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With its outstanding detection sensitivity technology, our customers can be certain of consistent and reliable inspection results in real time.

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As food and pharmaceutical manufacturers strive to ensure maximum efficiency on their processing lines to maintain competitiveness, the X36 Series from Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray can help. This series of adaptable x-ray inspection systems uses the most advanced imaging technology on the market to provide high-detection sensitivity appropriate to a broad range of packaged applications. Systems are designed to consistently detect and remove miniscule contaminants, whilst simultaneously performing product integrity checks, from checking the mass of complex products to the seal integrity on single or multi-lane applications, without compromising throughput rate and process efficiency.

With a choice of detector diodes, 0.8mm or 0.4mm, generator sizes, and detector width options, systems can be customised specifically to the nature and format of the packaged products scanned, ensuring quality and safety at all times whilst future-proofing the initial technology investment. For example, the 0.8mm detector used in conjunction with a 20W generator is up to five times more sensitive to x-ray than standard systems. The 0.8mm diode system can also be combined with a 100W or 420W generator to achieve the most efficient set-up for processing lines. Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers also have the option of tailoring a 0.4mm detector diode with either a 100W or 420W generator.

The X36 Series offers manufacturers the flexibility to analyse the overall mass of a packaged product and individual masses within various areas or compartments, and communicate this information to the filling machine to maintain portion control and minimise waste. The x-ray systems are available in two lengths – 2.1m and 1.2m and with a choice of multiple widths to suit individual applications. Furthermore, when equipped with a low power generator, the machine doesn’t require additional cooling or air conditioning, thereby reducing power consumption, energy costs and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

The X36 offers a range of fully-incorporated reject mechanisms, including reject bins, which capture contaminated or sub-standard products automatically removed from the processing line. In addition, manufacturers benefit from a locking feature which limits access to rejected products to authorised personnel only. The X36 Series is also preloaded with a multilingual software option, enabling operators from different countries to use it in their own language, thus reducing the number of errors in data analysis.

With an IP65 rating as standard and the option of an IP69 rating, the X36 Series incorporates the latest principles of hygienic design to further benefit manufacturers and protect consumers. To facilitate cleaning, the system has been built with sloping surfaces, including in the reject bin, a tubular frame and brushed steel finish. The IP69 rated air conditioning unit (when required), and the minimisation of metal to metal contact areas provide easy access to cleaning, maintenance and servicing, reducing the risk of contamination at this Critical Control Point. If necessary, the X36 Series machines can be adapted to ensure compliance with major high-street retailers’ own food safety guidelines.

“Just as consumers are no longer prepared to accept one-size-fits-all products, so too are food and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for product inspection solutions tailored to their needs,” explains Daniela Verhaeg, Marketing Manager SBU X-ray Inspection of Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. “The X36 is the most flexible and energy-efficient x-ray system on the market and can be adapted to individual application requirements to ensure a future-proof investment, even if line changes are required after the initial installation. With its outstanding detection sensitivity technology, our customers can be certain of consistent and reliable inspection results in real time. Manufacturers will benefit from a high-quality and cost-effective x-ray system that perfectly matches their production needs and reduces operational costs by avoiding unnecessary energy consumption, plus improves the environmental credentials of production processes.”

Mettler-Toledo now offers a 5-year generator warranty for all Next Generation x-ray systems. This ensures the most expensive component of an x-ray system is covered, avoiding any unexpected downtime or additional costs, when purchased with a comprehensive or standard care package.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection offers ProdX™ 2.0 data management software system, which is designed for use on food lines, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical processing. The data management software package connects product inspection equipment across the entire production line into a single, unified network.

More information on the X36 Series can be found at:

About Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray
Mettler-Toledo Safeline is the world’s leading supplier of metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Together with Garvens Checkweighing, CI-Vision and Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH (PCE), Mettler-Toledo Safeline forms the Product Inspection division of Mettler-Toledo.

