HempTech Launches RemoteEye™ Cloud Based Management System

HempTech Corporation launched this cloud based Remote Grow Management System to facilitate all the large and medium sized cultivator of Marijuana throughout the world with this spectacular technology.

GreatResponder.com HempTech Corporation is a leading provider of agriculture related software to facilitate the agricultural technology. It designs the engineering intelligence to make the efficient industrial grade products using many industries successful techniques such as process control technique, data aggregation, advance environment sensors, wireless sensor network, visualization software, and security solutions.

HempTech Corporation announced on December 15, 2016 at St Petersburg, Florida, that it is launching RemoteEye™ – a fully secure cloud based centralized remote grow management system that is especially dedicated to the Marijuana growing cultivation industries. HempTech is also famous for providing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with user-friendly analytic tools that are specially authorized to legal industries who cultivates Marijuana.

This cloud based management system monitors and manages your field where marijuana is planted in the bounded geographical area from the centralized location. This management system’s operation is built and monitored from the company’s headquarter in St Petersburg, Florida. HempTech’s hosted its servers in large growing and most reputable datacenters. The responsibilities of the centralized management depend on the how they are managing and maintaining their hardware devices, operating systems and guarantee to the uplink of the cloud network or continuity of services. The centralized management center becomes the primary node of particular area from where all the growth management systems spread. The primary node would also be available to manage and monitor those whole regions’ growth systems.

RemoteEye™ solely provides the ability to collect data from the various running systems throughout the region and send them to the center not for aggregating and calculating the result of your planted Marijuana. The system is also enough intelligent to identify the potential problem, whether in the plants or equipment that are providing the facility for instance, lights, sensors, power, chillers or HVAC system. The primary aim of this project is to provide remotes eyes and hands freeness to sanction the issues that are detrimental to plants potentially.

This is not the game of managing field and plants only, but the system will also suggest you about the facility and any physical security breaches related to the plants. There are many features, using that you can remotely touch your field and feel there such as access management and video system, backup and storage of the product profiles, policy enforcement, shared threat analysis, seed to sale tracking and alarm reporting and logging.

Datapipe Joins Alibaba Cloud, As a New Global MSP

Regarding this partnership; Alibaba cloud customers are now privileged to using the Datapipe’s cloud expertise to boost-up their business in North America and other regions.

alibaba_datapipeGreatResponder.com Press released on Oct 13, 2016 at the Singapore that concludes that; Datapipe is the one of the leading managed cloud services company for the enterprise. It is named as global managed service provider (MSP), partnership with Alibaba cloud. The cloud computing is the arm of Alibaba Group, and now, after this partnership with Datapipe, global organizations have ease of business in China, and Chinese local organizations are also availed to venture in abroad, both local and international organizations can trust on Datapipe’s expertise in designing, building, and managing with the Alibaba cloud.

Colin Chan, Vice president of Asia, at Datapipe, said: “As a pioneer in the managed cloud services the addition of Alibaba Cloud to Datapipe’s supported platforms and service capabilities was a natural step. We look forward to working closely with Alibaba Cloud to help drive the global adoption of best practice enterprise cloud solutions.”

Alibaba’s cloud customers can use Datapipe’s expert solutions that ensured to fast, secure and complaint global expansion expertise. Datapipe provides a variety of services includes: migration, management and security to secure Alibaba cloud solutions such as computing, storage, database, CDN, and big data.

Unique Song, Director of Global Marketplace Alliances Program at Alibaba Cloud said: “We’re pleased to welcome Datapipe as our global managed service provider partner. Datapipe’s experience in managing cloud environments for customers around the globe makes them well-positioned to help drive Alibaba Cloud deployments for customers in both China and overseas.”

Joyful Journey Travel is the first China-based company that is also the first client of Datapipe’s managed by Alibaba cloud and it is also the first company that provides financial services to their customers in China. Joyful Journey Travel  has continuously been deploying a compatible and elastic infrastructure for users to use their services that make the company grow into all the new regions quickly and efficiently. The biggest thing that matters here is the security, how you ensure your customers to use the platform that is secure enough for customer and financial data; it is the key criteria for any financial services based organization.

Datapipe’s team jointly worked with Joyful Journey Travel to develop a solution that based on high-performance Alibaba cloud services including: Cloud based CDN, AsparaDB for Relational Database System and Elastic Computer Service instances.

Microsoft Plans to Kickstart Azure Stack in 2017

This new Azure stack would be a comprehensive cloud solution for the business partners that will include hardware, software, services and support all together.

Microsoft kickstarts Azure StackGreatResponder.com  During the Worldwide Partners Conference WPC 2016, Microsoft Corporation announced that the company is strictly focusing on the mid of 2017 for the release of the Microsoft Azure stack to strengthen the partnerships on the comprehensive cloud solutions. The WPC 2016 conference is being held by the software giant in Toronto, Canada from 10 to 14 July 2016. It is high profile meet of all partners associated with the Microsoft Corporation.

It was further informed about the Azure platform in the conference that many partners, like HPE, Lenovo and Dell will integrate the Azure stack into their systems to speed up the implementation and adoption of the stack. The customers who are planning to utilize these systems of the partners will be given higher priority to increase value in the cloud services.

It is very important to note that the announcement to initiate a comprehensive Azure Stack was made in the Ignite Conference, which was held last year. The new system focuses on the great value for the partners by helping realize the real power of the cloud services while maintaining the high level of controls over the data centers to get full agility of hybrid cloud computing.

While talking about this new platform, the senior director cloud platform and product marketing, Mark Jewett said, “Partners and a rich ecosystem are critical to delivering on the promise of Azure Stack. Here at WPC, it is exciting to see how the industry is responding to customer interest and contributing to the promise of Azure Stack.”

“Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the creation of an expanding inventory of applications and solutions that customers and partners can use invest in and build with the confidence their investments will work in any Azure or Azure Stack cloud” he further maintained.

It is very imperative to note that Microsoft is already in partnership with many leaders in the field, such as Chef, Bitnami, Red Hat, SUSE, Dockers and others to realize the dream project for cloud services.

In his statement, the COO of Bitnami, Mr. Erica Brescia said, “As the provider of over 100 open source server applications for Microsoft Azure, Bitnami has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that software development and deployment in the cloud is easy, secure, and kept up-to-date.”