New Web Site Targeting Web Hosting and Service Providers

Aflexi Software and Services enable smaller service providers to compete with large CDNs like Akamai, CD Networks, EdgeCast, Level Three, and Limelight… – 2010-07-28 – Aflexi,( a leading developer of CDN Software and Content Delivery Network Management solutions today launched the new Aflexi web site. Aflexi’s CDN Management services and CDN software is targeted towards service providers who want to quickly, easily and cost-effectively provide CDN services.

“Our new site is tightly focused on the services and software that Aflexi offers to small and medium size service providers who need CDN functionality in order to compete on an international scale,” said Whei Wong, CEO of Aflexi. “Web hosting companies can now provide content providers and publishers with all the bandwidth and POPs they need without having to pay the exorbitant rates charged by the major CDN suppliers.”

The Aflexi CDN software provides automated installation and software upgrades for CDN server deployment as well as intuitive account management, bandwidth management, CDN server management and Publisher migration process. The Aflexi CDN solution supports commonly-used webhosting control panel systems and comes bundled with software that can improve CDN performance or experience FlexiMart, Aflexi’s new and unique Bandwidth Exchange platform, enables web hosts to share infrastructure by allowing them to buy, sell and trade capacity, in real time and on the fly, both at a fixed price and via auction-like bidding.

FlexiMart includes a powerful search engine that enables an Aflexi CDN operator to quickly discover all available bandwidth within specific regions offered by other CDN Operators. This allows buyers to enhance traffic performance at desired locations and time periods by purchasing region-specific bandwidth instead of global bandwidth.

About Aflexi
Aflexi develops and provides content delivery solutions for ISPs and content distributors worldwide. The Aflexi CDN software optimizes website traffic across various ISPs and their POPs. The intelligent Aflexi back-end system scrutinizes traffic patterns and visitor profiles, and can make the necessary adjustments in real time to ensure the highest possible delivery speeds and data quality. If a specific server or network becomes overloaded, the Aflexi system automatically reroutes incoming and outgoing traffic to the next available ISP, server or POP.

One Year Free Web Hosting From – 2010-07-24 – One year free web hosting is offered from WestHost when customers choose business web hosting or personal hosting plans. The company said that this offer is available for limited period only. – 2010-07-24 – One year free web hosting is offered from WestHost when customers choose business web hosting or personal hosting plans. The company said that this offer is available for limited period only.

Prospects who are going to start their online business and need an affordable and reliable web hosting provider for their personal and hobby websites, then they should consider the distinct hosting plans offered by WestHost. Business or personal, each of these plans are available with great features and unsurpassed service with reasonable prices. In addition to that, the company offers assures 100% lifetime satisfaction promise and 60 day money back guarantee to their clients. It also provides some exclusive features like instant activation, Ad-free hosting, network wide backups and toll free 24x7x365 U.S. support.

WestHost has been a leading web hosting provider since 1998. The company is known not only for its excellent products and services but also held high in terms of reliability and security. Following client centric philosophy, the company has evolved as one of the top web hosting companies. Using fast and reliable connection, it maintains 99% up-time standard. It provides various secondary powers solutions if there are urgency. The level of reliability is enhanced with RAID mirroring, round the clock monitoring and regular updates on security.

The staff includes dedicated and qualified team members who are always there to lend you a helping hand in case of requirement. Clients can call or get in touch with the representative over the live chat to put forward a hosting query.

Web Hosting Provider “The Planet” Launches Virtual Rack

Web hosting provider, The Planet, one of the global provider in IT web hosting, announced its new Virtual Rack Solution Bundles, this is a pre-configured solutions for web hosting with two and more servers. Virtual Rack is available in three kinds of packages, these bundles are featured to meet various hosting requirements, and it starts from basic till advanced hosting. This Virtual Rack solution is good for clients who need a flexible, scalable infrastructure to contain rapid growth.

The bundles are available in three types which make purchasing process very simple:

  • The Performance Bundle is The Planet’s highest robust solution. It added to the Advanced and Essential Bundle an additional quad-core Web server for a total of three servers, they are fully managed with dedicated Cisco ASA 5510SP firewall, also a wide array of managed services, like backup, security and server monitoring.
  • The Advanced Bundle has all the features of the Essential package, and a RAID 1 database server with 15,000RPM SAS drives to make database access very fast. This also includes superior load balancing, with three times the capacity and speed of the Essential Bundle.
  • The Essential Bundle has two Intel quad-core servers with load balancing. This system is ideal for mission-critical applications.

Bryce Edwards, The Planet’s general manager for complex infrastructure said “Many SMBs require the ability to grow their hosted environments quickly and easily, yet aren’t sure where to start,” he also added “With our new Virtual Rack Solution Bundles, we’ve prepackaged three of our most popular virtual rack configurations, making it an easy choice to meet particular business requirements. All of our bundles feature drive-level redundancy, 1Gbps connection speed and bandwidth pooling, and customers receive additional value by taking advantage of low introductory pricing.”

There is also an offer from The Planet that ends on Dec. 31; they are the Virtual Rack Solution Bundles with unbeatable prices. The Advanced Bundle is priced now for $1,329.60 per month, this is a 20% savings. The Performance Bundle is priced at $2,048.85 per month; it is discounted for more than 25%. The Essential Bundle now has a price of $801.55 per month, normally the price is $943 per month.