Surdell and Partners has been comforted of issues about security audits and procedures that were normal when the data was in the building. The company is showing more carefulness, Surdell and Partners seemed at other cloud solutions and even though Amazon hosts Oracle Database, only Oracle gives the package of database services, professional administration and database back-up they required.

The included Oracle Cloud Platform solutions that are chosen by the company are consisted of Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Application Express and Oracle Database Backup Service and the service is in use since summer 2015. As a Part of Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud give wide data managing competencies and great performance options in the cloud for operations of important business workloads.

LightningBase Adds More European Locations to Managed WordPress Web Hosting Service

Lightning-Base announced the public availability of its managed WordPress web hosting in Europe; where providing faster response times and a local regulatory environment for European firms and individuals.

LightningBase Adds More European Locations to Managed WordPress Web Hosting Service
LightningBase Adds More European Locations to Managed WordPress Web Hosting Service on Nov 19, 2012: Lightning-Base announced the public availability of its managed WordPress web hosting in Europe; where providing faster response times and a local regulatory environment for European firms and individuals. Lightning Base has opened to new clients its WordPress hosting service in Frankfurt, Germany, This location uses the same highly available configuration on which Lightning Base’s US location currently runs and offers clients faster connections to Europe, Africa, the MiddleEast & Western Asia.

“Lightning Base serves a global client base, and has seen increasing demand for WordPress hosting in Europe. Although our included CDN mitigates some of the disadvantage of a distant server, our Frankfurt system will provide for lightning-fast response times throughout Europe and nearby locations” said Chris Piepho, founder of Lightning Base. “We hope to continue adding locations over the coming year to better serve clients in all parts of the world.”

The Frankfurt location offers response times to European cities that are approximately one tenth of a second faster than those from Lightning Base’s US servers. Businesses will also benefit from their data remaining in the EU, potentially circumventing concerns regarding privacy and data protection in another jurisdiction. European customers will continue to benefit from Lightning Base’s CDN, with edge points throughout the continent, and geographically distributed DNS service, which includes a London node for fast DNS resolution. The company will also be upgrading its client area and releasing a new email service for WordPress hosting clients in the coming weeks.

 Lightning Base is in the midst of a series of enhancements to its WordPress hosting service. Recent updates include:
  • The ability for clients to automatically unblock their IP from Lightning Base firewalls by logging into the client area.
  • A new, redundant and easily-scaled hardware configuration.
  • A system status site offering clients information regarding any issues, and a public uptime page offering prospective customers a view into the service’s reliability.

Existing customers can have their WordPress sites migrated to the new European location by opening a ticket and requesting a transfer. New clients can easily select the location while signing up for service on the Lightning Base website. WordPress sites hosted in Germany will be charged the same competitive rates currently provided to US customers.