VMware Joins Open-O Project to Adopt Industry Advances

VMware works in Open-O from the both governing board and technical steering to continuously improving and innovating the open standard-based orchestration.

GreatResponder.com VMware Inc, is a one of the leading industry in cloud computing based products. It enables their customers to accelerate their digital transformation. VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture and variety of solutions for the data centers, mobility and security enable all types of enterprises to work in healthy and compatible environment.

VMware announced on 5 December, 2016 at Palo Alto – CA, that the company has started a partnership with Open-O, It is an open source project that is hosted and maintained by the Linux Foundation that helps and enables all the leading telecommunications companies, cloud operators and end-to-end services orchestration to use the NFV infrastructure (network functions virtualization) as well as the SDN and legacy networks. VMware joined as a platinum member so he is merely available for both functions of the project that includes the governing body and technical steering with marketing committees. This function is quite better for Open-O project to continually grow in the market.

Marc Cohn, Executive Director, OPEN-O and vice president, network strategy, The Linux Foundation. Said: “The OPEN-O Project is representative of the industry movement towards adoption and production deployment of open standards-based orchestration to enable operators to capitalize on NFV and SDN architecture, Operators participating in OPEN-O feature a subscriber base in excess of a billion mobile, residential and business users. With the addition of leading NFV vendors such as VMware, we believe OPEN-O will successfully deliver the abstraction needed to deliver complex services over SDN and NFV infrastructures as well as legacy networks.”

There are 400+ CSPs and Telco companies working globally, many of those companies are looking for a platform that is more faster, reliable, and less expensive to launch their new and innovative services. CSPs and telcos are looking for a converged platform where they can get the various services including, combines network, cloud, mobility, and IT architecture. Open-O project helps the enterprise users to significantly improve the sevices velocity, agility, and quality to generate more revenues. It also reduces the overall costs simultaneously. There are several technology hubs are participating in this Linux based open source project, including, Hong Kong Telecom, China Telecom, China Mobile.

Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president of solutions, the Telco NFV Group at VMware said: “Implementing NFV requires a robust NFV infrastructure, and the agility provided by the type of comprehensive NFV and multi-cloud orchestration the OPEN-O Project promises to deliver, Customers will ultimately choose the path that best helps them meet their digital transformation objectives, and by joining OPEN-O, VMware is extending its position as a major player in defining the evolution and adoption of NFV by Telcos and communications service providers.”

Franklin Technology Management Introduces Latest Assessments in Cloud Computing

Franklin Technology Management helps Californian businesses to improve flexibility, mobility, and productivity using the latest assessment in the cloud computing technology.

franklinGreatResponder.com Franklin Technology Management is an IT services provider company, especially helping companies introducing the latest technologies to boost the productivity, fuel innovation, and growth. Franklin Technology introduced that, it will provide latest innovative cloud computing assessments to small and medium sized businesses on almost end to the this November.

The main objective of these free cloud based assessments to identify how cloud computing solutions help companies and enterprises to achieve their specific goals. Franklin Technology Management will also help companies in adopting new cloud based services, that save the companies money for buying software and their licenses, server maintenance,  and system outages.

Carson Franklin, President at Franklin Technology Management said:  “Many businesses are conflicted about cloud services, mainly because there’s a misunderstanding of what the cloud is. In general, they know the benefits, but are wary of adopting cloud services because of misinformation about things like security, billing models, reliability or ownership of their data. These assessments will help local businesses understand cloud computing and show them how it can help them be more agile and competitive.”

Cloud computing is a technical term which is used for Internet-based services. A cloud computing based services utilizing the shared processing resources to overcome the performance, compatibility in this new technological world, where the computing speed is everything. The data to computers and connected devices also on-demand that helps to improve the data efficiency. The benefits of cloud-computing, including minimum cost of upfront infrastructure, easy way of deployment and quick responses to the services, improved manageability, minimal maintenance issues, and capable to adjust resources based on the system needs.

Cloud services are generally categorized in three different schemes, which are followed as: SaaS, PaaS and Iaas.

Software as a Service: The applications in the SaaS category can be accessed from various devices that are running computer software like, either a Web browser or program interface. Examples: Cloud based office, designing application, e-mail, virtual desktop and CRM based services.

Platform as a Service: The applications in the PaaS category, used for deployment of client produced data or application to the virtual infrastructure. Examples: Hosting of cloud based database, developers tools and execution run-time computing tools, and web serving.

Infrastructure as a Service: The applications in the IaaS category, used for deployment of storage, processing, network connectivity, load balancers, off premises network infrastructure and cloud storage, virtual servers and  machines.

Deutsche Telecom Mulls to Acquire Host Europe Group HEG

This acquisition is being considered by the Deutsche Telecom with the support of US based equity firms to consolidate its cloud portfolio.

Duestche TelecomGreatResponder.com  A breaking story has surfaced in different technology news magazines and online portals this week that, the Deutsche Telecom, a big telecom operator in the Europe region is considering acquiring a well known web hosting company named as Host Europe Group (HEG).

It was further informed that Deutsche Telecom is aggressively pursuing its ambitions to spread the cloud based service portfolio not only in the European region, but also in the North American areas, especially in the United States.

To realize its plans, the company is in consultation with numerous equity firms based in the United States. Some sources have quoted Blackstone equity firm as well as Hellman & Friedman private limited to have been involved in the assessment process to help Deutsche Telecom to acquire HEG. Though, there was no person from those firms to comment or confirm about these reports. But, the informed sources believe that something serious is going on about the same.

It is very important to note that the company has already acquired the Strato Web Hosting Company for $310 million in the year 2009. This platform is being expanded with the acquisition of the HEG group with the help of American equity firms. The Strato platform is a minor player in the European market at the present, but it is being planned to grow huge with the acquisition and merger of the company that is four times bigger than itself in terms of its financial turnover.

According to the sources, the owner of the HEG group, Cinven is interested in starting the sale of process of the company within a couple of months. The estimated value of the company is being estimated at about $1.9 billion or 1.7 billion euros.

Two important things should be noted that Hellman & Friedman has worked with the German telecom company in the recent months to control the majority shares of the Scout24 firm. Both companies are in very close business relationship with each other in the present global conditions.

Similarly, the Blackstone company the major shareholder of the Deutsche Telecom itself and working very closely with the company to expand its businesses across the Europe and other parts of the globe too.

If this merger materializes soon, the web hosting marketplace in the European as well as in the North American region will notice another strong competitor.