For general information on Mettler-Toledo Safeline, visit:

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RedHorse Systems’ Updated Software Helps Small Businesses Automate CRM…

This is about efficiency and revenue

RedHorse Systems today announced Version 8.1 of its RedHorse CRM software, which features powerful built-in workflow capabilities for small businesses that need to automate key functions without managing multiple systems or diverting resources to customization projects.

RedHorse was founded to provide unparalleled flexibility to small businesses that are often dependent on multiple business systems or expensive licenses. Customizing typical software for unique goals and workflows is a resource drain; RedHorse 8.1 includes an intuitive new automation designer that lets small businesses easily integrate, manage and automate marketing, customer service, tickets, projects, contracts and communications. Gartner Research reported that companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.

“This is about efficiency and revenue,” said Connie Koch, RedHorse Systems founder and lead developer. “You can’t achieve either as a small business if you’re wasting your time administering software. Our improved workflow features enhance the enterprise power we’ve designed for small businesses who don’t have endless money and time to waste on integration and customization of separate systems. It’s far better to spend that money on improving products, innovating in service and writing the next chapter of your growth story.”

About RedHorse Systems
Small business owners lose opportunity when they have to wrestle with multiple software systems to run and grow their dreams. Big companies have ERP systems and big budgets. You have RedHorse — an extremely customizable and secure total business management solution that lets you tie together financials, CRM, ops and business development. So you can run your business the way you want to. Not the way software engineers want you to. Want to stop administering and start growing? Visit us today at

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Tripp Lite Power Distribution Units/PDUs Test Tuangru DCIM Software

Tripp Lite manufactures over 150 Monitored & Switched PDUs

Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, and Tuangru, a next-generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software provider, have jointly announced that Tuangru’s RAMP DCIM product is certified by Tripp Lite as fully compatible with Tripp Lite’s line of network-enabled Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

Monitoring power quality, disruptions and outages calls for the ability to quickly identify and resolve power-related issues. Together, Tripp Lite and Tuangru enable users to monitor devices in real time, manage capacity and receive alerts and reporting on connected equipment. The agentless auto-discovery tool in RAMP DCIM collects detailed data on all Tripp Lite PDUs on the installed network, making them available via the user’s preferred web browser from virtually anywhere in the world.

“Customers look to Tripp Lite for its wide range of PDUs, including network-enabled units. As we introduce our new HTML5-based LX Platform PDUs, it’s important they integrate into network management software applications,” said John Variakojis, Tripp Lite Technical Products Manager. “Tuangru’s RAMP DCIM software easily discovers LX Platform as well as legacy Tripp Lite PDUs. The intuitive interface gives data center managers a comprehensive view of power utilization, device status and alarm conditions.”

“We are thrilled to be approved by Tripp Lite for our next-generation data center management software,” said Max Pharaon, Vice President of Sales at Tuangru. “Tripp Lite products are found in most leading data centers, so it’s important RAMP DCIM is compatible with their PDUs. We plan to ensure all of our other software products work seamlessly with Tripp Lite PDU solutions as well.”

For more information about Tripp Lite’s line of power distribution units, visit: Tripp Lite PDU Solutions.

For more information about Tuangru’s RAMP DCIM, visit: Tuangru RAMP DCIM Solutions

About Tripp Lite
Outstanding product reliability and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for 95 years. Tripp Lite´s innovations include the world’s first UPS system designed specifically for personal computers and the world’s most trusted premium surge protector—the Isobar®—with more than 19 million in use. Tripp Lite maintains the highest level of ready-to-ship inventory in the industry with more than 4,000 different products, including UPS systems, rack systems and cooling solutions, PDUs, PowerAlert® software for enterprise-level system management and control, surge protectors, KVM switches, cables and connectivity products, inverters, power strips and notebook accessories. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Tripp Lite maintains a global presence with fully staffed offices worldwide. Additional information, including a list of Tripp Lite’s sales offices and authorized reseller partners, can be found by visiting Tripp Lite’s website:

About Tuangru
Tuangru is a next-generation data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software provider with tools that are as meaningful to the C-suite as they are to operators. Users get actionable intelligence that allows them to reduce IT costs, manage workloads and mitigate outages. Tuangru was recently named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ Companies-to-Watch. For more information, visit

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