AWS Introduces a New Enterprise Workload for Public Cloud

This new enterprise workload has a series of tools that will help customers to automate the migrating process of the application to the cloud and also help to manage earlier stored applications. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Inc., Is a subsidiary of the Amazon incorporation AWS is one of the leading provider and inventor of cloud computing based tools that makes their users free hand to prepare and deploy modern applications faster and easily.

Amazon recently announced its new cloud based product for the public cloud, its main focus to create the relaxation in the migration of the application towards the cloud and also the management of the previously stored applications.

AWS Managed Services is one of a series of the infrastructure operations that are very useful for the users and developers to manage the ongoing management, support, monitoring and security of the cloud environment. This application is jointly delivered by AWS employees and Certified AWS partners.

Gartner Vice President Lydia Leong said that the whole workloads would be distributed in two different categories, firstly tradition and secondly is cloud-native. It is also known as mode 1 and mode 2 for general understanding. This product consists of various tools that hopefully help Fortune 100 customers by automating the process of migration to the cloud and also managing the earlier placed applications. Its whole structure based on ITIL best practices for growing the IT management services.

Euan Reid from CleanReach, is a partner with the AWS in the building of this application explains: “It locks down the environment to a level simply not possible otherwise, guaranteeing that all changes and deployments are performed through a dedicated change management API, (AWS Managed Services create) a comprehensive log trail sufficient to satisfy even the toughest auditors. It’s this unprecedented level of security and control that makes Managed Services the key enterprise corporations will use to open the door to AWS.”

Here are some very important features of the newly born AWS application Change Management (It automates the approving process for any change happened on the AWS environment), Incident Management (It investigate the each occurrence in the application and resolve the errors), Provision Management (Deploy the pre-defined stacks sharply), patch management, access management, security, continuity management or backups, continuously reporting the monthly performance and also looks at the detailed logs of the environment.

AWS Managed Services are available now in the US East, West regions, Ireland, and in the Sydney region. AWS not disclosed the price of the product, customers may contact with the company to purchasing the product.

Riverbed Joins Hands with Microsoft Azure for Government Cloud Services

Riverbed & Microsoft partnership for government cloud services  will prove to be trusted cloud  for government’s mission-critical workloads. Riverbed Technology, Inc, is US based IT company, famous for developing products to improve the application performance throughout the WANs, that is also known as WAN optimization. Riverbed announced that its product, including Riverbed Steelhead CX and Steel Central AppInternals will be corporate with Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Marketplace. Microsoft Azure Government is the latest cloud environment, specifically used for federal agencies with hybrid flexibility, comprehensive compliance and superior protection. Using this environment, government customers will be able to use the Riverbed’s leading performance solutions and applications to achieve the goal.

Davis Johnson, Vice President of U.S Public Sector Sales at Riverbed Technology, said: “Federal agencies are seeking technology solutions that help them transform the way they deliver services to citizens. Cloud computing is a foundational component of federal IT modernization, and this expanded partnership allows us to seamlessly deliver the application performance tools agencies need to maximize the power of the cloud, all within a Microsoft Azure environment that’s tailored to meet the unique security and compliance needs of the Federal Government.”

Nowadays, agencies are concentrating on cloud computing, to see the specific point outlined in the U.S Digital Services Playbook. It needs applications to be fast, secure and reliable in spite of where they are to being deployed. There are varieties of applications offered by Riverbed in which one is Riverbed’s end-to-end application, that is very helpful in managing performance. It is provided to the federal IT professionals with customized ability to speed up the agency’s digital data transformation and also help in the optimization of the application that is running on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Marketplace.

Curt Kolcun, Vice President of Public Sector at Microsoft, said: “We’re excited to further our strategic partnership with Riverbed to provide our federal customers with application performance solutions that will help them capitalize on their digital transformation and cloud-first strategies, Now our customers in the Government sector can have easy-access to industry-leading IT solutions through the new Azure Government Cloud Marketplace. ”

Microsoft has disclosed the Azure Government with latest IT solution for federal stakeholders and its customers during the session of 5th annual Government Cloud Forum, Oct 25, 2016 in Washington, D.C. Riverbed SteelHead CX available in Micosoft Azure Government now, but Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals will be included later in (Q1) first quarter of 2017.

Oracle Announces the Launch of Oracle PartnerNetwok Cloud Program

The new Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program will provide all technical and go to market support to the Oracle’s partners to help them speed up the expansion of their cloud business.

Oracle Oracle launches a new Partner Network Cloud Program, which will help the partners of Oracle to get the technical help on priority basis to expand their cloud business.

“OPN now offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud programs available today, Partners have never played a more important role in our global economy” said Shawn Price, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud.

For instance, associates contributing to OPN Cloud Program can assist clients find more out of their Oracle SaaS (software-as-a-service) funds with extra abilities developed using Oracle PaaS (platform as a service). These associates may begin with a center support, cloud HR applications, for example, and take a client throughout the cloud financial applications. Those two sets of apps in particular share a range of touch points.

“Our rapid growth and extensive SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud portfolio presents an unparalleled opportunity for partners and customers alike. We can now equip our highly experienced partners with the tools they need to successfully move their customers to modern business models. This vast partner community includes tens of thousands of implementation experts with transferable skills who can help our customers navigate their transition to the cloud.”

The new Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Cloud Program is released to the company’s 25,000 current OPN associates, which includes the advisers, integrator, and value added re-sellers, as well as the new partners. Benefits to associates consist of entrance to Oracle Cloud demonstration environments, Oracle expertise, and joint marketing.

Cloud Standard is the first tier in the program which assists those cloud partners who start to distinguish themselves in the market. Cloud Select is the second tier, these partners have attained a cloud specialty and are developing and advertising Oracle Cloud technologies or services, and have demonstrated success working with clientele to start their Oracle Cloud Services solutions.

Cloud Premier the third tier mirror partners who have changed their business to spotlight specifically on driving their Oracle Cloud solutions with thriving and repeatable clients use cases. Cloud Elite the fourth tier is the highest program title, these extremely skilled and dedicated partners have demonstrated a full investment in a profundity and span of Oracle Cloud solutions and devotion to delivering them to joint clients.