Oracle Announces the Launch of Oracle PartnerNetwok Cloud Program

The new Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program will provide all technical and go to market support to the Oracle’s partners to help them speed up the expansion of their cloud business.

Oracle Oracle launches a new Partner Network Cloud Program, which will help the partners of Oracle to get the technical help on priority basis to expand their cloud business.

“OPN now offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud programs available today, Partners have never played a more important role in our global economy” said Shawn Price, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud.

For instance, associates contributing to OPN Cloud Program can assist clients find more out of their Oracle SaaS (software-as-a-service) funds with extra abilities developed using Oracle PaaS (platform as a service). These associates may begin with a center support, cloud HR applications, for example, and take a client throughout the cloud financial applications. Those two sets of apps in particular share a range of touch points.

“Our rapid growth and extensive SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud portfolio presents an unparalleled opportunity for partners and customers alike. We can now equip our highly experienced partners with the tools they need to successfully move their customers to modern business models. This vast partner community includes tens of thousands of implementation experts with transferable skills who can help our customers navigate their transition to the cloud.”

The new Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Cloud Program is released to the company’s 25,000 current OPN associates, which includes the advisers, integrator, and value added re-sellers, as well as the new partners. Benefits to associates consist of entrance to Oracle Cloud demonstration environments, Oracle expertise, and joint marketing.

Cloud Standard is the first tier in the program which assists those cloud partners who start to distinguish themselves in the market. Cloud Select is the second tier, these partners have attained a cloud specialty and are developing and advertising Oracle Cloud technologies or services, and have demonstrated success working with clientele to start their Oracle Cloud Services solutions.

Cloud Premier the third tier mirror partners who have changed their business to spotlight specifically on driving their Oracle Cloud solutions with thriving and repeatable clients use cases. Cloud Elite the fourth tier is the highest program title, these extremely skilled and dedicated partners have demonstrated a full investment in a profundity and span of Oracle Cloud solutions and devotion to delivering them to joint clients.

Web Hosting 21Vianet Started Construction Huge Datacentre in China for Microsoft

Huge datacentre in China, will be ready this year for Microsoft and a the local Chinese datacentre provider 21Vianet is constructing the building. 

Web Hosting 21Vianet Started Construction Huge Datacentre in China for Microsoft

Web Hosting 21Vianet Started Construction Huge Datacentre in China for Microsoft on Feb.08, 2013:  Cloud and web hosting company 21Vianet announced that it had started construction on the datacentre in the Daxing, a southern district of Beijing. The China’s largest datacentres company is building the new project  for Microsoft on a lot size of more than 6 football pitces.

Microsoft will be involved in the project from the outset. web hosting 21Vianet’s CEO, chairman and founder Josh Chen, said in a statement: “We will also utilise this datacentre to power Microsoft’s premier commercial cloud services” — presumably Azure.

Construction of the 42,000 square metre facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2013. During the first phase of operation, it will be capable of holding 3,000 cabinets and will later expand to 5,000 cabinets.

The Shanghai municipal government, web hosting 21Vianet and Microsoft “joined hands” in 2011 to celebrate 21Vianet’s licence to provide Office 365 and Azure cloud computing, storage, database, integration and networking services across the whole China.

web hosting 21Vianet operates the cloud services from a datacentre located on the high-rise filled Pudong side of Shanghai’s Bund, providing a locally hosted alternative to direct Microsoft Office 365 services that are delivered from other facilities across the Asia-Pacific region. Promoting its own Office 365 offering, 21Vianet noted that time: “Services from these [foreign] datacentres will be subject to relevant the laws of regions in which the datacenters are located.”

Although large, web hosting 21Vianet’s Daxing datacentre pales in size to the cloud datacentre IBM and Chinese firm Range Technology are developing in northern China province Heibei. The 620,000 square metre datacentre will be about 96 football fields in size, or as Forbes put it, nearly the same size as the Pentagon. That facility is expected to be completed by 2016 and was touted by IBM as Asia’s largest cloud computing centre.

Arsalon Launches New Platform to Meet Clients Demand For Cloud Computing

Arsalon Launches New Platform to Meet Clients Demand For Cloud Computing

Arsalon Launches New Platform to Meet Clients Demand For Cloud Computing on Dec 14, 2012: Always web hosting provider; the Kansas City-based business announced the expansion of their existing Cisco Unified Computing SystemTM(UCS). Arsalon was among the first company in North America that implement this best-in-class cloud computing solution in their newest data center in 2010. Now, this expansion in hosting technology serves to meet the demands of clients due to the rapid growth in companies outsourcing data center services.

Arsalon made the expansion of Cisco’s new cloud computing platform a strategic priority. “When we first deployed the new cloud technology, we spent months testing to ensure that applications performed well,” says Bryan Porter, President of Arsalon Technologies. “This expansion has gone much faster and very smoothly due to our extensive experience with the Cisco technology. During the implementation, we also undertook initiatives to certify compliance of our cloud security for Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.”

The Cisco UCS was the first industry-standard data center cloud platform that delivered solutions to meet serious business needs. Implementing the expanded virtualization technology has been critical to continued performance improvements for Arsalon’s clients. Arsalon’s new and current clients are migrating from traditional hosting environments to cloud-based solutions to benefit from high scalability, consolidated platform management, and reduction in service costs. Unforeseeable demands on hosting environments, outdated technology or rapid growth can result in costly hardware, software or infrastructure upgrades. Because of this, companies are turning to cloud hosting providers like Arsalon to outsource responsibility of their IT infrastructure.